The Terry McAuliffe soap opera: It’s not easy being green

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POST-DEBATE SYNDROME: Terry McAuliffe met briefly with reporters after a recent debate, and exited when he was asked about his former company's lawsuit against Watchdog.

POST-DEBATE SYNDROME: Terry McAuliffe met briefly with reporters after a recent debate, and exited when he was asked about his former company’s lawsuit against Watchdog.

By Jason Stverak |

Keeping up with the life and times of gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe  and former GreenTech Automotive CEO is challenging. Just as my latest op-ed pertaining to the Virginia Democrat and GTA was being edited another potentially devastating investigation associated with McAuliffe surfaces. As President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a nonprofit news organization, I understand the news waits for nobody. But come on, Terry!  If I don’t see my wife soon, she will do her best impression of the GTA legal team and file her own papers.

On Friday, Watchdog reported, “Government documents released Friday reveal that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating GreenTech’s sister company, Gulf Coast Funds Management, prompted by a lengthy Watchdog investigation into the company’s cash-for-visas financing.”

A few days before, cited an Associated Press report that Alejandro Mayorkas, President Obama’s choice for the No. 2 job at the Homeland Security Department, is a target in an ongoing DHS investigation probing the EB-5 foreign investor program. Mayorkas allegedly helped Gulf Coast Funds Management, the fundraising arm of GTA, receive approval for an investor visa after the application was denied and on appeal was rejected.

Did I mention that GCFM is headed by Anthony Rodham, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s younger brother?  Add to the mix McAuliffe’s campaign for governor and his well-timed resignation from GTA in December, first made public in April, and you have a soap opera with a powerful cast of characters in both the political and business arena – foreign and domestic.

But while the McAuliffe/GreenTech saga may be fascinating fodder for a gossip-hungry public, the barrage of investigations into GTA in conjunction with numerous controversial statements by McAuliffe is a very serious matter, especially for Old Dominion voters soon headed to the polls to select their next governor.

On Sunday during the National Governors Association meeting in Milwaukee, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal seized the opportunity presented by the SEC investigation. The Chairman of the Republican Governors Association told reporters that Virginia Democrats should drop McAuliffe as a candidate. He called upon his Democratic counterpart, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, to find a replacement candidate.

According to Politico, Jindal went so far as to declare, “As the governor of Louisiana, this scam’s so bad it would even embarrass politicians in Louisiana.”

Nobody would deny that Jindal and the GOP are taking advantage of the scandals plaguing McAuliffe and the company he co-founded. Call it Politics 101. But Democrats in Virginia and nationally need to pay attention to the negative impact these investigations are having on his candidacy, as well as other high profile names associated with the government inquiries.

Democrats will be disappointed if they lose Virginia’s governor’s race in November. But they may regret it more if Terry McAuliffe wins and remains in the spotlight.

Jason Stverak is president of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.


Jason Stverak was formerly the president of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

  • snowcloud

    McAuliffe has the Clintonista stink on him. He’s as corrupt as they come.

  • mickeymat

    Problem is few newspapers are printing any news of McAuliffe’s scandals so no one knows about it. He will win the election sadly.

  • Navya Appalaneni

    McAuliffes scandals have no proofs…They are just printed in newspapers…We cant degrade him without his mistakes been proved..He might win the elections… discount coupons

  • J.s.

    The liberal press will give him all the cover he needs. It seems the voters in Virginia are either too lazy to do their homework on candidates or are just uniformed voters. I believe it is both.

  • J.s.

    Liberal press and democratic party one in the same thing and print media wonders why they are failing. Ignoring and insulting on a daily basis the conservatives in their target audience is bad for business.

  • AmericanAdult020450

    Terry McAuliffe is as corrupt as the Clintons who are second only to the current POTUS.

  • AmericanAdult020450

    Given the limitless hypocrisy of the POTUS and his Administration, the US and FL AG’s and the main stream media in the Zimmerman case, proof has become a purely subjective thing