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Ewing won’t take second swing at Congressman Terry

By   /   July 10, 2013  /   9 Comments

UPDATE: 12:32 p.m. The man in charge of getting Democrats elected to the House of Representatives isn’t naming names but says he know of two or three possible candidates looking to run against Congressman Terry in 2014. (More updated information below in red).

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Congressman Lee Terry

Congressman Lee Terry

It’s back to the drawing board for Omaha Democrats looking to take out Congressman Lee Terry next year.

Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing, who narrowly lost to Terry last November, tells Nebraska Watchdog he’s not running against Terry in 2014 but will run for re-election to his county post.

“I’m running for the job I love,” said Ewing.

Ewing gave Terry all the eight term Republican Congressman could handle in 2012. Ewing lost 51-49, a margin of 4,000 votes, in a race that found Terry’s campaign stumbling several times on the way to the finish line.

After endorsing Terry in each of his seven previous runs for the House the state’s largest newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald, accused Terry of “unseemly behavior” and backed Ewing.

The paper’s unexpected move followed a series of advertising missteps by Terry’s campaign including Nebraska Watchdog’s exclusive report which found Project Vote Smart taking a swipe at Terry’s tactics.

With Ewing out it’s not clear who the Democrats will find to run for the House in 2014.

The Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Steve Israel—it’s his job to get Democrats elected to the House—said Wednesday he knows of two or three possible candidates.

“People are considering it right now,” said Israel. “They are not ready to announce anything yet…I would expect that there will be some announcement shortly.”

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • G. Jetson

    I’m wondering what street or building conbots want to name after terry lee? It would be more appropriate to name a hole in the ground after him considering how long he’s been off the radar.

  • LarMond

    Not a fan of Terry, but Ewing is just “more of the same” like the other liberals in Washington. Besides, with all the former OPD brass now in the Court House, some elected other appointed, it won’t be long before it can merge with OPD headquarters. That way the city and county can save money.

  • Judge Smalls

    He’s won elections, true. terry hasn’t done a thing since getting elected in 1998, true. He’s in the same incoming class as Wisconsin congressman and veep candidate Paul Ryan,true. terry only get re-elected because of district shift in 2012 that included more of Sarpy, and he only won 51-49%. I wish you and other republicans would could find someone that could get out and primary terry. I don’t care if you get Rush Limbaugh to run against him. Just get a guy that can represent the district because terry is absolutely worthless and has ripped off taxpayers for accepting his salary.
    A guy like David Kramer would be a tornado of fresh air. Get Kramer to run and he’ll even pull dems to vote for him. Kramer is a hard worker, terry is mayo.

  • Bam

    Not GOP so it’s not my problem to get him beat in the primary. The big problem is you Democrats just can’t bring it for the general. Incumbents CAN get beat, Republicans CAN get beat, but you guys can’t accomplish either here, even against a guy who “hasn’t done a thing since getting elected.” Should be easy but you make it look impossible.

  • ImJustAGuy

    Hmm, Mike Fahey spent Omaha into the red, and he got a street named after him.

  • Judge Smalls

    Your are spot on about that. It’s constantly a miss at election time. I don’t feel much energy locally. There aren’t a lot of pragmatic minds in the party that can motivate. I consider myself a what I guess is called a “New Democrat” where I’m pro-business, want government efficiency, lower taxes and socially liberal.
    Hopefully, we can get a candidate with that mind set.

  • Judge Smalls

    I’ve been around the block but I didn’t think of coast angle before and things seem clearer now. Thanks for the input. I seriously feel better now and can push some buttons with the local dems. Thanks again.

  • D. Mark

    Lee Terry may not be the best the State of Nebraska has, but he is better than a Democrat!

  • Rick P.

    You might think I’m crazy, but I think Ashford as a Dem could give Terry a run for his money. Fiscally more conservative than most dems, socially liberal and has support from both sides. Would be an interesting race. Any other ideas on possible Dems.