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Republican Terry on GOP list of endangered congressmen

By   /   July 22, 2013  /   9 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

OMAHA—It’s good news and bad news for Congressman Lee Terry.

The bad news: He doesn’t have an opponent yet but his own party is worried the eight-term incumbent won’t get reelected next year.

Congressman Lee Terry talks with constituent

Congressman Lee Terry talks with constituent

The good news: The last time the GOP was this worried about Terry, he won and won easily.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has added Terry to its list of endangered incumbents, according to Roll Call.

Earlier this year the NRCC put out the names of its top 11 potential losers; Terry and eight others were added to the “Patriot Program” Monday.

The goal-oriented program helps Members stay on offense and fully prepare for their re-election campaigns,” states the NRCC’s website. “The program helps to ensure that its members are ready to run well-funded and organized campaigns against their Democratic opponents.”

Terry won one of the country’s closet races last year, defeating Democrat John Ewing 51-49.

As Nebraska Watchdog first reported, Ewing will not challenge Terry in 2014. Democrats are still looking for someone to step-up.

In 2010 the NRCC also put Terry in the “Patriot Program.” He then went on to post one of his easiest wins ever over Democrat Tom White.

The head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Steve Israel,  recently told Nebraska Watchdog that 2010—when Democrats running for Congress, incumbents and challengers alike, went down in droves—was an “anomaly.”

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • George Jefferson

    By the end of the week more people in Nebraska’s 2nd District will know the name of the new royal baby than Lee Terry aka Terry Lee.

  • George Jefferson

    He’s not even milk toast.

  • chuck drew

    Just what’s with the Dems in NE anyway? Tom White is a JERK, Ewing is unelectable, so where is the mystery candidate?? I really think that if Jim Esch would have done the “3” is the charm thing, he would have beat Terry back then. Then again, older is wiser & if he’s cleaned up his act, he could beat Terry next time out. Of course having Rogers as his campaign manager didn’t help him in the least as the guy was clueless! So, seeing how voting women around NE have gotten some Huevos, think Stothert/Fischer, perhaps Sara Howard could knock Bimbo Lee out of his Welfare job in DC!!! She’s intelligent, a humanist & with a bit of Tempering, she could get Omaha & the 2nd. US, NE a real US Rep!!

  • Ricky Fulton

    Please please please somebody send this guy back to Millard.

  • Curious

    Ah what music to my ears. I cannot believe Omaha has had Rep Lee Terry in Congress all this time. I sat next to him one time on his flight returning to Omaha from Washington and let me tell you this man is the dumbest person I have encountered in my entire life. Omaha we must and can do better than this!

  • Mike

    Calling Democrats in Nebraska clueless would be a compliment. They rarely, if ever, bring an electable candidate to the table for the marquee elections. Last few governor elections, their candidates couldn’t have won election to county weed boards, let alone the highest office in the state. Problem is the same old GOP blowhards keep getting elected and re-elected and we are left with choosing between the same old GOP crap and incompetent Demo alternatives. Time to get the Libertarian party fired up in this state and put some REAL game-changers on the ballot.

  • BigIowa.com
  • Dave

    Ya know, I had forgotten Lee Terry was our representative! I remember he gave us his word that he would only serve one term. He has been like a lamb following the leadership ever since. At least Crazy Steve King gets in the news alot–I’m sure much to the shagrin of most of south-west iowa.
    Turn him out to pasture so he and his dad can talk about the old times.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Terry Lee Jr.: Evolutionary dead end heading towards extinction. This is what happens when you have a closed gene pool.