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Texas rep says impeachment letter was doctored

By   /   July 17, 2013  /   6 Comments

NOT ME: Letter from Rep. Kenny Marchant sympathetic to impeachment was doctored, his office said.

By Jon Cassidy | Watchdog.org

HOUSTON – A pro-impeachment letter written by a congressman that has shown up on tea party and birther websites recently is not legitimate, according to his office.

A July 8 letter apparently signed by U.S. Rep. Kenny Marchant, R–Texas, which expresses sympathy with a constituent calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, has been turning up on tea party-oriented sites and conservative message boards over the last 10 days.

After repeated mentions of impeachment, the letter cites “investigations underway in the House, the Senate, and at the FBI” regarding multiple recent administration scandals. “I am involved with and support these investigations…in order to hold them accountable. Namely, the President is under the most scrutiny and will have to face the truth of what we know to be fact in the many investigations.”

Aside from the giveaway illiterate phrasing, the paragraph is in boldface and highlighted.

“The letter floating around there was indeed altered from its original text and doctored-up,” Marchant’s legislative director, Scott Cunningham, wrote in an email. “We do not know who did this.”

The sites credit the letter to a poster using the name Dougster on a birther website called ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com.


Jon Cassidy was a former Houston-based reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Masterduff

    What does the original say?

  • Jon Cassidy

    You can take a look at the doctored version in the link above and take a good guess. I asked Marchant’s office the same question a little while ago but haven’t heard back. Will update if I do.

  • Jim

    The original says “you people are nuts…leave me alone!” 😀

  • ★FALCON★

    I post with dougster at Birther Report/ObamaReleaseYourRecords – and would like to know exactly what happened in this instance.

    Anyway – here is a link to the thread on the issue.


  • ★FALCON★

    Here’s a duplicate post I made at Birther Report on this issue. There are TWO letters, see for yourself, Watchdog. How did that get by you?

    Regarding yesterday’s posts on the letter from Congressman Marchant. I
    have placed a call to Scott Cunningham. And after I placed the call – I
    noticed something interesting on the letters.

    If you look at this letter – http://cdn.freedomoutpost.com/wp-content/uploads/… The telephone number is 202-225-6605.

    On this letter – http://fellowshipofminds.files.wordpress.com/2013… the number is 202-225-6606 – I called this number thinking all the letters had the same headers. This number goes directly to Scott Cunningham.

    At first I didn’t notice the difference, until I hit Ctrl and the plus
    key to enlarge the image and discovered there are two differing headers.
    One header has the main number and the other header has the direct
    number to Scott Cunningham. Have a look for yourselves. The rest of both
    letters are consistent, yet they both have differing phone numbers for
    the Washington office.

  • I just did an Internet Article on this, and I went ahead and made a guess about what I the original would look like.


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter