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Suttle campaign has cash on its side

By   /   March 5, 2013  /   3 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

OMAHA—With the April 2 primary election less than a month away Mayor Jim Suttle has money on his side, according to the latest state campaign reports.

Suttle, the only Democrat in the race, goes into the final weeks of the campaign—the general election is May 14—with $293,611 in the bank, his closest rival is nearly $115,000 behind.

From left: Jim Suttle, Dan Welch, Brad Ashford, Dave Nabity and Jean Stothert

From left: Jim Suttle, Dan Welch, Brad Ashford, Dave Nabity and Jean Stothert

During January and February, Suttle raised $255,405. Altogether his four major foes raised $331,118 during the same time frame.

Suttle’s single largest contributor in the last two months was philanthropist Dick Holland who gave the mayor’s campaign $25,000. Holland was one of Suttle’s biggest backers during the 2011 recall.

Second place in the campaign cash-on-hand fight goes to Republican Dan Welch with $178,740. Welch raised $114,001 during the last two months.

Close behind Welch is Republican Jean Stothert with $167,040 in the bank. Stothert raised $79,006 in January and February.

Republican Dave Nabity reports $131,091 cash-on-hand. During the last two months he raised $79,311.

Brad Ashford, who is running as an independent, has $63,538 in the bank. Ashford raised $58,800 during January and February.

Ashford, Stothert and Welch have been spending thousands on TV and radio.

Nabity has yet to enter the air war.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Full speed ahead for Mayor Suttle. His re-election seems likely.

  • L.A.

    Since campaign funds are like tax dollars in that it’s other people’s money, more important than how fast and furious candidates can raise money to prove themselves as bankable is how best they handle it. Are their ads empty of a plan while being warm and vaguely fuzzy? Do ads clearly state what it is a candidate intends to do to make a voter’s life better? Do they have staff and how do they pay them? What tactics or strategies are acceptable in a race to lead? Attention to all elements of a campaign give an indication of what a person will be like once elected.

  • Joan

    Our family is proud of you Mayor Suttle, we are the wind beneath your wings! You can count on our vote.