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Keystone XL hearing gets raucous

By   /   April 18, 2013  /   News  /   86 Comments

Photo by Kat Buchanan

CROWDED: Opponents easily outnumbered supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline at a Thursday hearing in Grand Island, Neb.


By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog

GRAND ISLAND – Hundreds of people flew across the country and traveled icy roads during a spring storm to attend a raucous public hearing in Nebraska on the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline that would bisect America.

Some got their message across in slam poetry, other used songs and prayer.

Pipeline opponents wore red and white jerseys and silently stood to support those on their side and held up black “pipeline fighter” bandanas during the testimony of those on the other side. Supporters wore orange, green and blue shirts representing welders, fitters and plumbers who would build the pipeline.

The hearing lasted 11 hours, with about 300 people signing up to testify (although not all did) and  opponents far outnumbering supporters. As with previous hearings, it was generally boots versus suits – with farmers and ranchers in jeans opposing the oil pipeline, and representatives of the oil industry in suits supporting it.

They came from as far as Florida, Arkansas and Michigan to talk about the Keystone XL pipeline that Canadian company TransCanada wants to build from the tar sands oilfields of Alberta, Canada, to Texas refineries. The State Department must decide whether to grant a federal permit since the pipeline would cross an international border.

Supporters said the pipeline would create thousands of good jobs and offer a dependable supply to quench America’s demand for oil from a friendly neighbor. They said if the pipeline isn’t built, the tar sands oil — criticized by environmentalists for being dirty and contributing to global warming – will just be transported by ship, rail or truck.

Photo by Kat Buchanan

CHEER: The crowd gets vocal during Thursday’s hearing.

Opponents, chiefly led by a progressive group called Bold Nebraska, are worried about the potential for an oil spill in the massive Ogallala Aquifer that covers much of Nebraska.

The poster boy for the opposition, Randy “Stand with Randy” Thompson, said TransCanada should apologize for the way it has treated American landowners.

“This has basically turned into a heavyweight bout between the ordinary citizens of this country and a foreign corporation,” he said. “We’re about to the final bell of this bout. President Obama has to make a decision… will he raise a heavy hand to big oil or raise the hand and spirits of the American people?”

Along with the occasional self-described cowboy, representatives of several Native American tribes testified against the project, prompting Lincoln pipeline opponent Allen Schreiber to say, “When cowboys and Indians get together to oppose this plan, maybe that should tell you something.”

But busloads of union members testified in favor, saying they know how to build pipelines and Keystone XL will be the safest ever built in the U.S.

Brigham McCown, former administrator of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and now a transportation and energy consultant, testified in support of the pipeline, saying pipelines are by far the safest way to transport oil.

“There is no bogeyman out there,” he said. “And frankly, stopping pipelines isn’t the way to address this issue.”

But cowboy Bruce Boettcher said the pipeline would create “a measly 35 permanent jobs” in Nebraska after “tearing the hell out of the land.”

“Go ahead and send your toxic crap to India and Asia,” he said.

Bold Nebraska head Jane Kleeb said the pipeline would bring “good jobs for two years,” but Nebraskans would assume the risk of spills for the rest of their lives. She vowed that if bulldozers arrive on Nebraska land, hundreds of pipeline fighters will be there to protest.

“We don’t take kindly to foreign corporations coming in and telling us they’re going to take (our land),” she said.

But David Barnett said when properly maintained, pipelines are the safest way to transport oil and TransCanada has agreed to numerous upgrades – such as an extra foot of depth, reduced operating pressure and additional monitoring.

“I’m not talking about minimum wage jobs,” he said. “I’m talking about maximum wage jobs.”

TransCanada Vice President Corey Goulet told the crowd the pipeline would enhance U.S. energy security and meet its need for reliable crude oil from Gulf Coast refineries that traditionally have relied on Venezuela and Mexico for oil. He said the project will create 9,000 construction jobs and support thousands more indirectly.

“I can assure you that the Keystone XL  pipeline will be safe,” he said.

But Evan Vokes, who said he worked as an engineer for TransCanada in Calgary for five years before being fired for for being a whistleblower, accused the company of gross violations.

“I’m pro-pipeline,” he said in an interview after testifying. “But they’re building pieces of (junk).”

In response, TransCanada spokesman Shawn Howard released a statement saying TransCanada conducted internal investigations into claims of noncompliance by a former employee as part of its internal whistleblower process. Many of the claims related to non-destructive testing inspections of new pipelines before they were approved for service and the company found the allegations didn’t represent immediate threats to the safety of people or the environment. TransCanada said most of the issues raised by the employee were identified through normal review processes and steps were taken to address them.

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Deena formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Training

    The oil will ship via train if the pipeline isn’t built. How does your argument stand up to that?

  • The pipeline will not be built because the people do not want it.

  • MM from Georgia

    Ship by wealthy ultraliberal Warren Buffett’s railroad? Notice how many liberals are very rich? They just don’t want YOU to become rich.

  • OK I really think that the population needs to take a deep breath and do research on facts, not propaganda and fiction.
    Canada is NOT a big toxic bathtub, ready to dump sludge all over the USA if the cork pops ever out of the drain. All modern pipelines have safety checks that trip and shut off sections of the pipe if there was ever a loss of pressure/leak. This minimizes any spill to the contents able to leak from that section of pipe. Very Rare, but Manageable with a modern pipeline’s safety checks. Safety, safety, safety.
    The product is NOT a mad chemists Canadian strange brew that will eat through and damage the pipe walls (the bitumen product has been tested thoroughly and is no more corrosive than conventional products). Fact, the brand new heavy wall pipeline route with a known design-life has been diverted away from the Aquifer, as requested, without issue, even though there are already many far older, unknown design-life existing pipelines that are actually going through the initial aquifer route anyway. And when a design-life is ever in question, the pipe is de-commissioned and taken out of service. Planning would see a replacement pipeline installed, in an adjacent right-of-way, before the old one is requiring replacement.
    Fact, Canada is not a terrorist Country, Canada has strict Regulations for the safety of the workers, the civilian population and the environment. The product is understood and safe. Canada is ethical. Can any of these things be said with more truth from the other current oil suppliers to the USA?
    In fact the name ‘Dirty Oil’ is actually not expressed correctly for what it describes. Oil products from your fellow North American neighbours in Canada burns just like most other oils, in fact it burns cleaner than the Venezuelan crude that the USA is currently using. The name Dirty Oil came about from environmentalists that complained that the GHG emissions are higher from Canadian oil than they are with Middle Eastern oil. This is because Canadian oil is mined or steamed out of the ground, whereas in the Middle East you basically just stick a straw in the sand. But put this into perspective, the entire daily Canadian Oilsands industry produces less GHG emissions than the daily output of New York City. How much Oil does NYC produce?
    So I know there is a lot of fearmongering going on that is clouding the truth, the truth is we don’t have to ship oil in huge tankers of oil over rough seas, from other questionable nations, going to wars, costing lives and trillions of $$$ and be subject to play by their rules, shortages and cartels. We have the ability and choice to create jobs, set up the required infrastructure, have economic growth and control our own needs right here in North America. We are safe, smart and people should rally around opportunities like this for energy independence capability, for jobs, for tax revenues which create, schools, hospitals, municipal infrastructure and the whole circle of life that is a strong economy.
    If our forefathers had a ‘not in my backyard’ mentality’ this continent would still be covered in dirt trails and log cabins using well water and home schooling. Responsible growth leads to increased standards of living for all. Know the facts and the truth will lead the way.

  • Please read up Rick…

  • This whole situation is the result of misunderstandings and misrepresentations Gerard. Would you drink Middle Eastern crude? The Canadian oil is no different. And it is responsibly sent through an Engineered pipeline, just like the thousands and thousands of pipelines already in use in the USA.

  • Pipelines are waaaaay safer than rail! And less GHG!

  • Biff Pocoroba

    Trevor sounds like a shill for the Keystone Company. Rail: is safer; reponse to accidents is immediate; leaks can be seen, fixed and don’t seep and leak for hours/days/weeks before being caught; provide long-term, reliable jobs; allow oil to be sent anywhere along the route. Rail is a plus for all.

  • Plainstruth

    Start laying pipe! The Keystone pipeline will be an economic shot in the arm for the state of Nebraska, and a step in the right direction for energy independence. It is going to be one of the safest pipelines ever built. Let’s get started, the sooner the better.

  • If the Keystone XL pipeline is well constructed and maintained, I am confident it will operate with little impact to the aquifer. Even if their should be a rupture. A poorly constructed and maintained pipelline would be detrimental to everybody, and especially TransCanada. However, a week or two ago environmental activists were expressing concern about rail shipments of oil, and the possibility of derailments. The reality is, many environmentalists just hate fossil fuels, and ABSOLUTELY oppose any further development or use of such resources.

  • Protesters need to google what is made from oil based products… the list is endless… right down to the IPhone or laptop that they criticize from or the fuel that powers the bus that takes them to their rallies! We need oil, the challenge to society is not to remove it, we just need to optimize it in terms of efficiency and the environment, but WE NEED OIL! So build it smart, build it safe, but build the pipeline now!

  • Biff I gotta disagree… do some research … rail is NOT safer, nor efficient, nor more environmental, nor economic. Sorry…

  • Yes!!!

  • Joan

    If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it is the truth. How many times do you greedy crazy people have to be told, the Keystone XL people are lying. This “oil” is bottom land oil, dirty, filthy oil that places Carbon in the air and other toxic substances poisonous to man. The Keystone people do not know how to clean up a spill as the substance goes to the bottom of the water, not the top. Keystone has had three major, repeat THREE MAJOR spills in recent years and they have not paid for the clean up. The Aquifer once polluted is forever. Ask the Scientist! As for the jobs, we are talking two years and then it becomes a maintenance crew. Please care about your future generations.

  • OldTimerMO

    Its not just the pipeline and most people over the age of 6 realizes that its mostly the same people that has been protesting for fifty years, most on some kind of Government support and hate anything besides free love. A number of years ago when all the fruit cakes came in here to protest our dog breeding operations I asked one of them what they where against she was either half drunk or stoned told me she didn’t have a clue somebody gave her and a bunch of her friends a bus ticket a hundred dollars a piece a cell phone and told them to be in Springfield on that date and they would get more money and another ticket to go some where else. I was born and raised in NE there is pipe lines all over the State for natural gas and gas,truck fuel. I don’t know what these farmers are complaining about they changed the pipe line to eastern NE, no sand just a lot of gumbo. these farmers get 25% to 50% of their income from Tax payer paid subsidies maybe they should just farm burn all that oil and shut up.

  • This debate reminds me of the story great of Chicken Little…

  • Ghent

    Really, Joan? Oil goes to the bottom of the water? Does it REALLY now? Go pour some vegetable oil, or ‘dirty filthy’ motor oil, in a glass of water. Watch.
    …rue the day you realized you are a fool… 😛

  • Ghent

    Derailment of train = entire train spills, burns, contaminates land/water.
    Pipeline spill = 1 small section of line spills, rest is instantly closed and shut off.

    Maybe Biff’s a shill for the Mad Progressives.

  • Ghent

    Just put it above ground instead of burying it. Cheaper to lay, cheaper to maintain and inspect, lots of problems solved.

    The jobs are not temporary. There are permanent crews required to inspect and maintain the line.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Trevor, it is a complete waste of time to begin to refute the lies and propaganda of a snake oil shill that you spew in your post, considering it sounds virtually word for word out of a TransCanada or API script, but let’s start with a few.

    1. The “reroute” does NOT move the pipeline out of the Sandhills or away from the Ogallala Aquifer. Redrawing the map of the Sandhills to create a passageway, in fact a passageway that does NOT appear in the map of the Sandhills filed by TransCanada in the initial EIS for the original application to the State Department, does NOT “avoid the Sandhills.” The pipeline STILL runs through soils and terrains of the Sandhills on the alternate proposed route. It STILL will be buried COMPLETELY within the Ogallala Aquifer for 10.1 miles and partially within the Ogallala Aquifer for 11.8 miles and lie within 15 feet or less above the Aquifer for another 41 miles of this “safer” route.

    2. Your “safety” claim is as worthless as the breath you utter it with. TransCanada’s alleged “extra precautions” are no more than the required minimum standards. For instance: Your “state of the art” leak detection system can NOT detect leaks that are less than 1 1/2 -2% of the total flow – this by TransCanada’s own admission, in fact, this EXACT SAME system detected NONE of the 14 leaks in the Keystone I, NONE! Every single one of those leaks went undetected by the monitoring system, every one was reported by third party eye witnesses (local land owners) including the leak in North Dakota that spewed 20,000 gallons of Tarsands crude 60′ into the air while the operators at TransCanada’s emergency center argued with the person reporting the leak that the was no leak “because our instruments do not indicate one”.

    Furthermore, TransCanada will place shutoff valves every 20 miles – minimum regulatory requirement – which in the case of the KXL would mean that 5.58 MILLION gallons would flow out of an Michigan Enbridge Line 6B or Mayflower, AR ExonMobil Pegasus sized rupture EVEN WITH THE VALVES SHUT! How do I arrive with that number of gallons? Simple math. 3′ diameter pipe. Area = pi X radius squared. 1.5′ x 1.5′ x 3.1415 = 7.068 ft2 area. Volume = base (area) x length. 20 miles x 5280 ft/mi = 105,600 ft. 105,600 x 7.068 = 746,380.8 ft3 (cubic feet). One cubic foot = 7.48 gallons, so 746,380.8 x 7.48 = 5,582,928.384 gallons, or FOUR TIMES THE SIZE OF THE SPILL IN MICHIGAN!!!!

    3. Thanks to the influence (governmental corruption of the Harper Government in Canada by the Tarsands, pipeline and allied industries) of lobbyists last year, Omnibus bill C-45 which stripped First Nations peoples of their treaty rights that were negotiated with the British Government and thus their control over their own land, and then went on to repeal or severely weaken virtually EVERY Canadian Environmental Law in addition to that, and redefined the definition of river, stream and lake so that nearly 95% of the rivers, streams and lakes in Canada were no longer defined as such and were no longer protected under remaining Canadian Environmental Laws as such, giving free reign to the Tarsands and pipeline industries to do damn near whatever irreparable damage to the environment and pollute what ever they wanted with NO repercussions!.

    So do NOT sit there and talk about “safety” “environment” or anything else “positive” about the Keystone XL, TransCanada or the Tarsands, you snake oil shill.

  • Joan

    You look up the Kalamazoo River Tar Sand Oil Spill and note how the oil went to the bottom of the river Ghent. You will see who is the fool. I am from Kalamazoo and the KXL still has not cleaned the two year old spill up.

  • currious

    Thank you

  • Katy

    For all of you who tote the lie of “energy independence,” we export more then we import right now. Perhaps you should focus on keeping that oil here and already have instead of jamming a huge toxic pipeline in an extremely volatile environment.

  • Just another reason to remove more NATIVE Mustang from their rightful land!!!

  • I am not sure what planet you are from but you are not in touch with reality… there is no secret agenda to coat you with oil… there is no intention in loosing money, hurting people, destroying the land… the whole purpose is to have a finished product that provides a safe and successful pipeline, not a leaky and dangerous pipeline with lawsuits.

    You Sir/or Madame are quite paranoid. These are pipelines. We have them all over the Continent, transporting product for many years safely. Yes every once in a while there is an issue usually involving an older line or contact causing damage, such is the case with ANYTHING. People die in car crashes every day. Society does not stop driving… society demands improvements, seat belts, speeding fines, more crash-resistant vehicles.

    This is a well constructed modern pipeline, be constructive, if you want to make sure it is safe, ask your Congressman to make sure it is. You know…. Democracy versus your Dictatorship opinions. I hope this way of thinking is understood. If you feel the safeguards are not sufficient, then ask your representative to investigate and help you feel confident in them. Then it is win-win.

    PS Harper is doing a great job, working with industry, responsible with the environment. Don’t believe lies fueled by the weak. This is Canada, ethical, responsible, respectful, polite!!! If you are a Canadian you will understand, unless you are a jealous NDP or Liberal, or maybe you are an Environmental Shill wannabee ?
    Anyway, I am trying to be polite, you are not trying hard enough. You are not chicken little, but maybe you are his cousin? Relax, make sure the concerns are addressed with your Congressman and be part of the right solution. When this is done right, North America wins!

  • …you are most welcome 🙂 A mind is like a parachute, it only works if it is open!

  • The success of this will mean more growth, more industry, more spinoff business and jobs, more tax revenues, more circle of life stuff that drives the economy. And North American energy security if the Middle East sources are ever turned off or uncertain… everyone wants this to go well, no one wants to have problems. We should all support the best solution.

  • Rather rude I must say, you have lost my respect…

  • It’s safe, it’s safe…. Said to the people of Three Mile Island, the Alaska pipeline, Cheranoble, Fokashuma, the leak in Arkansas, the town in Texas that was blown away by a fertalizer plant, and on and on. It will leak, just move it further from the aquiffer. (And nuclear is the tragity that keeps on giving)

  • Well we know the Communicrats had all of those outsiders bussed in, they way the cheated to steal this last election. We do need jobs, oil and money, the Democrats care about stealing all of the money they can get, to hell with jobs and to hell with oil. I say to hell with Democrats and drill domestic, make the pipeline and lets get down to making money and reducing a deficit created by the wart of America’s rear end!

  • A/. The pipelines will flow from the Alberta Oilsands, not the Tar Sands… OILSANDS.
    B/. The oilsands product has been scientifically proven to not be any more corrosive to pipelines than conventional oil.
    C/. The original Keystone route followed the same route as numerous and already existing older pipelines. There are already many pipelines going through the aquifer. However, to do as requested, the route was modified and the re-route was already approved to go around the aquifer.
    D/. Canadian Oilsands product burns about as clean as most oil, in FACT it burns cleaner than Venezuelan Crude.
    E/. It comes from CANADA, it is accountable, ethical, non-terrorist funding.
    F/. It is delivered in a brand new modern, engineered pipeline, complete with sensors, monitors, shutoff capacity.
    G/. This project and longterm pipelines give the opportunity for energy security, North American self-sufficiency, financial gains, tax revenue, jobs, spinoff jobs, etc that will not come from importing oil by ocean tankers from the Middle East or Venezuela.

  • Why would the Mustang have to move?

  • You may be exporting oil now because America buys from Middle East and Venezuela, but what if there is a war or embargo or prices go crazy? You need to be using Multiple sources to get the best prices and to make sure the supplies are constant or covered in case one of your suppliers becomes unavailable… be prepared! Or ride your bike 😕

  • PS, it is no different really than any other oil product. Quit with the Toxic Pipeline moniker, unless you really do prefer the taste of Venezuelan crude?

  • currious

    Trevor, the thank you was for Watching From Lincoln.. You sir are so wrong, Congress can’t be trusted, look at their rating, time to through the bums out the next election.

  • We arent against Canada we are against trans canada and everything dirt and filthy about it.Its black death in Canada and its going to be in usa also.Now why would they keep the only safe pipeline for Nebraska?lmao

  • Governments need to act responsibly with taxpayer funds, it is better to take the knowledge and systems that currently power us and challenge human ingenuity to make them more efficient and environmental, that is where the country wins, versus ONLY investing in a costly search for alternate energy or unachievable emission standards that may never come to fruition or are based on false studies.

    Oil and Gas are needed in so many ways in our society, we can not function without them. We are discovering hundreds of years of more oil available right in North America that will benefit North American jobs, standard of living, etc. Let’s get started.

    Stephen Harper, let’s help push projects to increase Canada’s Secondary refining capacity and get the most financial benefit from the Primary resources we have, let’s sponsor and assist Marine Terminal projects that will facilitate shipping Oil&Gas to the East and West, etc. and just like the Railway or the TCH, let’s approve and build a National Network of Canadian Pipelines using as much Federal Government land as possible to make things move right away.

    North Americans will be glad to see that both yourself and Obama have this vision for a strong and self sufficient North America! Let’s help all North Americans get back to work 🙂

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    And you are streamer-ing in at terminal velocity! I spent 19 years in the Army. I understand and live the concepts of Duty, Honor, Country. I am NOT a quisling paid shill who would sell out their own neighbor if there was a quick buck in it for me.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Harper and his government are Fascists, plain and simple. Look up the definition of fascism, that’s Canada’s current government to a tee, as well as Alberta’s. The Canadian Oil, Tarsands and Pipeline industries own the Harper government lock, stock and barrel. Denial of the facts does not change them. TransCanada has a HORRIBLE safety record. They have built only ONE Tarsands pipeline in their history, and it leaked like a sieve from the start. TransCanada’s “safety” precautions that they guarantee for the KXL are nothing more than the bare minimum standards required by the weak regulations of a self-regulated industry.

    Your illogical arguments don’t hold water vis car accidents. Ask the people of Michigan just how “safe” the Enbridge 6-B pipeline was using all those remote monitoring systems and remote shut off valves – as the pipeline continued to spew 1.3 million gallons of toxic, highly carcinogenic Tarsands crude across their land and into the Kalamazoo River. Ask the residents of Mayflower, Arkansas what they think of the claims of “safety” by ExxonMobil as the Pegasus pipeline spilled 500,000 gallons of Tarsands crude through the backyards of their houses Easter weekend and has destroyed a pristine fishing lake nearby as the Tarsands crude sank to the bottom of the lake.

    You say “When this is done right, North America wins!”, well you can’t be farther from the truth, because so far, EVERY SINGLE TARSANDS PIPELINE BUILT ANYWHERE IN CANADA OR THE U.S. HAS LEAKED, SOME CATASTROPHICALLY, INCLUDING IN CANADA!! Denial of the truth does NOT change it. Ask the Athabasca Chippewa First Nations people living next to the strip mining of the Tarsands deposits if their cancer rates 35% above normal is a “winner”. Ask the people who fish and hunt if the abnormal lesions and cancers they constantly find in the fish and game from the area is a “winner”. Ask the Canadian Government Wildlife biologists who have stated that the Albertan caribou herds WILL be extinct in 30 years because of population collapse due to the destruction of the vast areas of virgin boreal forest in Alberta from the strip mining of the Tarsands (those who haven’t been fired by the Harper Administration for daring to tell the truth about how harmful to everything living near the mines Tarsands extraction really is).

    You see, Trevor, unlike you, the farmers and ranchers here in Nebraska who oppose this toxic pipeline understand one very basic truth that you either chose to ignore, or are just too stupid to understand: You do NOT shit or piss into the pot that you eat and drink out of! Period! Once contaminated, there is NO known method or technology to remove the Benzene, Toluene or Xylene used to dilute the Tarsands from the Ogallala Aquifer. NONE! Their ability to earn a livelihood, and more importantly feed the people of Nebraska, the United States and the World (yes, there is a REASON why Nebraska is called the Breadbasket of the World) will be ended FOREVER. The Nebraska brand of excellence of our agricultural products and beef will be ruined FOREVER. If Korea and Japan reject hundreds of tons of beef and embargo further imports for a year because of one little bone chip (thanks to you asshole Canadians almost destroying the U.S. beef industry by shipping Mad Cow infected cows to the U.S. for breeding), what will they, or the rest of the World Market do to Nebraska beef if there is the real possibility that that beef was watered with Benzene contaminated water? What about our global grain exports if there is the very valid concern that that grain was irrigated with contaminated water? Because all the fake EIS’s written by Oil Industry subcontractors that totally IGNORE the effects of accelerated transmission rates through the Ogallala Aquifer due to all the center pivot wells, or that the diluents rapidly separate from the dilbit and are easily and readily mixed with water and easily travel through the Aquifer far ahead of the remaining Tarsands and once so, can NOT be detected readily or separated back out of the water.

    You see, we are NOT “dumb hick farmers” out here. We are highly educated stewards of the land. We know Snake Oil sales pitches when we hear them, and TransCanada and their shills like you have been trying to sell us Snake Oil and use strong-arm bullying tactics on landowners for the past four years on the Keystone XL.

    If Canada is so damn eager to exploit the Tarsands, then build the damn pipelines across your OWN country, to your OWN export refineries and export ports and jeopardize your OWN damn citizens, NOT America’s! Oh yeah, that’s right, the government of British Columbia and the Pacific Coastal First Nations have already said that they will NOT allow ANY Tarsands Pipelines like the Enbridge Northern Gateway across their lands or province, and Quebec has now said the same thing. Looks like the Tarsands are land-locked because SMART Canadians don’t want that toxic dilbit flowing through their lands, either.

    The Nebraska farmers and ranchers who are so vehemently opposed to this pipeline route are for a very good reason. They have lived on, and made a living off this land, for four, five and six generations, many of their ancestors homesteaded this land back in the 1870’s. They are VERY much attuned to just how fragile and permeable the soils are and just how vulnerable The Ogallala Aquifer. TransCanada just plain doesn’t give a f*ck about anything except maximizing their profits by using the shortest route possible and the cheapest materials and techniques they can get away with. This is FACT. Inferior raw steel sourced from China, manufactured into pipe in India, then shipped via Europe to Arkansas where TransCanada calls it “American pipe” because Wellspun has a subsidiary office there. The SAME India-made pipe that has manufacturing defects (holes in the longitudinal weld seam where the sheet of steel is rolled around and sealed to form the pipe, SHOWN in photographs of the light leaking through the pipe seams from the inside of the sections) and was buried, defects and all, at night, by TransCanada, in Oklahoma on the Southern leg of the KXL just six weeks ago!

    This is the SAME inferior steel pipe the Keystone I was built with, and leaked (that was reported) 14 times in the U.S. and 12 in Canada in the first year. TransCanada’s “state of the art”
    (20 year old technology) leak detection system detected NONE of those leaks in Keystone I, yet this is the SAME system they will use for the KXL, a system TransCanada admits that can NOT detect leaks of 1 1/2 – 2% of total flow – or up to 70,000 gallons a day leaking undetected. You want that shit in YOUR basement or drinking water or food supply, Trevor????? (See comment above about Cannucks and pots).

    EVERY Tarsands pipeline EVER built has leaked! The risk of the Keystone XL leaking into the Ogallala Aquifer and forever destroying this state’s ag economy is NOT worth the risk for the profit of TransCanada and the Canadian Tarsands Industry. You can NOT eat bitumen or drink dilbit!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Do you enjoy wearing knee pads and planting your proboscis in the cheek crack of the Tarsands Industry?

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Spoken just like a pusher of any addictive drug. “Here, I know I can’t sell you China White any more, but here, try this. I’ve got some Black Tar heroin that’s even cheaper and that’s even more harmful to you. Go ahead, take it, it won’t hurt you, never mind that you try to kick your habit, as long as I’m around, I’ll keep you hooked.” You are such a tool.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    YES, Tarsands crude SINKS in water!! The empirical, undeniable evidence from the Enbridge 6-B spill into the Kalamazoo River, the ExxonMobil spill into the Yellowstone River, and the ExxonMobil Pegasus spill in Mayflower, Arkansas ALL showed that Tarsands SINKS in water! Why do you think the EPA is requiring Enbridge to once again dredge the bottom of the Kalamazoo River to remove more Tarsands crude that it missed in its first two clean up attempts? Why do you think the conventional floating booms used by Enbridge’s clean up contractors FAILED to contain ANY of the Tarsands?? Tarsands Crude is NOT conventional oil, and does NOT behave like it!!

  • Oh god what kind of economic shot in the arm could it be. A simple job that will be over quickly and will not provide many jobs at all in the long run.
    It’s not worth it.

  • I read up a lot and the people do not want it. The people of Nebraska do not and it looks like they have stopped it. It will never be built.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Would you be referring to all those LIUNA Union and Pipefitters Union people who were bussed in from Illinois, Arkansas and Oklahoma, lodged the night before, fed and were PAID to be there to stand in line in the blizzard for 3 1/2 hours to get spots for all the suits from TransCanada, API and Americans For Prosperity who were “too important” to wait in line themselves to get a number to testify? Those were the ONLY people who were “bussed in”. The group of people who came in from Wisconsin to testify against the KXL were survivors/victims of the Enbridge 6-A Tarsands pipeline rupture in Wisconsin, and they chipped in to pay to charter a bus for themselves to come down to testify. Unfortunately, because of the weather, they didn’t arrive until nearly 10am and got numbers up in the mid-high 200’s to testify. Their bus had to leave to return to Wisconsin before they had a chance to speak, but they were there in solidarity, as they have had to live through a Tarsands spill, just like the people from Michigan and Arkansas who came to Grand Island to testify AGAINST the KXL. All the rest of us took time off from work, school, our farms and ranches and drove or carpooled there at our own expense.

    Put your tinfoil helmet back on and crawl back into your basement shelter and keep watching Fox Spews and listening to Flush Rimjob for your VERY distorted, paranoid view of the world.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    35 permanent jobs nation-wide. State Department’s own figures. 1,500-1,600 temporary jobs to construct (just like the Keystone I). NOT worth the risk to permanently destroying Nebraska’s ag economy for TransCanada’s profit. All risk, no benefit for Nebraska and our ag and beef industries.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    More of the same TransCanada Snake Oil lies we’ve heard for the past four years. Too bad the reality of the same lies told about Keystone I never panned out, huh? C’mon, Trevor, just level with us and tell all of us just who it is you work for or are shilling for.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    We do NOT have the rail capacity to ship the Tarsands from Alberta if production is ramped up. (per NARCA) The “Build it because they’ll find a way to transport it anyway” argument is false. Without pipelines to get the Tarsands out of the tar patch and to export terminals, the Alberta Tarsands project will collapse rather quickly as the international investors in the Tarsands project (mainly the Chinese) pull their money and cut their losses. Canadians do not want Tarsands pipelines going to either their east or west coasts and are successfully blocking any new construction through British Colombia and Quebec, which is why Enbridge and Suncor are coming up with these hair-brained disasters-waiting-to-happen to reverse-flow natural gas pipelines and use them to transport Tarsands through Montreal to Portland, ME and across the Rockies to Vancouver. Remember, Mayflower, AR, Kalamazoo, MI and Yellowstone, MT ruptures were from “repurposed” pipelines – and new ones aren’t any safer, just look at the 26 spills and the two mandatory shut downs of the Keystone I in less than 2 1/2 years of operations.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    20 miles between shut off valves on the Keystone XL equals 5.56 MILLION gallons spilled between their “state of the art” shut off system. Ghent, you watch too many movie special effects. Train derailments are NOT an entire train, the entire train does NOT spill and burn. Each rail tank car carries 5,000 gallons, the super cars 12,000. Second generation rail tankers are now built with double walls to help prevent rupture in case of derailment. I just love it when ignorant people like you speak out of their anus without knowing a damn thing about what they’re talking about. Just proves how low the intelligence level of all these build the pipeline people really is.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Trevor, read your very stupid comment which makes NO logical sense what so ever. The US is EXPORTING because we currently PRODUCE MORE HERE than we are using, INCLUDING IMPORTS from the Middle East and Venezuela. In fact, over the past five years, IMPORTS of oil are DOWN as production from DOMESTIC WELLS is UP. You really are a stupid shill, aren’t you? TransCanada or API is wasting their money on you as an “astroturf” spokesperson. Like a bad telemarketer, once you are off your script you are lost.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Obviously, you prefer the taste of TransCanada’s ass.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Concur 100% about Trevor, Biff!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Back that up with facts, because as per number of gallons spilled, rail is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the petroleum pipeline industry!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Better than by pipeline to the ultraconservative, John Birch, Fascist Koch brother owned duty-free refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast for export to Communist China, not use here in the USA? Screw the USA, we’ll make our bucks off the highest bidder Kochs? Not very many “ultraliberals” are very rich, but the number of “ultraconservatives” who have made their vast fortunes on the backs of ignorant rednecks like you are too many to count.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Ask those counties in South Dakota who were promised all that tax revenue from the Keystone I where any of what was promised is? Pennies on the dollar is all they’ve gotten, and even LESS as TransCanada depreciates the value of the pipeline every year until it is $0 fifteen years from now. What are the tax revenues on $0 of assessed value? Spinoff jobs? Like you mean the thousands of people hired with paper towels to clean up catastrophic spills WHEN they happen? What about the thousands of multi-generational jobs LOST when a catastrophic spill destroys an entire region’s ag-based economy? Not just the farmers or ranchers, but the local grain elevators, stock yards, feed lots, implement dealerships, car dealerships, small town businesses, unsaleable lands, lost tax revenues off of those now worthless lands affected by the spill. THAT’S the REALITY experienced by the people living near the Kalamazoo spill and the fate of the town of Mayflower, Arkansas. Snake Oil promises from Patent Medicine shows is ALL TransCanada has offered for the past seven years since Keystone I. Just like the whisperings of the Serpent in Eden, except we do NOT want a bite of your apple, Trevor.

  • But, it will, at sometime leak! Could be catestrophic.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    A) “Oilsands” is the Industry’s word. Tarsands is the description everyone else uses, including us geologists. We referred to it as Tarsands deposits back in the ’90’s because thats EXACTLY what it is! Bitumen is immature crude oil. It is thick, viscous and still full of heavy metals, sulfur and other contaminants such as clay sand and gravel. It most resembles asphalt road patch, NOT “oil”. Unfortunately, the Tarsands deposits of Alberta will most likely not become usable crude oil in the traditional sense of the word, or be extractable by drilling/pumping instead of massive strip-mining like currently is being done, for many more hundreds of millions of years, as it takes 1) deposition under hundreds or thousands of feet of sediment (won’t happen without an ocean that receded 165 million years ago over the top of it) and. 2) tectonic plate movement that would cause the center of the North American plate in central Canada to fold and buckle creating the heat and pressure needed over several tens of millions of years to transform the bitumen into actual crude oil, not the tar-like substance that Trevor is trying to tell you is “just like” conventional crude oil. It is NOT “oil”, it is bitumen – asphalt.

    B) FALSE. Tarsands crude has silica (highly abrasive fine quartz particles) that under pressure is just like sand-blasting the pipes from the inside. Furthermore, under pressure and high temperature of transport, the sulfur in the Tarsands crude chemically reacts and forms sulfuric acid, which DOES corrode the pipeline from the inside out. These silica and sulfur levels are 30 times higher than in “normal” crude oil that is pumped conventionally from wells. Furthermore, in order to dilute the bitumen so it is thin enough (at 140*F and 1100psi in the pipeline) to flow, up to 30% of the “crude” is solvent, and from the MSDS released from the Enbridge 6-B spill, the solvent is a witch’s brew of extremely carcinogenic hydrocarbons the majority of which is Benzene and benzene-related hydrocarbons. The MSDS can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/AEUOqu5YLYM

    C) FALSE and an outright LIE. The Keystone I route through Nebraska does NOT follow ANY existing pipeline(s) routed through the same area north-south in Nebraska. Furthermore, Trevor shows extreme ignorance/intentional deception in trying to equate the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer as being the same thing. They are NOT. While there are pipelines that cross hundreds of feet OVER the Ogallala Aquifer in parts of Nebraska (and hundreds to a thousand+feet in other states farther south of us) with clay-based, non-permeable soils, those pipelines are mostly water or natural gas pipelines, a few refined petroleum products (gas, diesel), and ONE Tarsands pipeline (Keystone I, which lies a couple of hundred feet above the Ogallala Aquifer in Eastern Nebraska in heavy clay soils). If you look at a PHMSA map of pipelines of the United States, you will find a huge void, or LACK of pipelines traversing the Sandhills for a damn good reason: You CAN’T dig trenches in sand, and the soils are so porous!

    Furthermore, redrawing the boundaries of the Sandhills to enable TransCanada to make minimal route alterations to save them money does NOT change the scientific fact that the new route STILL lies within the Sandhills (ask the people whose families lived in the Sandhills for 140 years but now suddenly find because of a line on the map that they don’t, if they still live in the Sandhills, they do) and the new proposed route is actually MORE threatening to the Ogallala Aquifer because 10.1 miles of the pipeline will be buried completely IN the waters of the Ogallala Aquifer in Holt and Rock Counties, another 11.8 miles of the pipeline will be partially submerged in the water of the Ogallala Aquifer from Rock County southeast, and another 21.4 miles of the pipeline will lie 15′ or less above the Ogallala Aquifer in highly permeable and porous sandy loam soils. This is straight off of TransCanada’s proposed reroute transposed over USGS and Soil Conservation maps of depth to the Ogallala and soil types along that route.

    The claim by TransCanada that the new reroute avoids the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer are flat out lies. The threat to the Ogallala Aquifer is just as great as it was with the initial route. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise is either terribly ignorant, or on TransCanada or its associated henchmen’s payroll.

    D) FALSE Tarsands is one of the dirtiest forms of liquefied fossil fuels around. It’s sulfur content is 50-150 times higher than West Texas Light Sweet Crude (the benchmark for grading crude oil), contains selenium, arsenic and cadmium – all poisonous/carcinogenic metals. Notice that Trevor carefully says “about as clean as most oil” – because he knows how dirty burning Tarsands and its distillates are. Everything burns cleaner than Venezuelan Heavy Crude, which is geologically the same age as Tarsands bitumen, but had the “luck” to be buried and undergo some of the compression/heating needed to turn it into crude – but was deposited in a provenance that led to it being extremely high in sulfur content. So to say that Tarsands burns cleaner than Venezuelan Heavy Crude is like saying Pol Pot was a better dictator than Adolph Hitler because he murdered only 2 million people not 13 million.

    E) So coming from Canada is some how supposed to make it “better”? Accountable for what? Accountable for the thousands of cases of cancer that the Tarsands development has caused in the adjoining population in the Athabasca River basin? Accountable for the massive die-offs of wildlife in Northern Alberta? Accountable to the bank accounts of Suncor, Chevron, ExxonMobile, Enbridge and TransCanada? Ethical? Really? Committing Genocide against native populations is “ethical”? Destroying an area of virgin boreal forest the size of Switzerland and ultimately the size of Florida to strip mine Tarsands is “ethical”? Driving the caribou herds of Northern Alberta into extinction is “ethical”? Killing thousands of migratory waterfowl that summer in northern Alberta, including Sandhills Cranes and endangered Whooping Cranes, because they land in the toxic tailings ponds left behind from Tarsands strip mining and processing because they mistake them for the natural lakes and ponds of their summer nesting grounds just a few miles north is “ethical”? You have a very warped sense of “ethics”, Trevor, most likely driven by greed. Non-terrorist funding. What a laugh, since the Tarsands does fund terrorism. TransCanada’s actions towards those who won’t capitulate to their demands is nothing short of terrorism. Whether it is harassing a elderly woman in a Nebraska nursing home to sign over easement rights on her property, to threatening local farmers and ranchers with eminent domain foreclosure proceedings if they don’t sign over their land – even though they STILL don’t have a permit to legally proceed with construction, to the pepper-spraying of a 79 year old grandmother in Texas who was standing on her own property for “trespassing” on land that was hers by TransCanda’s hired “security” goons on the orders of a TransCanada executive on the scene, it is TransCanada that IS the “Terrorist Organization”!!

    F) You mean just like the SAME technology used in the Keystone I? The SAME “brand new modern, engineered pipeline, complete with sensors, monitors, shutoff capacity” that LEAKED 14 TIMES and NONE of that technology detected one single leak??? In fact, when the leak in North Dakota occurred that spewed 20,000 gallons of Tarsands crude 60′ into the air, it was a local farmer calling the 1-800 TransCanada emergency number who detected it, NOT the “state of the art (20 year old design) sensor system”. In fact, TransCanada’s technicians at the monitoring center argued with the farmer that the Keystone I was not leaking because “our monitors indicate no leak”. This was the leak that prompted the mandatory shutdown order of the Key I by the Federal Government until TransCanada could get its shit together, which it still hasn’t because there was another shut down earlier this year for more “anomalies” (Pipeline industry speak for “leaks” in their self-reporting jargon) that prompted the second shut down in two years. NOT a “good” record by any stretch of the imagination.

    I’m sure that the engineers and tradesmen who designed and built the greatest, “unsinkable” ocean liner ever built thought that the Titanic was perfect, too, until Mother Nature proved otherwise. I’m sure the engineers and highly skilled machinists and labor that designed and built Apollo 13 and the shuttles Colombia and Challenger thought that they, too, had built “perfect” devices – until proved otherwise.

    I, along with tens of thousands of Nebraskans, are NOT willing to be the guinea pigs and put the most vulnerable part of the Ogallala Aquifer – its recharge zone – or the Platte River drinking water supplies for every metropolitan area down stream from the KXL’s crossing site at risk to see if your “perfect” pipeline is indeed perfect. I can already give you the answer, NOTHING made by the hand of man is perfect, and jeopardizing the food supply of the world to prove TransCanada wrong is NOT worth the effort to find out.

    TransCanada has virtually NO experience in building Tarsands carrying pipelines – they are a Natural Gas pipeline company, and can’t even do that very well as a brand new NatGas pipeline they built in Wyoming exploded two months into operation just a year and a half ago. Their VERY FIRST Tarsands Pipeline, the Keystone I leaked like a sieve the first year of operation, the sensor system didn’t detect a single leak, the shut off system didn’t.

    Now, TransCanada somehow thinks that putting in a larger pipeline running at higher pressure, using the same substandard, cheap made in India leaking pipe as the Keystone I and utilizing the same inaccurate leak detection sensors as the Key I, and built to the industry’s MINIMUM safety standards is “safe” and won’t leak???? The “extra safety features and requirements” is PR B.S., Snake Oil First Class. They are nothing more than the bare minimums, like a used car salesman hyping the “deluxe AM radio included with this fine car” as something special when it’s just factory standard bare-bones equipped.

    5.56 MILLION gallons of Tarsands crude is contained between the 20 miles of pipeline between shut off valves. With a catastrophic rupture like those of the Enbridge 6-B, ExxonMobil Pegasus or Yellowstone River, gravity alone will empty out that 5.56M gallons of Tarsands crude directly into the Ogallala Aquifer LONG before TransCanada can get a response team to the site, and even if they do, what could they do when they get there? The pipe is 7′ down and submerged. TransCanada has NO KNOWN WAY TO CLEAN THE SPILL UP, LET ALONE MITIGATE THE DAMAGE OR REMOVE THE BENZENE OR OTHER DILUENTS FROM THE AQUIFER! We’re talking a spill FOUR TIMES the size of the Enbridge 6-B was in Michigan. That was an underground rupture spill of 1.3 million gallons that surfaced in clay soils and then ran into a creek and then into the Kalamazoo River. It was accessible, it has now been almost three years and approaching $1,000,000,000 (One Billion) in costs and it’s STILL not cleaned up, 115 homes will never be reoccupied by their owners because of contamination, dozens of people are still sick and experiencing severe neurological problems from breathing in the fumes from the Tarsands Crude and the deadly cocktail used to dilute it with, and some of them were a 1/2 mile or more away from the spill when it occurred.

    So, explain to me, or any other sane, reasonable, thinking person, just what are the advantages of this pipeline to anyone other than TransCanada and the investors in the Tar Patch of Alberta?

  • There are COUNTLESS leaks — just REVIEW the last two weeks. Of course someone who wants to make a HUGE profit will say anything to appease people. One only has to see what happened to Louisianna and the AK, TX, Canada leaks as well to know what will occur ahead. IT is absurd to even have a handful of “bought” men ranting that the pipeline will be safe. sounds like the Titanic. Meanwhile the risk is monumental, the gain is miniscule, and the PEOPLE DONT WANT IT>

  • this sounds like a “bought” man to me

  • sounds like trevor is an uneducated but well scripted punk. No SOUL– no conscience, and cant himself listen with the open mind he is barking at everyone to do. Unfortunately there will always be bought men, people with limited sight, disrespectful to the earth kind of people. We are fighting for everyone and he is just too ignorant to see that.

  • He is from the planet of caring and earth- trevor -you are a sarcastic, rude, very haughty little punk that needs to shut up and LISTEN.

  • coming from you trevor- anyone would consider that a compliment, your respect is nothing- you have none. Maybe $.

  • ghent you are a little uneducated here- please research the oil spills, TAR SANDS and the acquifers,. Calling a person a fool because you missed something is– well foolish dont you think?????

  • well- you needed to further your education when you stopped at chicken little. THINK, EDUCATE YOURSELF and trevor stop your childlike retorts.

  • yes- this is where education would have helped. Weak, small-minded, no backbone words you spew oldtimermo– simply this– Nebraska doesnt want it, farmers and ranchers dont want it, the reservations dont want it, the bulk of the population dont want it, and most people have a conscience and are MINDFUL of the environment. SOunds like you are a profit making, ignorant good ol boy. Cruel to animals, the environment and anyone who gets in your very very small mminded way.
    hope you didnt breed.

  • I think this is the most attention trevor ever got in his life– a very limited, illogical, unsound, immature and disrespectful mindset along with utter ignorance. Maybe we should just ignore his tirades-

  • again- trevor is a punk bought by transcanada- nothing more. a yes man.

  • JonnyRobot

    I was in support of the pipeline until I saw the massive oil spill, which came from a breached pipeline, in Arkansas a few weeks ago. Then there was the subsequent media-blackout and attempted cover-up by Exxon. This pipeline should NOT be built, and the current pipelines in place should be dismantled and removed. The oil should be shipped by rail, which, taking safety into account, is the most logical way to do it, in my opinion. Sure, trains crash, but then it’s just a few tank cars, not a pipe that keeps spewing until someone gets to it, or a ship that carries a massive amount in one huge, floating tank. And for those that want to say that the pipelines have safe flow cut-off mechanisms built-in, they said that about the Arkansas line too. It’s pretty hard to stop oil that has a thousand miles worth of oil pushing on it from behind.

  • JonnyRobot

    I love how Trevor calls everybody “the population”. Lol! What a f*ing’ tool! Get a real job, man! or at least one that doesn’t require you to sell your soul!

  • Joan

    Ghent…Great article in the blog today called, “EPA critical of State Department review of Keystone XL. Sorry I was in error, the Kalamazoo River clean up is going on three years not two.

  • Joan


  • Really? Pipelines that fail are OLD, this would be a safe, state of the art, brand new pipeline…

  • OK, your roof will leak someday, do you move out right away? Or do you benefit from it for the given design life and then replace it in the future once the benefit has been gained. A pipeline is just like ANTYTHING, a plane, a car, a garden hose. Build it safe, build it smart, build it now.

  • or you can waste $$$$Billions on Solyndra 🙂

  • what kind of fool could read my comment, use their brain and vote down? I already know the answer though 🙂

  • Wow… good luck to you. There is a lot of misinformation out there and you seem to be hooked on it for sure. I can see that you prefer the taste of Middle Eastern or Venezuelen crude 🙂

  • It will lead to a stronger economy.

  • Recent polls say the 75% of the US population are in favour of this pipeline.

  • Joan

    Trever, do you always keep your head up your A**? How many times do you need to be told the KXL is a nightmare that NE does not need.

  • Wow, I am shocked by the ignorant rhetoric. I have refrained with only facts in response. Such as, read if you dare… http://keystonefacts.tumblr.com/post/47643648783/how-can-we-most-safely-transport-resources

    Plainstruth/OldTimerMO/David B you are 100% correct.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    JUST LIKE the “Safe, state of the art, brand new pipeline” the Keystone I TranSCAMada built that LEAKED 14 TIMES in the US and 12 times in Canada IN ITS FIRST YEAR OF OPERATION!! NONE of those leaks were detected by the “state of the art” leak detection system TransCanada installed. The leak that shot 60′ into the air and dumped 20,000+ gallons of toxic Tarsands Crude on the ground in North Dakota was reported to the emergency center by a neighboring farmer, who was informed by the techs on duty that “the pipeline isn’t leaking because our instruments don’t indicate that” – all while he was watching the Tarsands geyser spewing all over the fields. THAT incident prompted a mandatory shut down order by the Federal Government, the first of TWO in the first two years of operation because of the CRAPPY job TransCanada does in building and operating its ONE AND ONLY Tarsands pipeline it has ever built!!


  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    That’s a HUGE “IF” you start with, David. Unfortunately, an “if” that TransCanada’s track record shows that they’re incapable of achieving. with their BARE MINIMUM SAFETY STANDARDS “Touted” by TransCanada, a rupture between their 20 mile separated emergency shut off valves would dump 5.56 MILLION gallons of Tarsands Crude into the Ogallala Aquifer with NO way to stop it!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Let’s start in YOUR back yard then!

  • Benet

    Trevor, stop wasting your breath on these head in the “tar” sand beatniks. These people against building the pipeline call themselves progressive, and act all knowing, are the same Bozo’s against the Trans-Alaskan pipeline with all their alarmist protestations. How often do we hear of the failures of that project? hmmm? ” crickets ” go watch some MSNBS, (yes. BS) and let the oil experts do that they do best. Provide a product and service to a nation starving for economic progress.