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Obama sacks Packers; RNC calls penalty

By   /   August 15, 2012  /   12 Comments

By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter

President Barack Obama, an unabashed Bears fan, takes another shot at Packer Land.

MADISON — It was a quip, a jibe from an unrepentant Chicago Bears fan.

President Barack Obama on a campaign stop Wednesday to Cascade, Iowa, about 25 miles from the Wisconsin border, took another shot at Green Bay Packer fans.

“I generally don’t interact with Packers — except when I’m in Wisconsin,” the president joked , according to a tweet from Bloomberg reporter Margaret Talev, who is embedded with the Obama campaign.

The problem, Republicans say, is Obama has kept his distance from Packer Land, during the heat of the presidential campaign season.

“President Obama is attacking the Packers and flying over the state? What’s next, preferring French cheese and Stella Artois?” said Nicole Tieman, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee in Wisconsin.

It was as lighthearted a dig as this divisive presidential campaign can muster, where everything seemingly is politics — including the Packers-Bears rivalry.

But Obama’s conspicuous absence from Wisconsin has been criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike.

The president opted to skip out on campaigning for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Democratic candidate in the June recall election targeting Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Barrett lost the contest by 7 percentage points.

Obama sent Barrett a good-luck tweet the night before.

“It’s Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I’m standing by Tom Barrett. He’d make an outstanding governor. -bo,” Obama tweeted.

Obama spokesman Jay Carney said the president made “clear his support for Tom Barrett.”

He just did so hundreds of miles away, apparently.

Well, not that far, really.

The president appeared at campaign stops and fundraisers in Minneapolis and Chicago the Friday before the recall election, staying at his Chicago home before flying back to Washington, D.C.

Obama later told WBAY Green Bay, a CBS affiliate, that he was busy and has “a lot of responsibilities” and “would have loved to see a different result,” in the recall election.

The Obama campaign could not be reached for comment for this story.

Obama, a Bears fan, has reveled in some good-natured ribbing of the Packers over the years.

When the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers paid a call on the president at the White House, Obama joked that the get-together with the team that beat his Bears to advance to the big game “hurts a little bit.”

“This is a hard thing for a Bears fan to do. It doesn’t hurt as much as the NFC championship game hurt, but it still hurts,” Obama said.

The Packers even presented the president with a share of the team’s publicly traded stock, making Obama part owner of the hated Green and Gold.

With Wisconsin widely considered in play in what could be a narrowly contested presidential election, Obama may want to consider donning an Aaron Rodgers jersey. At the very least, Republicans assert, making a Packer Land campaign stop.

Until November, politics is a full contact sport.

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  • Tappy McWidestance

    LOL Funny Stuff!

  • Anthony Dewar

    You are really suggesting he don a packers jersey?! Wouldn’t this make him look like a phony who would do anything for votes….like his opponent Mitt Romney?

    Obama is playing this perfectly. What makes you look more human than engaging in a humanly love of sports? Coupled with the jabbing back and forth, this admires fans to him. IMO you’re way off base.

  • Bonnie Jotblad

    From a campaigning point of view, it’s just plain not smart to put down our GB Packers and expect votes from Packer fans. Even if I was a liberal, I wouldn’t vote for this guy.

  • Diana

    I wouldn’t vote for him even if he LOVED the Packers

  • Lee Lee

    And after the team went to Washington to give him his own presidential jersey after winning the superbowl. Obama and Biden are quite alike in the sense that neither of them often engage their brain before their mouths. If they did that one little thing, they wouldn’t have to backtrack and try to explain what they meant to say….

  • Mary

    Hey Obama…you reap what you sow! Bye, Bye Obama come Nov!

  • Veronica Ceszynski

    How much of our money is being spent on Obama’s campaigning junkets? Does he ever stay in Washington long enough to do the job he was elected to do? As far as his loyalty to da Bears… he would quickly change his loyalty if he moved to another state (with a team).

  • Tpartywarrior

    We’re tired of Chicago style politics coming from the Whitehouse and the Bears still suck.

  • grammadiane

    President Obama isn’t slamming the Packers….It is humor Guys….Did you forget that he is from Chicago ? A Bears Fan ? All Bears Fans knock the Packers, just like all Packer Fans knock the Bears….Innocent Fun….

  • Brad

    I wouldn’t vote for him even if he was an American.

  • Brad

    Paper president Obama isn’t slamming the Packers, he’s slamming the entire country. Let it all come crashing down on his own empty head.

  • An Old Goat

    Can I have a great big “Amen” to that, brothers and sisters? (Yes…both parts!) :-0