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Brownback: It’s not the economy, stupid

By   /   July 1, 2013  /   1 Comment

EYES ON THE PRIZE: Gov. Sam Brownback’s recent comments before Arkansas Republicans suggest Kansas’ leader is still eyeing a 2016 presidential bid.

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog

OSAWATOMIE — While the 2016 presidential horse race is still a few years off, its hard not to speculate whether Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback still has his eyes on the prize.

Especially after the kind of comments he made over the weekend.

More than six months after the 2012 presidential race was laid to rest, Brownback is still weighing-in on Mitt Romney’s unsuccessful bid for the White House. According to the governor, it wasn’t Romney’s failure to secure the Hispanic vote or his famous “47 percent” comment that did him in.

It was his focus on the economy over social issues.

Brownback said continued opposition to matters like abortion and gay marriage, rather than addressing tax policy and fiscal matters, would have clinched an election victory for the GOP.

The Lawrence-Journal World reports:

His comments were made in Little Rock, Ark., to a reporter for The Associated Press before Brownback spoke to about 500 people gathered for a fundraiser for the Arkansas Republican Party.

“You can’t just talk all about economic terms,” Brownback said. “You’ve got to talk about terms to the heart.” He said of Romney: “I think he would have been better off talking about the social issues more. (President Barack) Obama talked a lot about social issues. If people don’t hear you talking about them, they don’t think they’re necessarily that important to you.”

On abortion, Brownback said: “If you believe this is a life, how do you not fight for a life? If you make that determination that this is a life, this is a sacred life, you have to fight for it or what does that say about what you’re willing to allow? Much of it transcends politics.”

The general thought across Kansas is that Brownback’s current plans – involving a massive shakeup in state revenues and attempts to shrink the size of Kansas government – are a prelude to another presidential bid in 2016. And with comments like this, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

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Travis formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Unemployed in Kansas

    Why would America want our impression of Hitler! He also wanted no way for the people to check his work, and what happened to Germany. He is so happy to trounce on poor Kansans. He wants Big Business to have a free ride while the poor and unemployed to foot the bill