Suttle Recallers Appear Ready to Take Next Step

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UPDATE: On Wednesday, the Mayor Suttle Exploratory Committee will announce its decision on whether or not to proceed with a campaign to recall the Mayor. The committee will hold a news conference at 10 a. m. at the Omaha Press Club.

It appears a citizens group looking to recall Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle has decided it will take the next step, a petition drive, to try and force Suttle out of office.

Nebraska Watchdog first reported the Mayor Suttle Exploratory Recall Committee could announce its petition plans this week, which would be several days before its self imposed October 1 deadline.

Committee Treasurer John Chatelain would not confirm that an announcement is coming but did tell Nebraska Watchdog, “Things are looking pretty good, the level of volunteers and donations.”

Nebraska Watchdog is told that despite the committee’s concerns about the fall-out from another Suttle recall, which is also in the works, the committee is confident its recall would not be jeopardized. According to Chatelain the other recall, organized by former State Senator Lowen Kruse,“will fizzle before anything else occurs.”

Kruse has indicated he’s not interested in an actual recall of Suttle, pushing instead for a public discussion of problems facing the city.

Should the Kruse petition hit the streets, Suttle has issued his formal response. On Thursday the Mayor said a recall could cost taxpayers $900,000 and Suttle warns those costs could lead to cuts in key city services including police and libraries.

Late last month when the Exploratory Committee went public, members made it clear they wanted Suttle recalled but still needed time to organize and further gauge the public’s appetite for a ballot box shake up at City Hall.

Nebraska Watchdog first reported that a top adviser to the committee is Jim Cleary, a political consultant who led the 1987 successful recall of former Mayor Mike Boyle.

Once the committee announces its plan to go ahead with a recall, don’t expect petitions to immediately hit the streets. Nebraska Watchdog is told the group will likely wait until late October in order to time the petition drive to coincide with Election Day, November 2nd. That would allow those gathering the signatures to set up operations near polling places in Omaha where registered voters are casting their ballots. 

A successful recall against Suttle requires 26,643 valid signatures (registered voters in the City of Omaha) that must be collected within 30 days from the time the petition drive begins.

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  • PBL


    Don’t know where Suttle is getting his number for the cost of the recall, but if he keeps hiring people and paying current directors higher amounts than their predecessors we’ll save money by dumping him!

  • Ricky

    This campaign is doing the city no favors.

    Is there a superman waiting in the wings to solve Omaha’s problems?

    Or is this just sour grapes by the Republicans?

    It’s the latter obviously.

    The Republican Party can’t get over the fact they lost the Mayorial election.

    But you think they would be used to it by now. They have not held Omaha’s Mayors office for about 10 years.

    Ricky From Omaha

  • Rob

    Many Democrats will support this recall, myself included. You can only ignore citizens for so long.

  • GeosUser

    I can’t wait, another opportunity for the recall exploratory committee to fail to demonstrate that they have a clear, concise and cohesive message on the benefits recalling Mayor Moron will produce. If John Chatelain is near the podium, you can count on him to scare away potential supporters. I hope Cleary has been working with their spokesman to stay on-message (if they have one). Otherwise, the property owners association and restaurant owners association are leaving themselves wide open to full scale retaliation by Mayor Moron and police/fire unions.

  • Scott

    This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, the lack of effort by this Mayor and his administration to solve the problem using sound business principles rather than simply protecting the unions and increasing taxes. The fact that he not only increased taxes on Omaha residence but felt he could tax non-residence is beyond belief. It’s time to fit the government to the budget not the budget to the government.

  • James

    Failure to Represent the Citizens, unfair taxes and broken promises, favoring City Unions over the taxpayers, his lack of leadership, tone deaf in public meetings toward citizens expresing their opinions showing anger and arrogance…hmmm…who knows what the recall will cost? Whatever it is…will be cheaper than keeping him!