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NE transgender students can change teams

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TACKLING A TOUGH ISSUE: Nebraska is being hailed as one of the best states to be a transgender student-athlete, thanks to a little-noticed new policy passed by the state high school activities association.


By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog

Updated 9 a.m. Saturday

LINCOLN – With no fanfare or media releases, the Nebraska School Activities Association passed a policy in December that protects transgender students’ right to participate in school activities, including sports.

And with that, Nebraska became one of just eight states with such a policy – although Nebraska is a bit of an outlier, joining blue states such as California, Oregon and several on the East Coast. The policy prompted Deadspin to recently name Nebraska “one of the best states to be a transgender high school athlete.”

The new policy was proposed by the NSAA’s new executive director, Rhonda Blanford-Green, who was an 11-time All-American sprinter and hurdler at the University of Nebraska in the early 1980s. Blanford-Green left Colorado’s High School Activities Association, where she helped craft a similar policy in 2009, to take the top job in Nebraska about a year ago.

How did she get the policy passed, unanimously, by her board in a conservative state that’s not known for being friendly to the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community?

“We’re not trying to adopt a policy that allows same-sex marriage,” she said. “Or that every boy that thinks he’s a girl gets to participate.”

The policy simply adds sexual orientation to the NSAA’s equity code.

“I don’t see it as being controversial at all,” she said. “I see it as being very proactive.”

But not many Nebraskans seem to be aware of the new policy that has attracted the attention of the New York Times.


PROACTIVE: The new head of the Nebraska School Activities Association said the new policy is proactive.

David Bydalek, executive director of Family First Nebraska, said the NSAA needs to be careful in terms of the competitive balance between males and females. Family First is a conservative, pro-family nonprofit.

“From a physiological standpoint, there are differences,” he said. “We have different competition standards for different sexes and if you’re going to skew that in some way, they have to have thought that out pretty well.”

Some student-athletes might have a problem competing against a transgender opponent. He knows of high school wrestlers who feel uncomfortable wrestling girls because they don’t think it’s proper.

“That might be problematic,” Bydalek said.

Blanford-Green said it’s no different from saying the NSAA won’t discriminate against a student based on their race or disability.

“It’s no different than if I have a special-needs student who has a tube in stomach who wants to run cross country,” Blanford-Green said.

She said it is a proactive move so the NSAA is prepared if and when a transgender student wants to participate in an activity.

“I don’t think it was meant to have some big announcement,” she said. “It’s not controversial. I think the controversy will come when you have a 6-foot-4-inch male that wants to play volleyball.”

Or when a transgender student replaces another student on a team.

“That’s when you’ll see media releases,” she said.

The NSAA bylaws state that the organization recognizes transgender students’ right to participate in interscholastic activities without unlawful discrimination based on their sexual orientation. To ensure “appropriate gender assignment” for sports, the student’s home school would perform a “confidential evaluation to determine the gender assignment for the prospective student-athlete,” according to the policy.

Among the criteria schools would use to determine whether a transgender student is eligible to participate in NSAA activities are:

  • A written statement from the student affirming “the consistent gender identity and expression to which the student self-relates”
  • Documentation from parents, friends or teachers that the “actions, attitudes, dress and manner demonstrate the student’s consistent gender identification and expression.”
  • Written verification from a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist of the student’s gender identification.
  • Medical documentation of hormonal therapy, sexual reassignment surgery, counseling, etc.

Once the school makes a decision, the school administrator notifies the NSAA, which would only get involved if the school denies the student from participating and the parents or guardians appeal the decision or another NSAA member school appeals the decision.

“NSAA doesn’t get involved until there’s controversy with the decision of the member school,” Blanford-Green said.

The NSAA would conduct a confidential review, with an appeal hearing within seven days by a three-person board, one of whom must be a physician or mental-health professional. The policy says the board can include a physician with experience in gender identity health care, or a psychiatrist familiar with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards of care, a school administrator, an NSAA staffer and an advocate familiar with gender identity and expression issues.

The NSAA policy recommends schools have a plan in place, educate staffers on transgender sensitivity, use correct names and pronouns according to students’ self identification, ensure “gender appropriate restroom accessibility” and reasonably accommodate “equitable locker room accessibility” and allow students to dress according to their gender identity.

Would the policy require a school district to build a new locker room, for example? Blanford-Green said most sports don’t require locker rooms, but “in certain sports you’d have to look at how you’d create an equitable situation.”

Blanford-Green said she has gotten no feedback on the policy, which can be found in NSAA minutes and is available on the NSAA website. She later told another reporter the policy is not in the minutes, and so it will come back for another vote on July 11 to put it in official meeting records.

No Nebraska students have indicated an interest in making use of the policy yet, but if and when they do, the NSAA will be ready.

“We don’t fly by the seat of our pants,” she said. “We won’t make arbitrary decisions. We have a template that tells us how to treat this person with respect and dignity.”

In Colorado, a trangender female wanted to run in cross country, prompting the activities association to pass a policy after she was allowed to participate. Despite having such a policy, a Colorado school district is being sued by the parents of a 6-year-old transgender girl for trying to make her use a separate bathroom.

Blanford-Green said most people just don’t want to talk about the issue. But she’s accustomed to breaking down barriers, as the first black woman to head up a state high school activities association and the first black administrator hired by the Colorado activities association. She also helped convince Gov. Dave Heineman to proclaim a day to celebrate the progression of women in athletics on the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in education.

She said it doesn’t matter “whether or not we agree with the concept of transgender.” What’s relevant, she said, is that the NSAA has a policy rather than make decisions based on emotions, ethics or religious beliefs.

Bydalek said the NSAA needs to tread carefully when dealing with “hurting, confused” teenagers.

“If a teenage kid is dealing with sexuality issues, it’s a difficult thing,” Bydalek said. “It’s not an easy subject. You want to have compassion, yet you want to have a policy that makes some sort of common sense.”

Blanford-Green said she is proud of Nebraska’s designation as one of the top places for transgender students to live because it shows the rest of the nation that while Nebraska might be conservative, it’s showing “responsibility and huge progressiveness.”

“Obviously, Nebraska broke some barriers by hiring the first black female to lead an association ever in the nation,” she said.

And while Deadspin expressed shock that Nebraska banned gay marriage 13 years ago but has a transgender-friendly policy, Blanford-Green said she doesn’t see the connection.

“I don’t care about gay marriage,” she said, later clarifying that she has no opinion because it isn’t relevant to her job. “That’s for the politicians.”

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Deena formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • racefish

    Makes “Batting for the other team” literal now.

  • James F

    I don’t get how there is so much confusion as to one’s own gender, just look between your legs. It is repulsive that we allow people to mutilate their bodies in order to validate their psychosis. How much psychological trauma are parents causing their children when they raise boys as if they were girls, and girls as if they were boys? What do kids know at their young age, they are naive and vulnerable, yet there are parents who give their children hormone treatments starting at the age of 6 just because a boy picks up a barby-doll or a girl wants to play in the mud? Children don’t understand what they are doing or the consequences of their actions (nor do some adults), they are just kids! Parents are supposed to provide stability, not introduce confusion. So, we enable troubled children to pursue their erratic fantasies in spite of the physical reality. And now the NSAA wants to force other young, vulnerable children to be exposed this, too? Letting boys into girls locker rooms and bathrooms (and visa versa), is a good idea? Why are they so concerned with enabling the confusion of one troubled child at the expense of psychological health of all the rest of the children? Shameful, irresponsible, unjust.

  • Pilot

    James, your ancient response doesn’t hold water anymore. If kids are kids and their sexuality is indifferent as children, what is the point of your entire statement except for fact that your think transgender children are freaks?
    Pitiful, you are just pitiful.

  • Louis Geditz

    This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Gender is not a matter of psychology, it is a matter of physiology. This will be abused and put our daughters that play sports at risk.

  • jack

    thank you for covering this, deena. i’m glad to see that the nebraska student activities association is taking steps to be more inclusive and equitable. i am concerned, however, about the interchange of gender identity and sexual orientation, both in the comments made by rhonda blanford-green and in the way the article was written. gender identity and sexual orientation are two very different issues, both of which deserve to be addressed and included in official policy. i encourage nsaa and watchdog to do more comprehensive research on these issues.

  • ORLY?

    So when a parent’s daughter gets a triple-double in a basketball game playing with boys, will you get just as upset? Or when a daughter out-sprints boys in track, or when a daughter rushes for over 100 yards in football, will you be upset? I understand you wanting to protect your girls in high school athletics, but am I mistaken in that there aren’t any female contact sports? What risk is there to be had? Are you afraid of the risk posed by your girl wanting to compete in wrestling? If you’re really sitting there typing for “fairness” in competition, I laugh a little…

  • Brenda

    So… regardless of whether or not we want to admit that males and females are built differently, that each has their own set of strengths and weaknesses based on the natural order of things (ie. Men are, in general, built to be physically stronger than women) the fact is THEY ARE DIFFERENT. FOR A REASON. HOW… please tell me HOW is it FAIR for a girls to compete in a sport against a guy who IS IN FACT built like a man (stronger, faster, etc) who THINKS he’s a girl at heart? His psychological make up does not change the fact that he is in deed stronger and faster… even if he does take hormone therapy and have surgical intervention.

  • Brenda

    Soccer and basketball are both contact sports, to start. And again.. we go back to the fact of the differences in size, speed and strength. Louis is right… not only is it unfair to naturally born females, its not safe either. (and please remember, I am speaking in general… of course there are girls who are exceptionally talented, or strong or fast & can out compete males, but that is not the norm).

  • Deena Winter

    Jack, I actually had the same thought, but the actual policy refers to “sexual orientation” in the portion about transgendered students, so I am writing it the way they wrote it, although I agree I don’t know that they phrased that correctly.

  • rkirkland

    I would like to know how this was passed without being voted on or being presented to and by the public? This sounds like what is happen in Washington a lot of underminded backroom dealings. Nebraska isn’t California or Colorado and we don’t need/want this mentality. We are a conservative state with conservative values that should be protected. This is unfare in all aspects. Not only for the transgender but for the “normal” gendered athlete. If a girls athletic team wins a championship with transgender athletes that have the strength and abilities of males how is this fair? If your daughter is replaced by a transgender athlete due to strength that is considered normal for a male body and not for a females how is this fair? This state should be in an outrage at the way this was passed and handled. This isn’t even touching topics of “I’m being treated different”. What will happen when the transgender wants to be encluded in the same locker rooms? Don’t think it will happen, she just opened the door.

  • Dave

    The so called “natural order” of male-female strength and abilities has a very wide range that should be considered, reguardless of their orientation. I’ve known some females that are stronger, and faster than many males, and many males that are weaker, and slower than the average woman. If they can compete in a sport, then the problem is the thinking of the other athlete. He or she can forfit the match, not play in the game, or deal with it.

  • Dave

    The so called “natural order” of male-female strength and abilities has a very wide range that should be considered, reguardless of their orientation. I’ve known some females that are stronger, and faster than many males, and many males that are weaker, and slower than the average woman. If they can compete in a sport, then the problem is the thinking of the other athlete. He or she can forfit the match, not play in the game, or deal with it

  • Dave

    OK, caveman.

  • Kent Goertzen

    So much ignorance in your post I don’t even know where to start.

  • Dave

    NSAA is an organization that runs?, manages, athletics. It is not a public vote organization.

    Please, do not include me in your narrow minded views. I’ve lived in Kneebraska all my life and have no problem with it. I do not need the bibble, or the guys who wrote it, to think for me.

  • timothy pea

    Jesus Fucking Christ! What has this country become?

  • Leah

    Being a “conservative” state doesn’t magically preclude you from having LGBT citizens in your state, and those citizens have rights that transcend your narrow minded ideology.

  • Leah

    “psychological make up does not change the fact that he is in deed stronger and faster”

    Nope. Learn something about this before you form an opinion. Ignorance doesn’t win a debate.

  • Jazzee

    good question

  • JJ

    For one thing there are children that are born physically as both genders maybe more female or more male. Even besides that someone who is transgendered isn’t a psychological thing, it’s the whole body. I think this is a great step that the NSAA has taken to respect students no matter who they are. You all need to learn about what transgendered means and how to accept people.

  • Jen

    Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, but it seems that these policies disregard the rights of actual females in favor of a small minority.

  • rkirkland

    My narrow mined ideology in your opinion I will keep. I am not speaking on LGBT rights. I as speaking on the phyicality difference between male and female genders that is biologicaly natural and the unfareness it creates while creating a right for someone else. I don’t give a rip if you are gay or not that isn’t the point. I also never stated that because Ne is a conservative state that we no not have or welcome gays here, I have friends that are gay and that is there choice not mine and again that isn’t the point. Males have a different difference that creates an unfairness for others.

  • ReaganS

    Try reading the article! First of all the transgender student will have to meet a cretin criteria in order to compete. Second the transgender students that have been on hormone blockers since before puberty will not develop any secondary sex characteristics and those that have reached the age of sixteen and have started cross hormone therapy will develop the secondary sex characteristics of the sex of the hormones that they are taking. This means that any advantage that on may assume one has by being born male then transitioning to female is not possible. So if anything the trans kids will be at a lesser advantage, because some may have had their puberty delayed a few years and are under developed.

  • James F

    The occurence of natural-born hermaphroditic individuals is a very rare physiological phenomenon, and hardly the issue at debate here. A “trans-gender” person is someone who in all respects, before surgical mutilation or hormonal manipulation, is natural-born of one gender and then despite the physical reality of their physiology chooses to behave as the opposite gender. In general psychiatric terms, this person is suffering from a mental disorder known “psychosis”, a loss of contact with reality. Yet, instead of taking responsible actions to restore the psychological and social health of their child, parents (usually subscribing to some political agenda) choose to experiment on their child with hormone manipulation and surgical mutilation. Children are vulnerable and naive, parents are supposed to guide the natural physical, mental, and social development of their children, not obstruct, confuse and derail it–causing severe psychological and physical damage (pumping all those chemicals into a developing child’s body in conflict with the natural biochemical process). Those parents, and enabling doctors, need to charged with felony child abuse and the children need to put in a loving home with loving parents who have their children’s health in mind, and not social liberal politics.

  • Luke Peterson

    Wow, transgender bias is blantant….. I feel sorry for the commentors and the editor’s children if you feel that kids can choose to “switch teams.” Very classy there folks. Makes me wonder what made you believe that procreating was in the best interest of Humanity?

    First off, the title of the article is biased off the bat. I know of no Transgender individual who “chooses” to switch identities. My best friend Stacy has always identified as a man but has contended that his parents forced him to live his life as a girl, which he was born as. And to clarify, sex (not the action but the concept) is a physical trait. Gender Identity is a psychological trait. Both traits you were born with and most likely had since conception too (there’s that pro-life argument many Nebraskans are found of proclaiming). However cognitive dissonance is a choice. May I suggest getting your heads out of your ass in order for you to think beyond the terms of your myopic logic? Because this isn’t about what you think is best, it’s about the children here and they get to decide on this integral issue due to the very nature of their identity. Most cases I’m fine with controlling children’s behavior because children need adult supervision. Blanford-Green is correct that this issue isn’t about personal politics. It’s about children being children and providing the acceptance for who they are. And the criteria for a Transgender Student to participate clearly demonstrates that it’s something no ordinary, ignorant progeny of said breeders would choose to do. Yet all of y’all claim that this is a choice however a person can definitely choose to be obtuse, which many of you are.

  • Tom

    Finally, Nebraska is entering the 21st century.

  • Leah

    Yes, you are speaking on LGBT rights. That’s what this is about. You can talk all day about how men and women are different, but it does not matter. Transgender girls are not men or boys. I realize that you are ignorant on the topic of trans people and especially their participation in sports, but that’s not a good excuse to advocate against their rights. The Olympics have ruled that it is fair. What do you know about this that the International Olympics Committee doesn’t?

  • gerardharbison

    From what I’ve read, the usual cause is exposure to anomalous sex hormone levels relatively late in gestation, after the physical genitalia have developed but while the brain is still developing.

    The only real consequence is for women’s sports, where you will have people who are chromosomally and metabolically male competing with girls. But then, with all the steroid/HGH/blood doping/gene doping in sports these days, I don’t know how anyone can really take competitive sports seriously any more anyway. This is no more unfair than what the East Germans used to do and the Chinese still do to their female athletes.

  • Leah

    Did your pastor tell you all of those “facts?” Or did you just make them up? I’d love to see you cite a credible source to back up your claims of “psychosis” and surgical experimentation on children. Perhaps you have some evidence, or do you not need any evidence to believe things your pastor said?

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    “I have friends that are gay and that is there (sic) choice not mine…”

    Actually, that is one of the more ignorant statements made here. Being gay, or identifying as the opposite gender for that matter, is no more of a “choice” than being heterosexual is. Amazing how much ignorance STILL exists in this world and how quickly people jump forward to prove just how ignorant they are. Being conservative is no excuse to hide ignorance, bigotry and intolerance behind that label.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    So what’s your excuse for being the way you are?

  • Crunchem

    If a girls athletic team wins a championship with transgender athletes that have the strength and abilities of males how is this fair?

    East Germany, circa 70’s & 80’s, anyone?

  • Crunchem

    Careful James, you just might blind us with science! Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out how the same DNA that triggered testicle development also would form a brain that identifies the self as the next Miss USA, and maintain that paradox beginning in infancy, as claimed earlier. And I don’t have a pastor, Leah.

  • Crunchem

    neither does arrogance

  • Crunchem

    Why did you equate this…

    “What do kids know at their young age, they are naive and vulnerable,”

    to this…

    If kids are kids and their sexuality is indifferent as children,

    Kids are naive about ‘sex’ (sexuality) but not naive about gender. He is pointing out that young ones are impressionable, and shame on parents for pushing or forcing an alternate gender identity, just because of some external cues. Your use of the word sexuality subtly points us to part of the problem – the enormously heightened sexuality pushed onto our youth from all directions at younger and younger ages.

  • rkirkland

    Watching_From_Nebraska, In your response to my ignorance. While there are individuals that are born gay there are also individuals that choose this life style for their reasons. My point is not in regards to being gay or not. My discussion point is the biological differences between boys and girls that is given at birth, not that your birth sex is male and you are female in the physiologically or emotionally. It is not about being gay – I don’t care if you are or not. It is about fairness to the girls when there is an athletic advantage with male transgenders competeing within female sports. While transgenders should be treated with respect just as anyother human on this planet should be, it is not about that. It is as I mentioned about the athletic ability and only that. If you can tell me that if you are a transgender and there is no advantage to being male competeing on a female team and that those same abilities would not infringe on the same rights for a non transgender female-then go for it! As long as it’s fair for both and one persons rights are not being violated for someone else.

  • James F

    Transgender children are “freaks”, in the literal–not derogatory–sense of the word, because their parents MADE them that way as part of some social-engineering experiment. Shame on those parents, they should be charged with felony child abuse. The children should be put in a home with parents who have the children’s best interests and health in mind, not some social-liberal political agenda.

  • James F

    You’re right, being heterosexual is not a choice because it is the natural state of the human species; asexuality and homosexuality do not cause reproduction in homo sapiens, therefore, biologically (and physiologically) speaking humans are a heterosexual species. There may be psychological factors (e.g. abuse) that confuse someone’s sexuality, but that condition needs appropriate psychological treatment, not encouragement and validation. Society is doing no favors to suffering individuals by treating their abnormalities as normal for political purposes–to harness them as some mere voting and donor block is to demean them, ultimately causing more harm than good and forcing the rest of society to change to accomodate their deviant behavior.

  • James F

    I have an XY chromosome which biologically determines that I’m attracted to people with XX chromosomes. Yay! We found the sexuality gene!

  • James F

    I’ll help you out Leah, get a dictionary and look up the word “psychosis” (“impaired contact with reality), then get a Biology 101 textbook and look up the chapter on “Male and Female Physiology” (note the section which discusses XX and XY chromosomes and “primary sexual characteristics”, ie. genitalia). No Bible needed. Then, observe the absurdity when a natural-born male, perhaps after severe genital mutilation, breast implants, and life-long hormone manipulation, stands there wearing a dress with make-up on and says with a (surgically and chemically-altered) straight–no pun intended–face and sings in a slightly barotone voice “You make me feel like a natural woman” by Aretha Franklin.

  • Leah

    If your Biology 101 text simply says XY = male, then you need to find yourself a new text before you go telling people what’s what about biology. That would be like a Physics 101 student telling the folks at CERN to stop looking for new particles because Physics 101 says the Bohr model of an atom is all we need to know about quantum mechanics. If you learn about atoms in 8th grade, are 7th graders correct in their understanding of physics? You aren’t correct in your understanding of sexual dimorphism.

    Look up “intersex,” and see that there are multiple combinations of 23rd chromosomes beyond XX and XY. Or learn that there are women (people with female primary and secondary sexual characteristics) who have XY chromosomes. And vice-versa, there are men with XX chromosomes. The SRY gene on the Y chromosome does one thing: it determines that your gonads are testes. Even with your special SRY gene, you actually have the genes for ovaries as well, but they were suppressed by the presence of the Y chromosome. You also have the genes for a vagina, breasts, and every other sexually dimorphic characteristic of females, but those genes lie dormant only because of the androgen levels produced by your testes. And also that your cells have functioning androgen receptors and that environmental factors did not interfere with your androgen levels.

    Speaking of environmental factors, many birth defects are congenital but not genetic. Abnormal conditions in the fetus, womb, or mother’s body can cause any number of abnormalities. An imbalance in hormones is one possible factor. A fetuses brain, and even genitals, are sensitive to abnormalities in hormone levels during critical times in development. That is the basis of current theory (yet to be thoroughly researched) on why gender identity and/or sexual orientation might vary. This most likely explanation seems to agree with the majority of trans people who understand their gender conflict as something that was always present… that it was congenital.

    Basically everything you espoused in your original post is “conservative agenda.” If a liberal bias is based on facts, then I’ll proudly continue to be biased. “XY chromosomes make me attracted to XX people” Come on, dude, really? Homosexuality is found in thousands of species, naturally. Anti-gay hate is a human thing. Get over it. If you wait on a karyotype result for every person you might get aroused by, I can only imagine you have a said and lonely life waiting for the right pair of 23rd chromosomes to come along.

  • Michele Cox Sanchez

    sorry that’s messed up a dude can’t play for women Basketball team. If they can[t make it on the guys team they shouldn’t be allowed to play on women’s team. REAL WOMEN FOR REAL WOMEN SPORTS. And transgender is a false claim. Dudes wanting to act and be like women but they will never be a woman and be able to make babies. Transgender is wrong because they give straight people false ID of who they are really. A transgender male playing as a woman starts dating a guy NOT telling them that they are a guy is just wrong. Then the straight guy might think that he is gay because of there lack of respect of being honest with who they really are. How many guys out there are willing to date a transgender guy?????? Not many. FAGS are FAGS

  • Michele Cox Sanchez


  • ReaganS

    You make such a compelling argument.

  • Mimihaha

    You’re repulsive.

  • Mimihaha

    You are disgusting and you need to learn to type.

  • Tax Payer USN

    Your absolutely right and only the gays and liberals think any different I seen a Ole broad that lived next door to me turn a good boy into mousy little wimp because she wanted a girl and her husband wouldn’t let her kill the kid when she was pregnant and you got somewhere around 60% women raising these kids nowadays and 30% of them are on welfare or disabled because they eat a case of Twinkies everyday and wash them down with a 24 pack of Mountain Dew. You don’t have men raising kids any more you either got a divorcé that hates her ex and makes it impossible for the kids Dad to raise them as a man or got these Ole broads that have 6 kids by six different men and most of them are in jail for being a child molester or dope and sure you got a lot of guys that are slugs.

  • James F

    So, your going to pump a whole bunch of chemicals into the body of a young, naive, developing child in order to interrupt the natural process, which by the way has already determined from conception which gender the child is–as indicated at this stage of physiological development by his or her PRIMARY “sex characteristics” (and is still rooted in the child’s genetic make-up regardless of how many hormones are artificially pumped into the child’s body or how much surgical mutilation is performed). All this for some liberal, social-engineering, political agenda. Parents who inflict this on their children and so-called “doctors” who enable it should be charged with felony child abuse. These troubled children need parents who have the child’s best interests at heart, or failing that, psychological counseling to hopefully correct or prevent any further mental distress and confusion that will have lasting and detrimental effects.

  • ReaganS

    OMG! Read much! You should really just look up transgender or GID. First of all I’m not doing anything. Second the research shows that there is a biological difference in the brain of trans people. So their sex may be different than their gender.

    There is a story just published in Daily Medical that shows a different formation on the the cortex of the brain in trans people. This is believed to be the part of the brain where the gender identity resides. Last summer in New Science they published a study of MRI brain scans that show the comparisons of transgender brains to the cis gender people of who the identify as with surprising similarities. There are many more all with the same results. So this is a biological misalignment developed in the womb during fetal development. Usually around the 20th week there is a hormone wash that either does or does not masculinize the brain. This is done after the sex has been biologically assigned.

    There are standards of care that doctors follow in the treatment of trans people. They can be found at WPATH.org and as part of this standards of care is psychotherapy to determine if there are any underlying conditions that may cause misdiagnosis.

    The only political agenda that is being pushed here is the uneducated conservative morons that wish to suggest without any proof that this is somehow perverse. There are millions of trans people some suffer greatly at the hands of people like you. The ones who have no idea what they are talking about and think that somehow your uninformed uneducated opinion matters…. Well it doesn’t and you know what GET OVER IT!

  • James F

    “So their sex may be different than their gender.”

    Listen to yourself, that statement is a complete contradiction in terms. Gender/sex is biologically determined by not less than one’s own DNA–which again, does not change regardless of how much the body is artificially pumped full of hormones or surgically mutilated. This whole “gender studies” B.S. is nothing other than liberal academics who from a deep sense of insecurity and uselessness felt the desperate urge to invent some pseudo-junk science in order to justify their own existence–and of course, they needed converts so they preyed on confused adolescents and set out to confuse them even more in order to make a profit. Leave the poor kids alone and let them grow up naturally, in loving environments where someone isn’t trying to shove some social-engineering, political agenda down their throats.

  • ReaganS

    So you want more evidence do ya… http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn15045-maletofemale-transsexualism-gene-found.html#.UeFpgGT72-8

    It’s funny you think you can go around making claims with nothing to substantiate you theory and you want to be taken seriously.

    You have nothing but an illogical hysterical argument that is neither supported or recognized by any medical or scientific community.

    I have been able to back my argument up. Why can’t you?

  • James F

    LoL, the “Newscientist”? That’s not even a peer-reviewed publication. Again, you offer nothing but pseudo-science. You want sources for my evidence, pick up a university biology textbook. Case closed.

  • ReaganS

    Ok first off the study was not done by new scientist.. They just wrote an article on it. You would have know that had you read it. I see you are just quick to dismiss me and not really interested in the actual research. you are more interested in throwing out unsupported bogus claims you can’t back up.

    Here are some text books and links dealing with the transgender issue. You know actual medical and scientific shi t that you can find all on your own via the internet.

    So I’ll ask again. where is your proof. Support your claims. Cite your sources.









  • James F

    First of all, not a single one of those is a university textbook–they are all theoretical publications or books (by liberally-biased organizations/individuals) written about the social or psychological effects of “gender dysphoria” (depression, etc.)–which itself is admittedly merely a “preference” to be identified as a the opposite gender–nothing to refute the widely understood and basic biological assertions which I made above. Second, most of them only give an abstract so I can’t evaluate the relevancy of their content, and I’m not going to pay $30 for each one just to read some liberal pseudo-science, social-engineering drivel (the topic of one is how to perform a sex-change operation?). Third, many of the links referred to transgender and homosexual behaviors and identities as “sexual-development disorders” of a psychological nature, not biological, thus reinforcing my position not yours. Good try, but I guess you assumed that I wouldn’t even look at the links; well, I called your bluff. Try actually reading the sources you refer to first.