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Video special: NE Dems still looking for Senate hopeful as Lathrop says its gov or bust

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Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

It appears Nebraska Democrats have at least two candidates for governor next year, while struggling to find someone—anyone—to run for the U. S. Senate.

Steve Lathrop kicks-off his "listening" tour for governor but sounds like he's running

Steve Lathrop kicks-off his “listening” tour for governor but sounds like he’s running

Steve Lathrop doesn’t know what he’ll be doing in a few months but he knows what he won’t be doing.

As he sets off on his 20-town statewide “listening” tour, Lathrop tells Nebraska Watchdog (see video above) that he is not running for the Senate or House of Representatives against Republican Congressman Lee Terry.

Term limited out of his state senate seat at the end of 2014, Lathrop says he’s considering only a run for governor and he’s not worried about being tagged “an Omaha trial lawyer.”

J.L. Spray

J.L. Spray

That gives Nebraska Democrats one sure candidate for governor—Chuck Hassebrook—one likely candidate for governor—Lathrop—and no candidate for the U.S. Senate, unless you count independent Brad Ashford who recently told Nebraska Watchdog he’s “inclined to run for the Senate as a Democrat.”

At the same time Republicans already have one announced candidate for both slots, Charlie Janssen for governor and former State Treasurer Shane Osborn for Senate.

Republican Mike Flood’s political future is still up in the air. Flood dropped out of the governor’s race in December after learning his wife, Mandi, had a fast-growing type of breast cancer.

Nebraska Watchdog spoke with GOP State Chairman J.L. Spray about Flood, Janssen and Osborne.

Spray: I don’t think Shane Osborne will be the only candidate for U.S. Senate when it’s said and done.

Nebraska Watchdog: On the governor’s race you’re pretty sure Charlie Janssen isn’t going to be the only candidate?

Spray: Yes, I’m fairly sure there will be other candidates for governor.

Nebraska Watchdog: Do you have any inside information on Mike Flood?

Spray: No. And I will tell you I consider Senator Flood to be a friend, a good friend, and I wouldn’t even ask him. It’s a personal decision between he and his wife and they should feel free to do that.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Bam

    Maybe Don Stenberg should try running as a Dem this time and see if that’s more successful.

  • D. Mark

    Charlie Janssen still has my vote, he is the only one who has the guts to say anything about all the illegal immigrants here in Nebraska! Lathrop and Ashford were both on the Judiciary Committee and did nothing about this problem, and really did nothing about anything! They held a couple of hearings on illegal immigration and then did nothing about this problem. You can agree or disagree about illegal immigration, but it is still against the law and we cannot pick and choose what laws a person wants enforced as some of our elected officials do!