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Gary Johnson stands against CO magazine ban

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By Calvin Thompson | Colorado Watchdog

BIG SHOT: Johnson will chair a group set to fight a controversial gun measure.

The so-called “King of Veto” may be taking a swing at Colorado’s new gun control measures.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket last year, has thrown in with the grassroots effort known as “Save Our Shotguns,according to the Denver Post.

Johnson has been an outspoken defender of Second Amendment rights for many years. During his 2012 presidential run, opposition to gun control was one of his key campaign platforms.

“Do not negotiate away our freedoms in the name of safety,” Johnson’s campaign website said. “From the United Nations to city council chambers across the nation, gun rights are constantly under attack from those who believe, mistakenly, that restricting our right to own firearms legally will somehow make us safer.”

Johnson is slated to serve as honorary chairman of the group.

“Save Our Shotguns” first formed when House Bill 1224 came into fruition. Under its original wording, the bill banned any firearm which could hold more than eight shotgun shells. Since shotgun shells come in a variety of lengths, this standard received much criticism for its subjectivity.

While HB 1224 was later amended to ban any shotgun that can hold more than 28 inches of shells, “Save Our Shotguns” is in the process of collecting 10,000 voter signatures to refer the bill to a statewide vote, in the hopes of a repeal.

“As originally written, HB 1224 would have banned the most commonly used shotguns in Colorado,” the organizers of “Save Our Shotguns” wrote on their website. “Now amended, HB 1224 bans some shoguns — and the legislature will be back for more.”

Here’s a promo video the group released recently:

[youtube 8bSlcVIeAtk]

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