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IRS requests thousands of new agents to enforce Obamacare

By   /   June 28, 2013  /   News  /   17 Comments

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YOU WANT WHAT?: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., chairman of the House Budget Committee, was taken aback when the IRS asked for more funding.

By Jacob F. Grant | Watchdog.org

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Still mired in scandal for its mishandling of nonprofit political groups, the Internal Revenue Service is prepping for a new role: chief enforcement arm of the Affordable Care Act.

That task will require new agents — 6,700, the IRS figures — and more money — about $1 billion more than the current budget.

Confronted with the tax agency’s 9-percent increase in its 2014 budget, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., blasted Deputy IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel at a meeting of the House Committee on Ways and Means Thursday morning.

After reading off a long list of instances of waste, fraud, excess and abuse at the agency over the past several years, Ryan demanded to know how the IRS felt it had the “moral authority” to ask for more money. He actually sounded almost hurt by the request.

Werfel meekly responded that the additional funding was essential to the agency’s expanded enforcement mandate.

The agency’s latest funding boost follows an increase of nearly $1.5 billion and 1,200 agents already dedicated to the implementation of ACA.

More commonly known as Obamacare, the ACA contains 18 separate tax provisions and 47 monitoring functions. It will fall on the IRS to collect taxes and to enforce one of the key provisions of the law — ensuring that every individual in the country has health insurance, and levying a tax on those that do not. It will also be responsible for collecting taxes from employers that do not offer insurance, manufacturers of medical devices and drug companies.

In addition to its taxation and enforcement efforts, the IRS will be involved intimately in building and administering the state insurance exchanges, will have a role in monitoring health insurance markets and will have complete access to all medical records.

Some view the agency’s rising power with suspicion. Speakers at last week’s tea party rally on the Capitol steps raised the possibility that the IRS’s influence on health care decisions could be affected by an individual’s political ideology.

The IRS is working closely with the Obama administration to coordinate the ACA rollout. The IRS commissioner and health care counsel visited the White House a total of 586 times since the act was signed. Such visits have occurred far, far more frequently than in previous administrations, signifying the complexity of the IRS’s new role.

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Jacob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Tax Payer USN

    Fine let Obummercare pay for it, according to Nancy Peelosee its going to save Millions every year good deal should have plenty of money left over then to pay them their 80 thousand a year..

  • Dennis Bouse

    Seems to me that the IRS sent out thousands of tax refunds worth millions of dollars to households who claimed to have hundreds of residents each. They need to get their house in order before we give them anymore money for anything.

  • Calvinius

    It seems to you that the IRS did that?

    Sadly for you, facts don’t support your claim.

  • Calvinius

    Still mired in scandal for its mishandling of nonprofit political groups

    There never was an IRS scandal. It’s been thoroughly debunked as nothing but right-wing lies.

  • Hilary

    Why does the IRS need access to my health records? Under Obamacare, they should only need to know whether or not I have health insurance. They will use this person information against their political enemies. We now know that the IRS is NOT apolitical as it should be. America has become a scary place, freedom is fleeting.

  • ya

    Liberal media says so, therefor it must be true.

  • Calvinius

    The facts don’t match your conservative ideology, therefore the facts must be wrong!

  • exiledmainer

    6,700 enforcement agents hired zero doctors and nurses hired, dr’s and nurses retiring and they call that affordable healthcare act. That should tell anyone everything they need to know about Obama care.

  • Calvinius

    It tells me everything I need to know about what a liar you are.

  • exiledmainer

    What’s my big lie

  • TheSotSays

    Don’t forget that Obama is a pathological liar and those who support him share his values.

  • TheSotSays

    Tut tut now Calvin, that big heifer Sarah Hall Ingram made 155 visits to the White House.

    And Calvin, have you taken a look at Ingram, good lord man for the last 15 years she’s never had a bath.

    Anyway give this a read, The Nixon Articles of Impeachment:

    He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and
    agents, endeavoured to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation
    of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in
    income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause, in
    violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other
    income tax investigations to be intitiated or conducted in a discriminatory

    He misused the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret
    Service, and other executive personnel, in violation or disregard of the constitutional
    rights of citizens, by directing or authorizing such agencies or personnel to
    conduct or continue electronic surveillance or other investigations for
    purposes unrelated to national security, the enforcement of laws, or any other
    lawful function of his office; he did direct, authorize, or permit the use of
    information obtained thereby for purposes unrelated to national security, the
    enforcement of laws, or any other lawful function of his office; and he did
    direct the concealment of certain records made by the Federal Bureau of
    Investigation of electronic surveillance.

  • Calvinius

    The “6,700 enforcement agents hired” nonsense.

  • Calvinius

    No, lying sack of shit, she did not.

  • exiledmainer

    Are you for real! Do you ever get out of your mothers basement

  • Tony

    You mean the Lois Lerner scandal is made up,
    you FOOL!!

  • Calvinius

    There is no “Lois Lerner scandal”. There never was. Moron.