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University of Northern Virginia forced to close, leaving students in limbo

By   /   July 17, 2013  /   News  /   69 Comments

By Bre Payton | Watchdog.org, Virginia Bureau

UNACCREDITED: The University of Northern Virginia expects to be forced to close any day.

ALEXANDRIA —The University of Northern Virginia should soon receive a cease and desist letter forcing the campus to close immediately, leaving students unsure if their credits are transferable.

The State Council for Higher Education in Virginia revoked the university’s license to operate Tuesday based on the school’s inability to regain accreditation.

The school is now being forced to refund students tuition the school has already collected for the fall semester by tapping into a $915,380 deposit the council required of the school, said Sylvia Rosa-Casanova, SCHEV’s director for private and out-of-state postsecondary education.

“Until we know the number of students and the type of students attending we don’t know what happens step by step,” Rosa-Casanova said.

The school is also required to store student records and provide transcripts for those seeking to transfer. The impact on students is unknown at this point, Rosa-Casanova said.

“Because it’s unaccredited we don’t know that any institution would accept these students,” she said.

The university lost its accreditation with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools in 2008 after the council audited the school in 2007 and found three items of noncompliance.

Shortly after the audit, a legal battle over who owned the school ensued. Daniel Ho, one of the individuals claiming ownership, moved the location of the campus and sued the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program for removing him as Principal Designated School Official of the UNVA.

The university requested it be allowed to operate while attempting to regain accreditation by December 2010. When this goal wasn’t met, the council audited the school again and found several deficiencies.

ICE agents raided the university in 2011 and seized records for an investigation regarding foreign students studying in the U.S. on an F1 visa. ICE found that the school’s records were not sufficient.

After another audit and fact-finding conference, the council notified the university that it would revoke its license to operate. The university then entered into a consent agreement based on its ability to gain candidacy by an accredited board by June 1, 2013, and removed Ho’s financial interest in the school.

After the school failed to attain candidacy for accreditation by that deadline, the council revoked the school of its license to operate at its July meeting.

Related: University of Northern Virginia had a history of accreditation problems. 

Bre Payton is an intern for the Virginia Bureau of Watchdog.org. Contact her at [email protected]


Bre formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.og.org

  • JoeF

    This was long overdue!

  • crazydude

    is this news yet? where did you get the info from?

  • rahul412

    Did you read it completely, it clearly says that they got it from “Sylvia Rosa-Casanova”
    Director, Private and Out-of-State Postsecondary Education at State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

  • honeymade

    What about the students then?

  • Adi

    What does long overdue mean???
    Is that the old news or the latest news

  • JoeF

    This “university” is not accredited, so anybody who signed up with them knew that it is fake.
    If some people decided to waste their money with a fake university, they deserve what they got.

  • JoeF

    The closure was long overdue.
    This institution is not accredited, and was even raided by ICE.
    Virginia has been very lax with such frauds.

  • Student

    It’s a fake news

  • rahul412

    If they are lucky, then they can get their credits transferred to some univ. But these credits are useless.

  • JoeF

    What makes you think that?

    It was on the SCHEV agenda for July 15-16, see http://www.schev.edu/council/AgendaBookIndex.asp , and while the minutes aren’t out yet, the agenda item makes it clear that certification revocation was recommended. And the wording on the item is very strong. Further, UNVA can’t appeal it.
    The writer of this article obviously was at the SCHEV meeting. There is no reason to doubt this article.

  • student2

    what about the students who are in OPT status?…

  • JoeF

    There is no “OPT status.” OPT is part of the F1. With the closure of this fraud, that’s all gone.
    And every foreigner who enrolled at this fraud knew that it is a fraud, at least since the ICE raid.
    The people who didn’t want to listen deserve what they get.

  • matt

    in the SCHEV agenda book nothing is mentioned about terminating student SEVIS. It was only mentioned that UNVA should make arrangements for the transfer of the academic and financial records of all students to the Council within 30 days of the closure or (ii) with the approval of the Council, ensure preservation of the academic and financial records of all students by entering an agreement with another school.

  • crazydude

    yes this is what i was also wondering about!

  • JoeF

    If the school is closed, there is no SEVIS for the school anymore.

    For SEVIS, a school has to be open.

    Of course it’s not mentioned there, because SEVIS is part of ICE, not of the State of Virginia.

    But SEVIS is automatically gone if the school doesn’t exist anymore.
    You guys never give up, eh? Anybody with a brain would have left this fraud long ago. It was only a matter of time when this fraud would go under.

  • JoeF

    Oh, and remember TVU? TVU SEVIS was gone as soon as that fraud was shut down. In the TVU case, ICE raid and California revoking the “schools” license came at the same day.
    So, prepare to leave the country. SEVIS is gone, the F1 is gone, OPT is gone, CPT is gone.

  • disqus_TZwmIwpSB5

    They need to go home if they have no other status to change to.

    There is no sympathy for those who have abused the US educational visa.

  • Akhil

    how come every foreigner knows this except US govt.
    Why do students get visas who enrolled for this university.

    First place, students who say that they are going to these kind of schools should not be given F1 Visas. They spend a lot and come here and endup returning.

  • JoeF

    First, for an F1, the person has to show the intent to return to his or her home country.
    Second, the law allows to get an F1 even for a non-accredited institution. The Federal Government is to blame for that when they enacted this legislation after 9/11. The institution has a higher burden to get permission to accept F1 students, and in some cases (like TVU and Herguan in California), the submitted paperwork seems to have been fraudulent.
    In any case, there is always common sense…
    Having said that, there are a few other such fake “universities”, in particular in Virginia and California, where the state rules are very lax. Here, SCHEV was very lenient, allowing this fraud to operate for way too long.
    The “Chronicle of Higher Education” had a great investigative article on these frauds back in 2011: https://chronicle.com/article/Little-Known-Colleges-Exploit/126822/ and UNVA was prominently featured there.

  • Student

    Dont worry…Your kids will have the similar problem with the future …you will regret…Try to have some sympathy…

  • JoeF

    The foreigners who signed up with this fraud just wanted a cheap work permit. Such abuse of the rules is always a bad idea, and can result in deportation and a lifelong ban.
    UNVA was called “TVU Version 2.0” for a reason. And given the attention the TVU case received in particular in India, up to the government level, nobody can claim that they were surprised.
    If people want to study in the US, they need to sign up with legitimate universities, e.g., public universities.
    And finally, being arrogant doesn’t help you. It only shows your immaturity.

  • Random Dude

    You seem to have a lot of time at your disposal and you are always online in every immigration-related forum on the surface of the Earth. Why don’t you get yourself a job and do yourself a favor?

  • WtF

    JoeF do remember, you are a immigration attorney from MF Forum.. Helping foreigners and feeding on them..

  • Random Dude

    Na, this JoeF is not an attorney. He googles around, gets the information from other sources online, and pretends to be a smart ass with his comments. More often than not, his posts are negative and discouraging (mind you, there may be some truth in his posts) but the worst part is he seems to derive sadistic pleasure through such posts.

  • JoeF

    I am not a lawyer. I am just a software developer. But I know a few things about this stuff…

  • JoeF

    Ahh, the usual stuff from visa abusers…
    I have a job, a very well-paying one.
    And if you had actually read my posts over the years, you would know that.
    But you are just a troll.

  • JoeF

    My posts are actually helpful. Lots of people stayed away from frauds like TVU and UNVA because of my posts, for example.
    But trolls like you will never get that.
    Get lost.

  • Murthy F Joe


    According to the above article.. SCHEV(State Council of higher education of Virginia) doesnt have any right to withdraw SEVP.
    DHS has only right to cancel SEVP of an institution,

    If the DHS acts to fully withdraw the institution’s SEVP certification, students will immediately lose their authorization to study in the United States.

    DHS has asked UNVA to withdraw SEVP, but UNVA has appealed its actions toward DHS. A final resolution may take months to reach

    SCHEV is revoking its license with UNVA, as it failed to attain the accreditation with in JUNE 2013 dead line.

    I repeat if SEVP is withdrawn then everyone will be in trouble.

  • Random Dude

    I pity whoever hired you and paying you because by spending all your office hours in doing what you are not hired for, you are equal to steeling your employer’s money. How did you miss that? On another note, no productive person gives a rats ass what you posted over the years. I just knew from you name as it sounded familiar that you have no life away from your computer, spend all your time online posting your crap. Go get a life. Ba bye.

  • JoeF

    Please do NOT use that handle. Trying to impersonate me (I post on the Murthy.com forum under JoeF) is a bad bad bad idea.
    Of course SCHEV can’t withdraw SEVP. SEVP is part of ICE.
    But, SEVP is gone automatically when the school closes.
    There is no DSO anymore at that point, and for SEVP, there has to be a DSO.
    So, SEVP is gone when this fraud closes.
    And btw, that advisory you link to is from 2011, and was issued because of the ICE raid on UNVA. It has absolutely nothing to do with the current situation.

  • JoeF

    I am very productive.
    And you should concentrate on your future, not on mine.
    Now get lost, troll.

  • JoeF

    Oh, and I suggest you invest in a dictionary. You need it, troll…

  • Praveen

    Just spoke with virigina council, UNVA is not supposed to conduct any classes from July 16th tuesday.
    If the students, who are not graduated..can get there money refund, they need to apply for this process to virginia council.

    And for the people who are on OPT, OPT Extension.. you guys need to talk with DHS or USCIS to know about your status.

  • JoeF

    That’s pretty much what I expected.

  • Student

    Hey you reply to each and every post. How could you do this all the day?? Hope you post the right things.

    I pray this ends in a good way!

  • JoeF

    Posting is quick.
    And in years of posting on immigration forums, there rarely is something that I get wrong.

    From the facts here, it is clear that UNVA is closed. They can’t appeal the decision, since they have waived that right in earlier agreements with SCHEV.
    They have a history of being sue-happy, they sued their former accreditor, ASICS, SEVP, etc. But it looks as if SCHEV has a watertight case.

    As for people on F1, and that includes people who use OPT or CPT, with the closure of the school, the F1 becomes invalid. That’s also pretty clear. Now, if ICE comes up with some grace period stuff, I obviously don’t know.

    Clear is also that because UNVA was not accredited, people can not transfer to other universities. Some university may allow people to enroll for a degree program from scratch, but credits can’t be transferred because of the lack of accreditation of UNVA. That is pretty much the same kind of situation people at TVU found themselves in after the raid and closure of TVU. And after the ICE raid on UNVA, lots of people, estimates were about half of the UNVA student population, either left the country or started over at real schools. It is not quite clear how many students UNVA still had.

    So, for all the people who attack me, if they are UNVA students, they should rather make preparations to either leave the country or find a real university. Discussing their situation with a good immigration lawyer would be the best idea (I am sure some of the trolls will distort this advice to accuse me of being a shill for lawyers…)

  • crazy dude

    whom to blame when the united states government has allowed on the VISA and i-20 part, where were these stupid rules back then. students come from different parts of the world, they dint knew this was a fraud. there are many genuine students ( me being one of them ) who dint work during study for the cheap money you mentioned. we never knew this university was a fraud ( 99.9% of students came here to the best universities and took a transfer to UNVA for several reasons. if you were a student from abroad, and applied to USA would you know that there are also some fraud universities running in USA, the so called no-corruption bling. so imagine yourself in some other’s boots and try to help them instead of trolling in here. Do you even know how many a+ smart students are trapped in this university because Govt. dint take any action when the accreditation was revoked?… considering yourself productive…. do you think who came from india are not productive… go and check in the mirror… we are not hesitant to go back to our mother country.. the only point bothers us is that, we spent a lot of money on higher studies and three years of life ( in return not even a degree was achieved ). So think just once before you thrown heavy words on students. If you cant help them, you have the option to remain calm.

  • JoeF

    Sigh. These same bad arguments were made when TVU was raided and closed, and they were also made when UNVA was raided.
    They don’t become any more valid by repeating them.

    It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to make sure that the student follows all the rules.
    All the students are adults. And EVERYBODY who signed up with a fraud like UNVA knew it was a fraud.

    I help people by telling them to NOT sign up with such a fraud. If THEY don’t want to listen, it is THEIR problem. THEY have to bear the responsibility of getting deported!
    People have been WARNED for several years to avoid frauds like TVU and UNVA. That’s all people like me can do. It is up to the people to NOT sign up with such frauds!
    After TVU, there is ABSOLUTELY NO excuse to still be with a fraud like UNVA!

    Geez. Some people apparently want to experience first-hand how a deportation cell looks from the inside.

    As an adult, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY of your actions!
    And stop trying to blame the messenger! It is YOUR fault and YOUR fault alone if you are still with this fraud!

  • Crazy dude

    if you are walking on a street, and somebody shot you, I AM TELLING you, you are the only person responsible for your death.

    This is how you talk. eh?

  • JoeF

    Huh? You are not making any sense.
    This is not about some random shooting.
    This is about YOU DELIBERATELY CHOOSING to sign up with a KNOWN FRAUD!
    You made the decision to sign up with this fraud. Nobody forced you to.
    And that this is a fraud has been discussed all over the Internet, including in Indian newspapers, since the ICE raid in 2011.
    It takes 5 seconds of a Google search to find that. Are you really trying to tell us that you are coming to the US without even checking once where you are going to???
    The bottom line: You knew very well what you signed up for. You gambled with your future, and you lost!

  • JoeF

    Here is an article in the Times of India after the 2011 ICE raid: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-07-29/us/29829053_1_visa-fraud-tri-valley-case-foreign-students
    Lots and lots of similar articles out there on the Internet.
    You just didn’t want to look. That’s biting you now.
    And trying to blame the messenger is not going to help you. It only makes you look silly, like a little child.
    You knew you broke the rules. Take responsibility of your actions.
    UNVA is gone, your F1 is gone. It’s as simple as that. No amount of trying to attack me or anybody else changes that. You brought this all on yourself.

  • morecleaverthanyou

    I see you hate all foreign people dude, but this country is created by them, so just admit it don’t act like a stupid bastard. Who knew it was fake? When you sign up for it you coming from another country without any knowledge and when you find out by experience you are already spent 1000s of dollars to transfer and loose all the credits so you say, Im gonna graduate from here.

  • hatersgonnhate

    Because he wanna see you going back and now he’s happy that this happened to us, yeah dude jealous us, we pay 3 times more than you but we can afford to live and pay school and hangout with his blue eyed and blonde girls if you know what I mean, so yeah this dude have right to jealous and hate us haha. Keep wishing that they’ll send us back home, I am going to transfer dude and get my diploma and start earning more than you 😉 And of course keep hanging out with that beauties

  • JoeF

    You obviously have a great imagination. Become a movie script writer…

    I support immigration. I want more immigration.
    I do expect that people stay away from frauds like this fake university.

    Are you really so stupid to sign up with some unknown university without checking it for 5 seconds on Google??? If that’s how you do things, then sorry, you are not college material.

    The bottom line is that every single person who signed up with this fraud knew from the beginning that it is a fraud.
    And after the TVU raid, there really is absolutely no excuse to sign up with such a fraud anymore. This stuff was in every Indian newspaper, it was discussed in the Indian parliament, it was discussed at the highest Indian government level, the foreign minister discussed it with the US Secretary of State.

    It is YOU and YOUR ilk who tried to abuse the system. You gambled with your future in the US, out of greed, nothing more. And you lost.
    Your F1 is gone, you have to go back to your home country. And next time, if there is a next time for you, follow the laws!
    And now get lost, troll.

  • JoeF

    LOL. The trolls are out in force today.

    You abused the system.
    You paid for a fraud. If you do that all the time, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell…
    You are nothing more than an uneducated troll.
    Educated people would go to a real university, not to some fraud.
    Of course, all you fraudsters are now going back to your home country. You could have burned your money and would have been better off.
    Trying to shoot the messenger never works. It only makes you look silly, like the little child you are.
    You are obviously not college material.

  • JoeF

    Have you not read this: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-01-31/us/28374828_1_student-visa-indian-students-tri-valley-university
    After the TVU raid???
    Some of my posts from before the raid, where I warned people about the fraud, told people to stay away from such frauds, were quoted there, and also an answer, the only honest answer I had seen:
    “In no time, there were red flags galore. “TVU is NOT accredited, so you can NOT get a degree from them. Any ‘degree’ they issue is worthless,” wrote one forum member on May 19. “If you use a ‘degree’ from them for
    any immigration purpose, it would be fraud. You can also NOT use OPT or CPT from them. Any such use would be fraud.” Unperturbed, the inquirer wrote back: “the degrees are worthless, but i thought that its enough to get CPT.”
    Getting CPT, getting a cheap work permit, was all what it was about. And that’s the same with UNVA. And you and all these troll who try to attack me know it.
    Abuse of the F1 rules. That will result in you never being able to come back to the US. Good riddance.

  • JoeF

    All these people who try to attack me, they actually should have listened to me two years ago when I told them to get out of the UNVA fraud.
    They decided not to listen and continue with this fraud.
    They actually should beat themselves over the head for not listening to me…
    Of course, that won’t happen, because they are obviously incapable of reflecting on their actions and taking responsibility for their actions. It is easier to whine online and attack the messenger. They have never grown up, and are not college material.

  • TYS99

    I don’t understand why so many people attack JoeF. This is my first time to be here, and I read the article and all comments, and I didn’t see any bad intention from JoeF, I think he/she is a well-intentioned want to help you stay away from these troubles, before they occur. I also believe the real reason for most of students choosing this kind of school is because its lower level entrance, and they all know it is not an accredited school as well, but just as JoeF said, they wanted to gamble, and since you want to gamble, you have to understand some time you can win a little bit, and most of gamble are lose. So be fair to JoeF, I support JoeF, and people should appreciate his/her advice.

  • hepsiba2229

    UNVA students must immediately depart the country if they are unable
    to continue to attend classes and maintain their active status in a
    manner required by the regulation or if they are unable or do not wish
    to seek transfer to another SEVP-certified institution.

    Nonimmigrant students who have questions about their options should
    contact their Designated School Official or call the SEVP Response
    Center (SRC) at (703) 603-3400. This number is staffed from 7:00 a.m.
    to 5:00 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday. At other times, students may
    leave a message and an SEVP representative will return their call within
    24 hours.

  • hepsiba2229

    Listen, guys/girls,

    You can opt to ignore JoeF. While he may have some valid points, they are of no importance at this juncture.

    You should contact the ICE number I supplied and speak with them directly. If you came here under false pretenses, I have little sympathy for you…not trying to be cruel or mean…howbeit, I know there are probably a few students who enrolled here under some sense that this university would turn around…sadly, this private university did not. there are other accredited private universities who have strong academia records and zero infractions with ACICS…of course as well as many public universities.

    Do yourself a service and stop communicating with people like JoeF… it will get you nowhere and only feed his ego…do your own work, call the number here and try to contact as many other universities as you can to see how they may be willing to help.

    A friend of mine, who prefers I do not mention her name or the actual university she is transferring to…has been accepted at another university in Kansas (found credit worthy by the DOE, and accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and The Higher Learning Commission).

    She did however lose about half of her credits (all her major credits and some of her minor), but not all of them.

  • JoeF

    You know, this is pretty much what I have told these smae people 2 years ago after UNVA was raided by ICE. These people just don’t want to listen.

    Fact is that no reputable real university will accept credits from UNVA. This has been going on for too long, When UNVA lost accreditation in 2008, it may have been possible to still transfer some credits. Now, and after the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that I linked to in one of my posts, not a chance. The Chronicle is required reading for every university administrator. They all know about these frauds now.

    Fact is also that I warned about this and other frauds on numerous immigration-related forums, way back before TVU was raided. People attacked me then, with the same bogus arguments I am seeing here. Nothing has changed. These people tried to cheat their way into a job in the US, and they attack anybody who tells them that it is a wrong thing.

    This has nothing to do with my ego. My ego is fed when people thank me for helping them to avoid these frauds. That happened quite a bit after the TVU raid and closure. I helped a number of people make the right decisions to avoid these frauds. THAT’S feeding my ego.
    These trolls here who attack me, I only feel sad about them. They destroyed their lives. They could have had a chance to turn things around if they had listened to me 2 years ago. Now, it is most likely too late for them. My life goes on. I will continue to post on immigration-related forums, about all kinds of visa issues. The lives of these guys as they knew them will be over.

  • JoeF

    They can’t continue to attend classes when the institution is closed.
    At that point, there isn’t really a Designated School Official any more, either.
    Basically, the F1 is gone, and with it things like OPT and CPT, so people who work on OPT or CPT will have to stop working.
    The F1 usually has a grace period of 60 days, but that’s after graduating. If people don’t graduate (and they can’t here anymore), there is no grace period, and people would be out of status.
    What all these people should do, instead of trying to attack or badmouth me, should be contacting a good immigration lawyer.
    Even calling SEVP without having talked to a lawyer before may be a bad idea. They may get a NTA, a “Notice to Appear”, which is the beginning of a deportation process…

  • JoeF

    Oh, and if you want to check how I was attacked 2 years ago, after the ICE raid on UNVA, by the same kinds of people, some obviously employees of UNVA, check this out:
    Nothing has changed. The people who signed up with this fraud hang on to the bitter end. They are obviously not capable of learning.

  • JoeF

    And let me repost one of my posts from that discussion:
    ““Nothing changes my opinion about student who are attending lectures
    regularly and following F1 status rules. They deserve rights to a proper

    And such people can transfer to a real, accredited university.
    If they believe they can take their credits with them, they are
    delusional, though. And that has nothing to do with F1, but with the
    fact that UNVA is not accredited.
    No real, accredited university will accept credits from non-accredited
    institutions. The only very rare exceptions I found had to do with
    religious studies (which is a whole different cesspool, one that TVU
    originally tried to tie itself to…)
    The right education means going to accredited universities. And CPT is
    very rare at legitimate universities. It is incidental to the classes,
    and not advertised to foreign students. Any kind of advertisement of CPT is a red flag, an indication that the institution is shady. Not being
    accredited exacerbates that. Claiming to be “accredited” by a fake
    accreditation agency, as UNVA did on their website until a week ago
    exacerbates it further. Claiming to “follow all the laws”, as UNVA
    students do here and elsewhere, also exacerbates it. People from the
    University of California, people from MIT, people from University of
    Michigan, people from SUNY (State University of New York), people from
    Johns Hopkins, to just name a few universities, have no need to claim
    that their institution follows the laws. Loud shouting of “I follow the
    law” is a common tactic of some public figures, with the fall inevitably
    coming soon after.
    If UNVA gets a “probationary period” or not is pretty much irrelevant.
    As long as they are not accredited, as long as they advertise CPT, as
    long as they have foreign students living outside of normal commuting
    range, they are shady and need to be avoided. They would have to change their business model completely, by not advertising CPT, for example.
    But then, why would people want to sign up with them? If there is no
    “advantage” by getting fake CPT, why would people sign up with a
    non-accredited institution? People then would be more likely to go to
    real, accredited universities, where they can actually use the degree.
    So, one way or the other, UNVA is doomed. UNVA exploiting loopholes in
    the SEVP laws worked somewhat until TVU got raided. As I’ve said lots of times, Ms. Su of TVU, her greed, killed CPT. In fact, DSOs at real
    universities nowadays openly say that they won’t approve any CPT
    anymore. See some of the comments in the numerous articles following the March “Chronicle” article.”

    Way back in August 2011 I predicted that UNVA is doomed. It took a bit longer than I expected, and it wasn’t ICE that felled it, but SCHEV. As the SCHEV documents show, they were very lenient on UNVA, it should have been closed at least a year earlier, but they gave UNVA another year, because UNVA agreed not to appeal a decision. But anyway, it was inevitable to anybody who observed the landscape in 2011.
    Other private for-profit institutions, even accredited ones, are under fire as well. The Massachusetts AG is investigating some for-profit schools, University of Phoenix, probably the biggest for-profit school, is closing half of their campuses, etc. etc. Chancellor university, another for-profit institution, formerly Myers University, in Ohio, which Mr. Ho of UNVA tried to buy in 2007 to get it’s accreditation is closing this August… and so on and so on.

    The best option for anybody looking to study in the US is a public university (legitimate private universities like Stanford are probably out of the question for most people.)

  • Bobby Blair

    Did they have a football team?

  • jay

    Hi Guys,
    I’m also one of the victim of UNVA .The only reason I moved there because all of my Friends there in UNVA even though i have very good academics. I graduated from UNVA and I’m on opt extension now .I planned to travel out of country next week for Family emergency .Is that safe to travel in this situation ? Will there be any problem at Immigration ?I wanna be comeback to USA .Please share your views and suggestions.Thanks in adavance.


  • sunita
  • JoeF

    The letter sent from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
    to UNVA, ordering the immediate closure of UNVA, has been published now
    by the Chronicle of Higher Education:

  • JoeF

    The “Fighting Commuters”… More basketball, though…
    “If you never got to experience the thrill of a fraternity rush at the University of Northern Virginia, the electricity of a basketball game featuring the UNVA Fighting Commuters, or the silent satisfaction of having your F-1 visa application validated, your opportunities are gone. (If they were ever there.)”
    There is a rush of news articles about the closure of this fraud now, even from Consumer Affairs: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/virginia-shuts-down-private-university-catering-to-foreign-nationals-072313.html

  • JoeF

    SCHEV now has provided an advisory: http://www.schev.edu/students/UNVANotice.pdf

  • Ammini Nair

    Future colleages that will be under scanner is salvania university kentyaky there are 5000 students who are in danger Zone

  • Ammini Nair

    List of Indian students mafia list of colleages is itu, Sullivan university, mpu,Svu,and lot of colleages in eat

  • Ammini Nair


  • Ammini Nair

    Top best fraud indian student mafia colleages is ITu mpu Svu hgu west cost special coming to est info serve lot of colleages in nj and biggest fraud mafia students are in salvania university

  • Ammini Nair

    itu itu ,hgu

  • oleoleJoeF

    SO How much money do US government gets by issuing fraud visas, and taking 3 times fees than normal local resident, also giving business license to operate these universities is fraud before even controlling and checking accreditation? This government itself is fraud to allow anything against the LAW. Need to sue them first, taking advantage of educated, with big hearted, innocent people.

  • JoeF

    And more BS from a troll.
    Visa fees are very low and are less than what the government actually spends.
    As for tuition, that goes to the institution. UNVA made lots and lots of money because of st*pid people like you and the other trolls here who paid that money to the fraud.
    You could have burned your money and be better off, or given the money to charity, where it would have done some good. Instead, you guys bought some very expensive toilet paper (that’s what the “degree” from this fraud is…)
    EVERYBODY who signed up with UNVA or similar frauds KNEW that these were frauds. All you and the other trolls wanted was a cheap work permit.
    Don’t play the victim, because you aren’t a victim. You are complicit in the fraud. The victim card is over, since the TVU raid, 2 1/2 years ago.
    You gambled with your future. And that shows that you are clearly not college material.

  • Seo

    Omg I didn’t know UNVA is closed…But I need to credit verification for my CPA license…what should I do? how do I get credit verification? Please help me…

  • theoktorides

    you mean salvania university or sullivan university You mean they too are in chaos