Second special session in WA: Repeating or ignoring the past?

By   /   June 13, 2013  /   No Comments

By Rebecca Phillips | Freedom Foundation

It’s that time of year in Washington when things begin to emerge. Flowers bloom. The sun finally shrugs off its cloudy cloak. Students leave school for summer break, and people get out of their houses more often to enjoy the summertime splendor.

Meanwhile, there’s one group still stuck indoors: the Washington legislature.

They return to the state capitol today to begin a second special session. This session comes after two others – a regular session and a first special session – during which lawmakers were unable to pass an operating state budget for the next two years.

Creating a budget that balances revenue and spending is no easy task for anyone. It gets even more difficult at the state level where there is a multitude of government spending possibilities and competing opinions about what should actually take priority. But is it so challenging that it requires not just one special session but two?

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