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Students at troubled VA school welcomed at another unaccredited college

By   /   July 23, 2013  /   News  /   26 Comments

By Bre Payton | Watchdog.org, Virginia Bureau

Another unaccredited school confirmed that they are accepting all UNVA credits that are transferable.

Another unaccredited school confirmed that they are accepting all UNVA credits that are transferable.

ALEXANDRIA — In the wake of the University of Northern Virginia’s closing last week, the Annadale school’s Facebook page was virtually devoid of interaction, save for the simple question every student was now asking.

“Is UNVA closing? what is going to happen to us?”

Students finally got the answer they were hoping for when page administrator and UNVA student Saim Turan announced that American College of Commerce and Technology would accept all UNVA students.

The catch? That school is also unaccredited.

ACCT has a certificate to operate from the State Council for Higher Education for Virginia, the same certificate that UNVA operated on without accreditation for six years. ACCT is now in the process of becoming accredited with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the same agency that accredited UNVA for four years.

In July 2011, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided UNVA as part of an investigation that alleged the school did not obtain proper authorization of the visas it offered to international students, among other charges.

ACCT President Bill Schipper said that of the three years his school has been open, last quarter was the first time the school enrolled students with F1 visas.

ACCT had about eight F1 students last semester, compared to UNVA’s push to recruit students from other countries.

UNVA offers an “American-style educational programs at the undergraduate, master and doctoral levels.”

The admissions tab on the homepage has a section titled “your responsibilities as an F1 student.”

Also advertised on the admissions page is the school’s proximity to “the capital of the United States,” and help for students who “need to improve their ability to communicate effectively in English.”

Schipper said ACCT is trying to help UNVA students who are “getting jerked around by the school and the eligibility for their F1 status.”

“Its like they walked them right off the plank of the pirate ship,” Schipper said.

Bre Payton is an intern for the Virginia Bureau of Watchdog.org. Contact her at [email protected]


Bre formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.og.org

  • JoeF

    People, in particular foreigners on F1, need to stay away from ALL unaccredited institutions. Signing up with an unaccredited institution, ANY unaccredited institution, only invites trouble.

    TVU, Herguan, UNVA. Now this one. People have gotten into trouble, up to getting ankle bracelets, and deportation, for signing up with such frauds.

  • JoeF

    BTW, that Facebook page is just this one guy’s personal page. It is not UNVA’s facebook page. Their FB page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/University-of-Northern-Virginia/173332839666 , which haven’t had any post since June 2012.

  • Well, those schools aren’t necessarily fraudulent, although I agree that their acceptability is limited and accredited options would make more sense in almost every case. And the trouble foreign students have gotten into is from ICE being out of control, not because the students were doing anything wrong.

  • JoeF

    Hmm, SEVIS came from Congress, the infamous PATRIOT Act…
    ICE raided UNVA in 2011, so every student by then knew that this was a fraud. All the students who are still with them are complicit in the fraud.
    At the time of the ICE raid, UNVA had over 2000 students. From news reports, it seems that number is down to under 500. So, a lot of people wised up.

    As for other unaccredited institutions, to be able to admit foreign students, they have to submit letters to ICE that at least 3 accredited institutions accept transfers. In at least two cases, TVU and Herguan in CA, ICE alleges that these letters were forged.
    Further, an institution, like UNVA AND ACCT, that doesn’t state on their website that they are not accredited, and instead tries to mislead people by touting the SCHEV certification as if it were a seal of approval, is a fraud by default.

  • Fraud is when you lie or when you fail to disclose truths you’re required to disclose. Saying you have SCHEV approval when you do is not a lie. Saying nothing about accreditation when you don’t have accreditation and (at least in Virginia) is not something for which there’s a requirement to disclose, is also not a lie.

  • JoeF

    It may not technically be a lie, but it is deception.
    And that makes it fraud in my book.
    I continue to assert that these institutions are fraudulent.

  • JoeF

    It may not technically be a lie, but it is deception. And that makes it fraud in my book.

    I stand by my statement that student, in particular foreigners, need to avoid ALL of these non-accredited institutions. I have not seen one of them that has been legitimate.

  • Fortunately your book and the law book are different, or else we’d have to guess about all sorts of disclosures to make sure we avoid “we know it when we see it” charges of fraud.

  • JoeF

    Well, that’s why ICE takes a very long time to actually shut such institutions down. They need time to collect evidence.
    And that’s actually also why your claim of “ICE being out of control” is rather inaccurate.
    They investigated in the TVU case for 2 years before they had enough evidence to shut it down. I called it before that, but of course, that was “just” my opinion. As ordinary citizen, I happen to be able to call BS when I see it.

    You may want to look at the documents in the lawsuits against the TVU founder Susan Su and the Herguan CEO Jerry Wang.

  • JoeF

    Mr. Foerster, I see you posted about UNVA way back in 2011 already, here: http://www.degreeinfo.com/general-distance-learning-discussions/19379-university-northern-virginia.html
    It seems that you have quite some bias against authorities.
    And of course you missed the mark by a mile there, just as you did here… The website Gawker, who uncovered the kinky chancellor story, doesn’t need the Feds to find this stuff. At that time, UNVA was already unaccredited for 3 years. Funny that you didn’t care about that…

  • Yes, they’re close to where I live, so I’ve been familiar with UNVA for some time, although I’ve never had any sort of relationship with them and have never recommended them. Anyway, if pointing out abuse of power is “bias against authorities”, then I suppose I’m guilty as charged.

    By the way, I expect at this point that no one else is reading our exchange, and frankly that’s boring, so you’re welcome to the last word.

  • JoeF

    Even if nobody else is reading this exchange now, it is available via search engines…
    You again missed the point. You allege “abuse of power” without any evidence. In other words, you chided me for using the word fraud here, while you are worse with throwing around big words. I have at least some evidence to back up my allegation of fraud, you have none.
    To me, you look somewhat like a UNVA supporter, i.e., a part of the problem, not a part of the solution.

  • Justintime

    Before rocks get thrown at any school in the metro area,
    Please look at Strayer and Stratford as well as these schools
    Stratford has had more facility changes and management changes than, a porcupine has needles and built itself into many campus locations.
    Strayer built a Taj Mahal on the Dulles toll – road with more staff than the Pentagon..

    What aCCT should have mentioned is the laborious process to get SEVIS
    authorization as well as Accreditation. These are not easy tasks. It took ACCT two years to get he SEVIS when it should take months
    So the real issue lies with the State and Federal government to see all things well

    UNVA had a great ride and many warnings. They should have been shut down
    long ago

  • JoeF

    Strayer and Stratford are pretty shady as well.
    And while the US needs more foreign students, it needs them at REAL universities, research universities like University of Virginia, UMich, the UC system, and other public universities or top-level private universities like Stanford (I always wondered if Stratford is named s to cause confusion with Stanford in the minds of foreign students…)

    The private so-called universities are only interested in money. They don’t care about the students.
    Why, for example, would ACCT even need SEVIS approval? Only because they want to milk international students who don’t know better. SEVIS approval is essentially a license to print money for these shady outfits. The TVU owner in California, for example, was able to go from broke to buying a $1.8M mansion in cash in less than 18 months, just from the fees her fraud charged.

    We don’t need a shady outfit like ACCT or UNVA luring people from abroad who aren’t looking to study, who aren’t even college material, who only want to work in violation of the immigration laws.

    We need more real international students at real universities, not at frauds like UNVA or ACCT, which seems to be eager to be just another UNVA.

  • Justintime

    I totally disagree there are schools that care for sure.
    When you say REAL you have got to be kidding !
    Overloading the F1 Students raises the prices for the US students
    as well. Besides the Foreign students in tier one and tier 2
    as well as IVY league get scholarships ahead of US students
    Let me tell you why ACCT needs Sevis ALL Schools need SEVIS
    moron ! It is part of the DHS system. The so-called real schools
    milk the crap out of foreigners by doing these school fairs abroad
    in China and other countries. I care less about TVU I do not know there background and will not take you post as doctrine.
    You have already slandered ACCT without actual proof shows your a condom. Some of these students were already in the USA and they went to transfer to ACCT or UNVA
    The fraud in the system is tenured professors who cannot be fired. As well asl the huge salaries paid to them and the
    barrage of increased tuition to teach fleas like you that
    the their schools are real. Maybe they are real but really
    a bunch of BS

  • JoeF

    Ahh, no arguments, and then you try ad hominem…

    It is obvious that you are one of these fraudsters who is defrauding foreign students.
    ACCT is very obviously the same kind of fraud as UNVA. And your incoherent rambling only shows that I am right.
    You fraudsters of course don’t like that people expose your fraud. Tough luck.
    Next time, I suggest trying a honest job.
    Get lost, fraudster.

  • JoeF

    And further, schools do NOT need SEVIS. You need to learn things.
    SEVIS is only needed to be able to admit foreign students.
    It is obvious that you are a clueless troll.
    And you don’t even know the difference between slander and libel, but that is to be expected from a moron like you.

  • JoeF

    It seems you admitted to bribing Senators and Congress offices.
    There are very well-known rules for SEVP approval for non-accredited institutions. You need to provide letters from 3 accredited institutions that accept credits from the non-accredited institution.
    Since you are obviously speaking for ACCT, please tell us the names of the 3 accredited institutions that accept credits from ACCT. If you can’t, you would show that you committed fraud.
    So, which is it?
    Put up or shut up.

  • Justintime

    I will not write my reply it would hurt your feelings

  • Justintime

    Just come out say who you are?

  • Justintime

    In reply to the post below that called these the REAL SCHOOLS

    And this past week, Princeton Review ranked the University of Iowa as the biggest party school in the country. That ran counter to data a university spokesman cited showing a decline in binge drinking—for instance, average drinks per person per session fell to a still-inebriated 5.92 from 7.43 in 2009.


    August 9, 2013, 2:21 p.m. ET

    Rank and Rile: Why Some Lists Prove Irksome


  • JoeF

    So, get accreditation. Until then, what you do is defrauding international students with your fake SEVIS approval.
    No accredited university accepts credits from your fraud. If that’s not true, tell us which institutions do.
    Until then, I am justified in calling your institution, ACCT, a fraud which got SEVIS approval by fraud.
    And yes, investors into a school would know that the important thing is accreditation. Every investor who does due diligence would know that. If your investors didn’t, well, then they threw away their money. I am sure they knew, though, and you promised them the license to print money by screwing over foreign students.
    Your institution is clearly a fraud. Every one of your posts makes that clearer. And your continuing ad-hominem attacks show that you know that your fraud is over.

    As far as who I am, that’s none of your concern. Let me just say that I have some visibility in the immigration community under the handle JoeF. So much visibility that even ICE, when they raided TVU in Jan. 2011, asked the students if they knew who this JoeF guy is… I don’t provide my name. Period.
    I helped expose the TVU fraud, I helped expose the Herguan fraud, I helped expose the UNVA fraud. My posts got quoted in newspapers after the raid on TVU. Your fraud is now on my watchlist as well.

  • JoeF

    A red herring.

    A “party school” is still better than a fraud like UNVA and ACCT who defraud foreign students.
    Your institution, ACCT, is a fraud, plain and simple. That’s what it is about here.

  • JoeF

    It is now obvious that ACCT is nothing more than UNVA Version 2.
    According to the SCHEV minutes of the meeting where they revoked UNVA’s operation certificate, “Dr. Ali Dastmalchi, Chancellor and Dr. Bishnu Poudel were in attendance on behalf of University of Northern Virginia.”
    And looking at ACCT’s “Trustee” list, no other than Bishnu Poudel is the “Advisory Board Chairman”…
    ACCT also picked up a couple of the UNVA “faculty.”
    So, the bottom line: ACCT is a fraud like UNVA, a new name to the same old fraud.

  • Justintime

    ACCT is not my institution your allegations are as fraudulent as you are. If your pissed at someone look in the mirror

    I just like to look at the Watchdog sit and see what is out there
    You obviously are possessed with these two schools

    Go get a pizza and a girlfriend you have far too much time on your hands

  • JoeF

    You obviously represent ACCT, since you show insider knowledge, e.g., about how they got SEVIS approval.
    Your lame attempt at damage control is too little too late.
    Your lame ad hominem attacks on me are also backfiring.
    The only one obsessed here is you. I only responded to your attacks.
    UNVA was a fraud, ACCT is a fraud.
    Case closed.