Employment ‘Faux-Par’

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Imagine this:  it’s a nice breezy, warm day and you’ve lugged your golf bag over your shoulder, ready to get out on the course.  As you walk up to your first tee, you have all intentions of shooting under par – though that achievement is not always the easiest to come by.  You take a swing and shank the ball to the right.  Perhaps you’ve committed a common faux pas of not flattening your swing.  Try reminding yourself that golf takes practice, and even the big shots have a horrible small game from time to time.  According to a PostStarNews article, an employee of a New York golf course may be reminding himself to watch his “faux-pars” around his fraud game.


URL: http://www.fraudoftheday.com/2013/02/27/employment-faux-par/

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