Straight cash: Some Michigan school admins see big bucks

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DOUGH: A new study out of Michigan reveals some school administrators haul in huge sums of cash each year.

By Dustin Hurst |

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Watching over America’s students and teachers is good work, if you can get it.

The Makinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan just released its database of school administrator salaries and the data show how some superintendents live lavishly on the backs of taxpayers.

Mlive reports that Grand Blanc Superintendent Norm Abdella, for example, pulls in around $252,520 annually, topping the list of superintendents in Genessee County, Michigan. Overall, Abdella ranks as the 23rd-highest paid administrator in the state, according to Makinac’s numbers.

Utica Community Schools, one of the state’s largest school districts, compensates its superintendent just more than $300,000 annually.

The study included pay, insurance and retirement contributions.

Standing alone, these figure might pop some eyes, but it’s very important to compare pay rates and job performance. Michigan Capitol Confidential, Makinac’s news arm, found a charter school superintendent received nearly $340,000 annually while a school under her care received an “F” grade on a report card produced by the Makinac last year.

Here’s a clip of the story:

Alison Cancilliari had a gross salary of $250,000 with a total compensation of $339,850 in 2011-12 for overseeing Summit Academy in Flat Rock and Summit Academy North in Romulus. Cancilliari oversees just over 2,000 students in five buildings.

Summit Academy North High School was ranked 543rd overall out of 592 high schools and was given an “F” on the Mackinac Center report card. The report card measures student academic scores and takes into account socioeconomic status.

You can search the entire Makinac database here.

This makes us wonder: Where else might superintendents live large off the backs of taxpayers?

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