Spin, Facebook next steps for Oregon’s $9.9 million Obamacare ad campaign

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Spin, social media part of $9.9 million Obamacare ad campaign in Oregon

Spin, social media part of $9.9 million Obamacare ad campaign in Oregon

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog


Already have that new Oregon Obamacare TV ad stuck in your head?

Get ready for more. That was just the first of a months-long ad campaign heading to the opening of enrollment in the health exchange program in October. Cover Oregon, the state agency set up in Oregon to implement Obamacare, has awarded a $9.9 million contract to North, Inc., a Portland advertising agency.

You’ve probably already seen a couple examples of what the first $3.2 million went to, catchy commercials that get stuck in your head and say little about what the program is all about. Northwest Watchdog obtained a copy of Cover Oregon’s contract with North that shows the next step is some social media blitzing. So keep an eye on you Facebook wall. North has a subcontract with Metropolitan Group, according to Cover Oregon officials, and that contract was not available.

The advertising agency is also being used to help Cover Oregon shape its story. According to the contract, the advertising agency is supposed to help them consistently tell the story of the Cover Oregon and to help with message development: typical public relations spin.

Marching orders include “uses editorial placements to establish third-party credibility and support for Cover Oregon as a state and community benefit, and as an innovative approach to health coverage,” among others. See the full contract here.

The health exchange opens for enrollment in October and officials say they expect 217,000 participants in 2014. Oregon has 12 insurance carriers signed up to sell in the individual market and eight in the small employer market.

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Shelby formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Anon

    Do young adults value health insurance? The answer is yes, but it has always been un-affordable and this law makes it drastically worse. I am a healthy young male who could not /can’t afford health insurance, between student loan debts, car payments, rent and an almost maxed out credit card there is no excess to go around, yet I make more than the minimum amount where the govt will provide subsidies. Now that Obamacare has been implemented I find that health insurance prices are almost doubled from what they were previously. Do they actually think I will be putting the premiums on my credit card? The only option I have is to continue go without insurance and make sure my tax withholding always just barely covers what I will owe in normal taxes, to avoid the IRS health care penalty. There is no other way to survive this thing. The law is a complete disappointment.

    The idea that a Facebook or NFL advert is going to suddenly encourage young people to borrow three grand to pay these premiums (year after year) is as naive as thinking businesses will rush to insure employees working more than 30 hours a week. I guess this is a train wreck, when the locomotive stops all the other cars pile up behind it and no one can stop the chain reaction.

  • RRStubbs

    Insuring the young is not about healthcare, it is about taking your hard earned money to pay the other guys bill. For example, the elderly, the homeless, the illegals and etc. Just like Social Security, the young pay for something they don’t need and don’t want. You could use your money for other purposes that you choose. Maybe new shoes for the kids, a six pack of good beer, a hunting trip, a make over at the salon, a good book &etc. Between Income Taxes, Healthcare, Social Security, Fees, Fines and Union Dues you have less than half what you should have for take home pay. That is what you get when you vote for Democrats.

  • Pepper

    Anon: Did you as a young adult get your HOPE & CHANGE?