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Video Special: Suttle ad targets ‘assault weapons’ revisits Von Maur

By   /   March 12, 2013  /   48 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

OMAHA—Mayor Jim Suttle is the last candidate in the race with a TV ad but he’s the first and only one targeting guns and ammo.

“I’m the only candidate who would ban assault weapons in Omaha and limit high capacity magazines,” says Suttle.

Mayor Jim Suttle

Mayor Jim Suttle

With a deadly serious tone (see video below) Suttle notes several of the most gruesome mass murders in recent memory, including one that hits more than close to home.

“It’s been 88 days since Newtown, 235 days since Aurora, 1,924 days since the mass shooting at the Westroads Mall.”

The ad comes one month after an exclusive report by Nebraska Watchdog which analyzed the five major candidates’ views on gun control, specifically noting a letter signed by Suttle and dozens of mayor’s across the country urging President Obama and Congress to “mandate criminal background checks on all U.S. gun sales and remove military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines from our streets.”

Nebraska Watchdog asked Suttle’s four main opponents—independent Brad Ashford and Republicans Dave Nabity, Jean Stothert and Dan Welch—if they would have signed the letter.

All four said “no.”

At least one of the four, City Councilwoman Stothert, apparently believes the report is helpful to her bid. She posted it on her campaign website.

But Suttle wears his rivals’ opposition to his anti-gun stance as a badge of honor.

In the ad Suttle complains that as mayor he’s “tired of waiting for Washington” which “still hasn’t banned assault weapons.”

He concludes the ad with one final number.

“It’s 21 days ‘til election day (April 2 is the primary election) send a message that this can never happen again.”

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Kevin

    If Suttle (or any other politician) thinks that a ban on any weapon will really stop someone from getting one, he is delusional. How many felons are there who have a gun?

  • JG

    To do NOTHING about firearm reform is far worse. The excuse of “criminals have guns and it won’t work” is antiquated and unacceptable. The time is NOW.

  • Kevin

    The time is only now because its an election cycle. Why not after the first 15 homicides under Suttle’s watch?

  • JG

    He’s not banning all weapons Kevin. That would be a violation of the 2nd Amendment (Im an NRA life member) . I was at Von Maur as a first responder; Newtown was the last straw. The hard right in D.C. is wasting our time and I am glad our Mayor is making a stand.

  • he probably doesn’t realize Newtown, was not an example of assualt rifle murders

  • racefish

    In Nebraska? Really?

  • racefish

    Chicago has one of the strictest firearm laws in the country. Homicides there are far greater per thousand than Houston, which has none. The answer is to stop the criminals, which in our case, is stopping the gangs. That hasn’t been done effectively since the Daub administration.

  • JG

    Von Maur was… and Newtown had high capacity mags.

  • ProgressiveOasis

    Solely an effort by Mayor Moron to secure his extreme progressive base with no real world ability to implement. If he would admit his community policing strategy is an abject failure and target the gangs which are responsible for 99.9% of the gun violence in Omaha, then there might be some real results. Of course, he can’t do that since to be reelected, he needs the votes of the minorities in North and South Omaha. Maybe Mayor Moron thinks he’s like Bloomberg…without the successes in the private economy and the billions in earnings.

  • when are people gonna pull thier head out of thier backside and realize it’s not the guns! punish the criminals, quit letting lawyers plead down to nothing more than a slap on the hand. those of us who own any gun we want and have brains enough to lock them up when not in use are tired of being made into criminals. we should be allowed to own what we want to protect ourselves from waste of air libtards who think the govt. can protect us. look at mexico, they are a real good example of whats coming if our people don’t wake up.

  • fred

    he forgot to add portland oregon mall which happened a day before newtown O but that was stopped by a citizen having a CHL and stopped the nut case from killing more. What an idiot this guy is.

  • chuck drew

    Suttle is reaching for Straws w this ad! It’s a typical political ploy & he would have done better to show a bit of gore; blood & guts if you will, to get a better Emotional response. He’s the only candidate that’s pulled the gun debate out of his A, I’ll give him that but there are a lot more issues Omaha faces than this Gun BS!

    The bottom line is, that he looks SICK!! This is what the public should be concerned with, is he well enough to be re-elected. He’s aged tremendously since his STROKE & Omaha doesn’t need a physically weak or sick Mayor! Suttle might consider looking after his own personal health as well as that of the city by retiring!!

  • GreyGeek77

    Part of the oath the mayor must take:

    “I, _____________, do solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Nebraska, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation without mental reservation or purpose of evasion; ….”

    The 2nd Amendment ends with “shall not be infringed”. His campaign promise is a violation of his oath to protect and defend the Constitution. He is not a foreigner, so that makes him a domestic enemy of the Constitution, and he lied under oath because he is not exhibiting true faith and allegiance, and he had either mental reservations about his support of the Constitution, or a purpose to evade his oath, or both.

    He is not qualified to hold that office. The only good thing about him running is that he may split the vote between others of his political ilk and allow someone true to their oath to hold the office.

  • resistwemuch

    Without a doubt Suttle and the democrats have done some polling on this issue and based on the results they feel it will strike a positive chord with all Omaha voters. If he is really serious about reducing gun violence he will insist that existing laws regarding the possession of illegal/unregistered/stolen guns or any gun used in a criminal endeavor be strictly enforced and the penalties for same never be plea bargained down. Hardcore liberals/progressives are in essence incrementalist. Their first step is “assault” weapons. The next step will be semi-automatic pistols with multi-round clips, then long guns with any type of multi-round capacity, any finally any and every type of firearm. The one exception to this process of eliminating all firearms will be the Biden Rule. That is, one double barrel shotgun with two shells will be allowed in each household with the only caveat being that you can only discharge the weapon into the air while standing outside on your balcony.

  • Someone tell this fascist douchebag Omaha STILL can’t overrule state law on guns. Didn’t you figure it out when you tried to stop legal CCW holders from carrying?

  • Pat Boyle

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
    I agree with the right to bear arms and the right to revolution against the government, I had to live through the Bush Presidencies (Tweedle Dumb & Tweedle Dumber). BUT you guys take it out of the rational conversation to the delusional paranoid and frantic lunatic level. You guys would have grenade launders on you guns if you could buy them. I’m sure now you’re thinking how great that would be and how unfair it is you don’t have grenade launchers. It’s the same reason why you don’t get to own mustard gas, because you’ll kill everyone around you.
    BTW-you should also be smarter and don’t refer to an elected official as a “domestic enemy.” That could come back to bite you. Now you should be paranoid.

  • GreyGeek77

    Bush was the worst President we’ve had in generations. His peak of stupidity was the “PATRIOT” Act. But, Pres. Obama, contrary to his campaign promises, continued it, adding to Bush’s anti-Constitutional betrayal.

    Your’re “mustard gas” argument is nonsense. and has been beautifully answered by MrColionNoir: youtu.be/E2tLVPVS0Bc

    Paranoid? You are only paranoid if they are not out to get you. By their own words, the Left’s goal is total confiscation of guns and nullification of the 2nd Amendment. Some even advocate for discarding the Constitution altogether.

    As Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper wrote”
    “An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.”

  • Kevin

    Point to where I said that he wanted to ban all weapons. You are off base with that analogy. How many of Omaha’s gang members have a legally purchased and licensed gun? If a sociopath wants to go on a mall, theater, or school massacre, they will find a way.

    Understand? The Left is wasting time thinking that regulation is going to solve anything.

  • Kevin

    And Robbie Hawkins suffered from mental illness. As do most of the people who commit these acts. Gun control won’t work.

  • JG

    It didn’t say YOU said it. It is the mantra from the “they will take all my guns” fearful. The shootings at Von Maur /Sandy Hook were committed with LEGALLY owned weapons commandered by the Killers. Do-you-understand…Kevin. The “they will find a way” excuse is finished.

  • Kevin

    So, according to you, kiss the second amendment goodbye?

  • L.A.

    Content aside, the one thing that Suttle’s ad did that his opponents have yet to achieve is that it sparked a serious discussion about the mayor’s race as well as the media carrying his water for free. He backed it with interviews. That said, is this the topic that keeps Omahans up at night as a burning issue?

  • Chris

    Yeah actually… despite a lot of folks hanging on the finding of a shotgun in the trunk of his car and several handguns on his person Newtown was an example of a “assault weapon” shooting. That said, I am still against banning modern sporting rifles. Absent the rifle, Lanza would have simply used the handguns he had. We know that the last “assault weapons” ban had no noticeable impact on firearm crime statistics. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome… we all know what that is.

  • Chris

    What do we call it when someone does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Insanity. We know that the last “assault weapons” ban had no noticeable impcact on firearm related crime. To waste resources on banning them again and expecting the outcome to be different? Insanity. To continue arguing with folks on the internet that don’t get that… OK guess I’m the insane one now. 😉

  • JG

    Kevin, an assault weapons ban is NOT a violation of the 2nd Amendment. If it was, we all would have access to SAWS and M203s.

  • JG

    That excuse will not stop the will of the American people.

  • Kevin

    And what “will” is that? To protect the Second Amendment, or to regulate it?

  • Common Sense

    Pat, you are stretching the bounds of logic again. The drunken
    accident scenario you describe is not what Suttle is talking about. The
    weekly homicides and mass shootings he cites are not drunken,
    spur-of-the-moment accidents. They are well planned murders by sick
    individuals, which have no correlation to your weak minded argument.

    Pat evidently can rise no higher than to use moronic humor instead of logical progression to support his silly viewpoints. Calling names and spewing sophomoric accusations are poor substitutes for a rational argument. Such vacuous commentary indicts itself without rebuttal, but to the low information readers out there I would offer the following argument:

    There were more guns per capita in the late 1940’s and 50’s than now,
    but a lower homicide rate. In the 1970’s, and 80’s gun laws became
    more restrictive, but the homicide rate soared, (to much higher numbers than now). Again, no positive correlation. Pat’s little theory doesn’t pass the smell test.

    The real issue here is how we handle the mentally-ill-dangerous among us. We probably locked too many people up in the 50’s, but we surely let too many roam free now. It’s a big, complicated problem.
    Unfortunately it is too big and costs too much for opportunistic
    politicians to address in a 30 second ad. It makes them, (and evidently
    you), feel so much better to take the easy way out and blame the gun.

    For every complex problem, there is a simple solution… ..and it’s wrong. You are too, Pat

  • JG

    Well Kevin, it does say “well regulated militia”. 91% of the American people want more gun reform regulations…81% of us NRA members want the same gun reform (universal background checks). Also, The assault weapons ban is not a violation of the 2nd Amendment. If it was, the first ban in 1994 would have been struck down by the US Supreme Court. The Newtown effect is not going away. With 91% Americans in favor of gun reform, you know this will translate into votes. If the hard core NRA backed GOP’rs want to retain there seats in D.C., they will vote for some gun reform. If they want to return home in defeat in 2014, they won’t. It’s as simple as that.

  • JG

    I almost forgot but it’s the same theme: Most Omahan’s including 72% of Omaha women want the assault weapons ban. We both know that will happen. : )

  • Kevin

    My 9mm clip holds more than 10 rounds. The magic number so many of you anti gun people use to describe “high capacity”. Suttle and Obama want limits on gun capacity. Feinstein has stated that the type of weapon does not matter.

    Again, you need to get the facts.

  • Kevin

    Background checks? That is laughable. Find me 2 gang members, who have done a private seller background check when doing a weapon transfer between themselves.

    What part of laws will not stop the non law abiding from getting these weapons do you not understand?

  • JG

    As an NRA member, I have the facts Kevin. Everyone does now. And the polls show the majority of the American people (including OMAHA) want gun reform regulation. I’m sorry you don’t like it but this is the post 2000’s NOT the pre-1800’s.

  • JG

    The only people who would be against universal background checks are criminals. Are you one of those? This has to be done. This is NOT a violation of the 2nd Amendment, it’s been expalined to you and you know it. 91% of the AMERICAN people want this along with 81% of N-R-A members like my self which is a part of RESPONSIBLE gun ownership. If you have a firearm, I ASSUME you have reasonable security for that weapon. If you are the kind of person that leaves a weapon unattended or unsecured in your absence (that means locked up Kevin) then you should not be able to own that fire arm. Becaome part of the solution, not the continuance of the problem.

  • Kevin

    Nice to avoid the question. What is and what is not a high capacity clip?

    And where is your polling proof. Provide links. Otherwise, your word here is nill.

  • Kevin

    Again, you are not comprehending. The criminals wont follow the laws, and will still get the gun. And yes, my gun is locked up. That means, cant be used without a key to unlock it.

  • JG

    Kevin, the will readers decide what is nill here, not a narcissist who thinks he’s incharge of this page and its comments. The definition you ask for is whatever the American people and elected officals decide. Just do the rest of us RESPONSIBLE gun owners a favor and secure your firearms.

  • JG

    Kevin, criminals NEVER follow the law…With your thinking there would not be a need of any law for anything. It’s obvious I’m wasting my type on you. In the end, gun reform will happen wether you like it or not and there is NOTHING you can do about it except vote. P.S. Try not to shoot off your toe son.

  • Kevin

    If you could back up your word with facts, I may begin to believe you. 91%?? Not 91% of who I know. The only person that I would shoot, is a nut job like you, and that is only if you are breaking into my home. And you’ll be taken out on the coroners bag.

  • Kevin

    I have already explained to you that my weapons are secure. Take a mental break and comprehend. Your liberal politicians have already stated their intent on the limits on magazine limits. Using that number, most hand guns will also go.

    You may want to rethink the 2nd Amendment issue.

    I am tired of having a match of wits with an unarmed person. You have given no proof to your talking points. 91% this, 81% that, women this..

    Provide your sources.

    I’ll let you have the last word.

  • JG

    Im not a liberal Kevin, I am a 25 year NRA lifer that knows the constitution and the function of fire arms. Grow up son.

  • JG

    You just stated “The only person that I would shoot, is a nut job like you…” I will be contacting the proper authorities to report your terroristic threat of a law abiding citizen which is now public record..

  • Pat Boyle

    It’s not a theory, it’s spot on. I wasn’t referring to Suttle when I mentioned the drunken accident scenario. I was referring to jagoffs with guns. If my point hit close to home, which it looks like it did, then maybe shouldn’t play with matches and take it easy on the Zima.

  • Pat Boyle

    Uh…yeah. Cue Twilight Zone music…

  • Kevin

    Not a threat intended. People like you make gun owners afraid. Afraid of losing their rights. I am still in awe how you cannot understand that people do not want to lose their Second Amendment rights.

    Do I want crazies shooting up malls or theaters? Of course not. I don’t want the anti gun folk like you trying to tell me what I can or cannot have. I would never do shoot up a mall. The only reason I have a gun is for personal protection.

    Why is that so hard for you to understand?

    It would be nice to message you directly. I just wish you could see things from another point of view.

  • Kevin

    You certainly act like a liberal with your pro-gun regulation. And I am almost 20 years your elder. Old enough to see government not work.

  • ImJustAGuy


  • ServantsAreNotOurMasters

    Fascist Traitors & U.N. Operatives Posing as American Citizens have no place in public service. Some guy DUIs an SUV in California, so should we ban SUVs nationwide? No. Support ALL Rights in the Bill of Rights, no right of the people should suffer because of the criminal actions of the few. Their are over 20,000 gun laws in the USA as it is – criminals do not obey laws, only legal citizens are harmed by unconstitutional assaults against the Second Amendment. Pass a law banning anyone from physically hurting anyone.