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Video: Walker on legislative agenda

By   /   November 7, 2012  /   3 Comments


  • Troy

    Two years now and we still can’t borrow any Capitol. We still don’t have more jobs in housing/ construction. There’s still massive voter fraud. Wisconsin small businesses are still being bullied by Unions. Wisconsin judges are still breaking the law and taking bribes. Dane County is more Corrupt than ever. I could give you pages more. I voted for Walker and He has abandoned us. He is showing weakness and is proving to have no spine. Walker is not helping wisconsin’s Family’s. Walker is not helping Wisconsin’s Businesses. I’m a Business owner with no employees left. Walker has done NOTHING to help us.

  • tobyspeeks

    Told you so, but noooooooo, you thought he was the next best thing to God.

    But for the betterment of our state and eliminating all the division Walker’s created with his rather successful ‘divide & conquer’ strategy, I truly hope your business improves after Walker and the rest of his GOTea party minions lose next November. It’s going to be very difficult with all the gerrymandering, but it can be done.

  • Andy

    Troy, and Toby, Neither of you voted for walker the first or second time and are not likely to vote for him the third. Get over it he won! Borrow Capitol??? We don’t want him borrowing capitol.. He is handing us back 100 million we don’t need to borrow. We have extra. Stay out of the voter booth both of ya.