Cuccinelli’s campaign pressures McAuliffe’s to release financial info

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WHERE'S TERRY? Ken Cuccinelli's campaign is demanding Terry McAuliffe's campaign to be transparent with the candidate's finances.

WHERE’S TERRY? Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign is demanding Terry McAuliffe’s campaign to be transparent with the candidate’s finances.

ALEXANDRIA—How much money did Democrat Terry McAuliffe make off Mississippi-based GreenTech Automotive during his tenure as the company’s chair?

That’s the question Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign is asking, after the attorney general released eight years’ worth of tax returns to the public this week, with no indication from the McAuliffe campaign that he would do the same.

McAuliffe quietly resigned from GreenTech in December, but failed to announce his resignation — or correct anyone else when they affiliated him with the company —until April.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty asked the following questions in a Thursday article.

“First, just how wealthy is McAuliffe? … Secondly, how much has McAuliffe made from his investment/role with GreenTech Automotive in the past four years?”

McAuliffe’s press secretary, Josh Schwerin, has failed to respond to’s three email, two phone and two Twitter inquiries into McAuliffe’s tax returns since Wednesday.

Cuccinelli’s tax returns show the attorney-turned-attorney general earned anywhere from $134,078 in 2009, to $264,296 in 2005, paying an average effective tax rate of 21 percent.

Cuccinelli, who allowed reporters to view his returns on Thursday and Friday in Springfield and Richmond, isn’t releasing them online at this point.

– Kathryn Watson