$6 million for business incubator in S.C. budget

By   /   March 14, 2013  /   No Comments

By Curt Olson | The Nerve

The S.C. Department of Commerce has slipped in a $6 million business-incubator program to the proposed 2013-14 state budget that passed the House Wednesday.

It’s unclear why the program is needed given the existence of several business incubators in the state.

The House in a vote of 116 to 1 Wednesday gave final approval to the fiscal 2014 budget (H. 3710) and sent its proposed $22.7 billion state spending plan to the Senate. The House also unanimously approved a list of projects, including the business-incubator program, to be funded next fiscal year with $112.6 million from the Capital Reserve Fund (H. 3711).

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