Video: A liberal and a libertarian debate income inequality

By   /   June 13, 2013  /   4 Comments

When it comes to income inequality in the U.S., Nick Estes says “government is the only solution” while Paul Gessing says “it’s not inequality, it’s about poverty.” The two spoke with’s Rob Nicolewski.



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  • HS

    It’s not just about poverty. Over the past 30+ years, growth in incomes has decreased or been stagnant everywhere on the income ladder except for the top 1% whose incomes have boomed. During that period there’s been obscene growth in pay and bonuses of top executives that has come out of the pockets of the hardworking middle class. It’s not the growth of costs (e.g., the cost of higher education) that’s hurting the middle; it’s the fact that their incomes aren’t growing compared to the general rise in the cost of living. It’s folly to believe that there is any feature of free market capitalism that will ensure people are paid exactly what they are worth (neither more nor less), just as it’s folly to suppose it will somehow automatically provide a safety net for those with genuine need.

    As to the role of government, face facts: All government spending and every tax redistributes income from someone to someone else. Even the much-praised flat tax proposal would have me paying 10 times as much tax as the taxpayer with average income – – and I don’t get 10 times as much highways, national defense, or any other government service. Because government is intrinsically re-distributive, the political issue MUST now be addressed: Who can afford to pay more? Who needs government to provide them with an equal opportunity at obtaining a quality education, decent health care, etc?

  • OldTimerUSNCB

    What a bunch of BS

  • It is about 400 years of slavery and genocide.

  • Bruce Boelter

    Government doesn’t enrich anybody. They only take from some, skim off for themselves, and buy votes with the rest.