Obamacare’s confusing so hipster Oregon sings you a song

By   /   July 11, 2013  /   42 Comments

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog

Confused about Obamacare and how it might impact Oregon?
Don’t worry, Oregon has a song to ease you into the controversial healthcare reform that’s costing millions and has businesses fearful of the regulatory impact.





Shelby formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Starmanres

    Mississippi is watching this and saying, “Wow. At least we aren’t Oregon…”

  • bkeyser

    Well, the toddler crowd will enjoy it. Not sure how that sells OCare, but not much of the liberal mindset makes sense to me.

  • badbadlibs

    America is in deep crap and 42% of American’s aren’t aware Obama care is law. That explains the need for stupid, idiotic, childish songs and voter laws that state imbeciles need not enter.

  • Comrade Barry

    “I am not sure exactly what “Cover Oregon” is, but I sure do love this commercial!”…

    Guess they hit their intended mark

  • taxedbykitz

    Yep….Oregon still stuck in the “Hippie 60s”. Gerry’s dead time to get a job folks.

  • RedSoloCup

    Hipster cant polish a turd.

  • RedSoloCup

    It is essentially a northern annex of Kalifornia.

  • RedSoloCup

    We here in Tennessee are thinking the same!

  • All the entertaining ads in the world won’t “cover” up the fact that Oregonians and everyone else are in for a rude awakening when ObamaCare does just the opposite of what it claimed it could do. As insurance premiums rise, and people lose their jobs and health coverage, Cover Oregon may be setting itself up as a fall guy. Or, if you believe in conspiracy theories, it was set up as the fall guy.

  • bill

    Throughout history, similar efforts have been used to indoctrinate unsuspecting citizens.. One example is Germany’s vaunted Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Progaganda http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_Public_Enlightenment_and_Propaganda

  • Bradley

    no, most of Oregon is not a northern annex of Kalifonia. Only the Willamette Valley is and that is only 9 of the 30+ counties in Oregon. The rest of us are very upset with the way things are going, That song is typical of the childish way the Willamette Valley thinks.

  • Bobby

    Probably because the average mentality of an Obama apologist is, roughly, that of a toddler. So this fits right in with their demographic.

  • NinJane

    I think it’s adorable, and guess what? If you don’t get it, you can GO TO THE WEBSITE they post at the end. Period.

  • NinJane

    I’m glad you aren’t Oregon either.

  • NinJane

    I’m a “Hippie” with 3 jobs and a very entertaining and enjoyable life. I doubt the same goes for you.

  • NinJane

    If you live in Oregon and HATE that it’s a “Hippie” “Hipster” “Liberal” state, or whatever your constant complaining is about, then LEAVE. Go to the redneck, backward states where you belong.

  • Mike Arnold

    Just goes to show your ignorance, Do you not realize that between Osama care and amnesty you job is on the line, I.R.S. will tag your employer 5,000 dollars per legal U.S. resident hired over the legalized aliens, on top of that the r i p as they are calling them don’t qualify for Osama care so employers are given yet another incentive to hire the people who came to this country as they don’t have to provide health care coverage for them saving them that much more money are you ready to lose your job to someone that stole their way into the country stealing jobs from Americans , oh yeah one last thing is that you want living wage jobs amnesty are going to drive wages down. Your ignorance shows in your statements.

  • RedSoloCup

    What does the koolaid taste like?

  • RedSoloCup

    She is the true definition of a “low info voter”

  • RedSoloCup

    I wonder how much pot was consumed during the making of this video?

  • RedSoloCup

    Just like Illinois, where I am originally from. Once you get outside of the hell holes known as Chicago and East Saint Louis it is a very normal state.

  • NinJane

    My job is not on the line, thanks for the concern. I don’t see too many “illegals” or soon to be “legals” busting down the door at the dental office I work at trying to perform periodontal scaling and root planing. Sorry, you probably don’t know what that is, goes to show your ignorance.
    People who use Fox News as their primary source of political knowledge are suckers. I hope your brain feels squeaky clean, because it has been scrubbed to the core.

  • NinJane

    Probably similar to Rush Limbaugh’s asshole, you know, what you eat for breakfast every morning.

  • NinJane

    I KNEW you were a lame midwesterner! Get an original thought, please!

  • coreyr1

    $3.2 million worth.

  • coreyr1

    Do you really think “NinJane” HAS A JOB?

  • coreyr1

    Do any of your “jobs” actually pay a salary? Other than in pot I mean.

  • coreyr1

    Like the comment said, “aimed at toddlers”

  • Ninjadaddy

    You are full of shit lady.. keep your hippie head buried..cuz you missed the first time the world passed you by..As for your “jobs” doubt you know what a real job is..if you had 3 REAL jobs..you wouldn’t have time for this..I’ve been there.. I own 4 llc’s..you don’t know what you’re talking about..you may not feel that your job is in jeopardy.. but your boss knows..keep lying..it does not change the facts…there is a term in nature for beings such as yourself..when things go downhill for our society.. when you are stuck in a lawless area..when you have no computer to hide behind..no one to help you find your cumbyah…PREY!!

  • Ninjadaddy

    Well…I’m sure he has many…you haven’t had any!! Since the 60’s….or you stole their’s..depends on how old you are…but you are as original as Nancy “crusty, drunk cunt” Pelosy….you probably have the same plastic surgeon.. lol..

  • Dale Nye

    And you are exactly the low information person that would vote for Obama and think Obamacare is the best thing ever. Pretty sure you have never read the bill for yourself judging from your comments. I get the commercial, a waste of my tax dollars to get low information people like you on board for the destruction of our country and health care.

  • Dezri Dean

    Another 3.2 Million dollars wasted.

  • CoquilleNative

    I know Laura Gibson. What makes you think that drugs had to be used to make this video?? This type of indie music is a big part of Portland. She is an amaing song artist and has traveled the world with it. I’m pretty sure that IS her “real job”.

  • BH206L3

    I swear to god if you don’t own property and pay taxes you should never be allowed to vote till you do. Its getting to the point were the ones that don’t pay any taxes or own any property will be able to vote themselves all kinds of things since somebody else will pay the bill.

  • woof

    $3.2 million for that?

  • bfreeordie

    I’m on my way out sweetheart. Taking my family, our business and our high paying manufacturing jobs with us to Scottsdale, Arizona. This commercial is just the cherry on top of this nut case state. Have fun selling each other fancy burritos, your service economy will implode at some point.

  • Marie

    Meanwhile, my cousin has been out of work for more than two years in Oregon and considering moving into a storage unit because he doesn’t own a car…. Yes, Oregon’s great.

  • pppPerryandtheMETS

    What a waste of money, and I guarantee few if any young people will get what this commercial is saying. It’s certainly not going to make hem sign up.

  • LuCha

    The big O is doomed.

  • Caleb

    I didn’t realize the Willamette Valley was even self aware let alone had the ability to think on its own. Amazing!

  • Tommy Whitley

    Sometimes I think that people like you ACTUALLY believe that liberalism is sustainable. Do you REALLY believe that MOST other people believe they should work hard JUST to support all of those who would rather mooch off the taxpayers? Do you REALLY believe that MOST taxpayers, the people who are responsible that we even HAVE a government, believe that so many people should be able to turn down a job because they can get more money from us taxpayers by NOT making an honest living? Do you REALLY believe that the taxpayers enjoy our government encouraging single women to have more and more babies by different “baby daddy” just so they can get more of the taxpayers money which causes a very large percentage of our nations problems in so many areas…crime, education and health care? Surely you have a tidbit of common sense left. Use it for a split second and honestly answer that question! It’s time for our representatives to talk about the REAL issues instead of encouraging more of the same issues by continuing to raise taxes.

  • AngryCountryBoy

    It’s working to Gov’t specs- #NotWorking = BigSurprise!