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‘How Money Walks’: Map shows cash fleeing states with high taxes

By   /   July 19, 2013  /   News  /   10 Comments

WALKING AWAY FROM TAX HIKES: An interactive map of state migration patterns shows people take their money from high-tax states to low-tax states.

WALKING AWAY FROM TAX HIKES: An interactive map of state migration patterns shows people take their money from high-tax states to low-tax states.

By Rob Nikolewski | New Mexico Watchdog

Have you noticed more Californians coming to New Mexico?

Judging from a study of wealth migration, it’s not just a feeling you may have — it’s true.

A fascinating map showing the amount of money flowing from state to state called “How Money Walks” shows that $950.09 million in wealth moved from California to New Mexico in the span of 15 years.

And while New Mexico’s economy has been sluggish, according to the map’s figures, more money has come into the state from other states than has come out.

The map’s author, Travis H. Brown, tracked the millions of people in the U.S. who moved from state to state, taking with them more than $2 trillion in adjusted gross income. Brown says Americans are fleeing high-tax states and moving to states that offer lower taxes.

The big losers? New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey and Ohio.

The big gainers? Florida  won the most, with $86 billion coming its way. Other gainers were Arizona, Texas, North Carolina and Nevada.

Here’s where New Mexico gained wealth:

  • $950.09 million from California
  • $267.88 million from New York
  • $141.86 million from Illinois
  • $126.68 million from Michigan
  • $115.30 million from New Jersey

But the New Mexico also lost wealth:

  • $534.12 million from Texas
  • $459.64 million from Arizona
  • $357.79 million from Colorado
  • $98.12 million from Oregon
  • $87.50 million Nevada

Brown says his data comes from 15 years of statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service.

Here’s the interactive map. Just find a state and click on it to get the figures.

Now keep in mind the map shows money that’s moved from one state to another, but doesn’t look at the money created in a given state that stays in that state. But it’s still an intriguing measure to look at.

Here’s a CNBC interview with Brown discussing his findings.

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    I wish the libs from the high tax states would stay there and
    not ruin the free market in the low tax states. They have
    destroyed CA and IL. Obama and his bots are a clear and

    present danger to the economic health of the country.

  • daisy

    The problem with so many relocating is they bring their liberal beliefs with them and try to change everyone and everything. They are the least tolerant people on the planet!

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    They are like a human locust plague. Be prepared to fight. They start with the schools and poison everything up.

  • fr0thing

    Look what they did to Detroit. Be prepared to fight – it’s coming…

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    Leftwingwackos say “you don’t like what we do? Get lost!” And people listen to them loud and clear.

  • r

    Please FORWARD this info to Ohio lawmakers.

  • jon

    Liberals are not smart enough to realize it’s their own policy’s that drove them out of their home states and forced them to flee–they will just ruin where ever it is they move to!

  • xxx

    I’m surprised NH isn’t listed as a red state. When I
    left there in 2008, many homes were for sale
    because of the high property taxes. Granted,
    there is no sales tax, but now I would have to be
    taxed on spending $5,000 a month every month
    for one year, to equal the property taxes in the
    granite state.

  • Lokis

    Detroit is just a hiccup and will return to greatness thru another wave of immigration from Japanese companies and people fleeing from Fukushima – see the silver lining in disaster?

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