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GreenTech courted Obama’s Solyndra aide

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Part 46 of 76 in the series Terry McAuliffe - Carmogul

HANDS ACROSS AMERICA: Barack Obama tours Solyndra on May 26, 2010. In Oct. 2010, a White House adviser met with Terry McAuliffe to discuss his green car company.

By Tori Richards and Earl Glynn | Watchdog.org

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and three top GreenTech advisers met with the key White House aide responsible for helping bankrupt solar-panel maker Solyndra win federal loans and high-profile presidential support, a Watchdog investigation has revealed.

What they discussed in the Oct. 13, 2010, meeting with Obama “green energy” aide Greg Nelson is a mystery – the White House visitors log offers no details. But the confab came seven months after a stock transfer made McAuliffe a GreenTech minority owner and company chairman.

Obama Green aide Nelson

Months before the GreenTech meeting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., White House officials already knew Solyndra was on the ropes – failing an independent audit and headed toward a predicted default on its federal $535 million loan. Despite warnings from allies and staff, the president visited Solyndra in May 2010, pointing to the company as a model of his new economy.

Whatever happened in the White House meeting apparently wasn’t enough to stave off some misfortune. Eight months later a GreenTech lawyer was emailing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Director Alejandro Mayorkas, begging his agency to fast track approval of lagging visa applications for the company’s foreign investors under the federal EB-5 program.

In addition to Nelson and McAuliffe, the White House meeting included GreenTech finance director Gary Yi Tang, immigration and EB-5 attorney Steve Yale-Loehr and Northwestern University economist Michael K. Evans.

Yale-Loehr was on retainer for Gulf Coast Funds, which raises EB-5 funds for GreenTech. Evans had written a report detailing the impact of locating a GreenTech manufacturing plant in Tunica, Miss. He has also analyzed other projects seeking EB-5 funding.

If the GreenTech group was looking for funding, they wouldn’t have had a better friend in the White House than Nelson. He was responsible for the Obama meet-and-greet

AP Photo

FBI agent carries bags of evidence from Solyndra headquarters in Fremont, Calif., on Sept. 8, 2011.

at Solyndra in May. GreenTech didn’t fare as well: a year and a half later it settled for former president Bill Clinton at its grand opening in Mississippi.

Nelson, whose official White House title was deputy director of Public Engagement, was by his own accord “the member of the Public Liaison team charged with reaching out to the environmental community.”

A series of emails obtained by the media show his role in the Solyndra debacle.

In a March 2009 email, Nelson wrote Solyndra’s CEO that his company’s solar panel “looks like a great product, and the (manufacturing plant) plans for Fab 2 are inspiring.”

Within a few days, Solyndra’s $535 million loan was approved by the Obama Energy Department, according to the New York Times.

Nelson then met with Solyndra investor David Prend who had emailed him on March 13, 2009, saying, “In the current economic environment, they could use all the positive publicity they can get.”

Prend replied, “I look forward to working with you to get the message out and to affect real change in the Energy Industry.”

But as Obama was touring the facility a year later, Solyndra was secretly unraveling. A news story detailing its poor financial health ran the following month. In an email obtained by The Associated Press, Nelson dismissed the article as “Seems like B.S.” In communications with Nelson, Solyndra execs put on a brave front, writing, “things are going well…and our plan puts (us) at cash positive later this year.”

“Fantastic to hear that business is doing well keep up the good work! We’re cheering for you,” Nelson replied.

We all know what happened next. The FBI raided Solyndra for cooking its books, it filed for bankruptcy and employees sued. Taxpayers were left funding the whole debacle.

GreenTech’s Solyndra connection won’t surprise Kimberley A. Strassel. Back in April, the Wall Street Journal columnist wrote, “GreenTech is the latest proof (after Solyndra, Fisker, A123 and others) that the political class is adept at hooking up cronies and investors with taxpayer dollars. But creating jobs? No can do.”

Documents released last week reveal that that Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating GreenTech’s sister company Gulf Coast Funds, stating that there’s “possible fraud” in the firm’s pursuit of EB-5 investors, primarily those in China. GreenTech is behind schedule in rolling out thousands of electric vehicles while as many as 81 foreign nationals who invested at least $500,000 each are awaiting visas.

McAuliffe faces a tough battle to become Virginia’s governor, Tang still has his job and Yale-Loehr has been replaced by another attorney on Gulf Coast’s web site.

And Nelson? He was promoted, of course, and is now chief of staff for the White House’s National Economic Council.

Nelson did not respond to detailed a voicemail request for interview. A message was also left at the campaign office of McAuliffe, but no call was returned.

Contact Tori Richards at tori@watchdog.org and on twitter @newswriter2.

Updated Aug. 8 to correct meeting date of May 13.






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Tori formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Dave

    This is a story about nothing. What you are saying is that McAuliffe had a meeting at the White House. Other than that all you offer is innuendo about what may or may not be discussed. Seriously, a “story” based on one visit in the White House log? Whatever this is, it is not journalism.

  • Balance3

    I am sorry Dave is your name you obviously have no fact do you here I will steer you in a direction of FACTS !!


  • Balance3
  • Heather OMalley

    McAuliffe is one of the slimiest people alive. Watch how he destroys the lives of countless people –mostly blacks– with his green scams…


  • Heather OMalley

    Terry McAuliffe is a racist and a thief. A true democrat.

  • Elfego

    This is how the democrats funnel money to themselves to run for elected offices.

  • deerhound

    Crooked Democrat is redundant!

  • z22

    If they make a super duds movie, he will have a lead a Slimeball.

  • Studdon

    If green is viable, the free market will embrace it. Until then, get government the hell out of entire industry. For that matter, get government the hell out of any market … and out of our lives.

    And for this jerk Greg Nelson, he needs to fired and then prosecuted for conspiracy under the RICO laws. When taxpayer monies are squandered, people need to go to jail.

  • Hoss51

    And the band played on…………..move along now……………nothing to see here.

  • Turnip Truck

    Gotta love this article line regarding the President and Solyndra citing the President’s contention that Solyndra is a “model of his new economy.”

    We’ll… at least Obama got that right. Like Solyndra, the economy is failing.

  • giatny

    With $30 million flowing in from Tom Steyer to get out the vote (illegals, felons,
    and ghosts welcome), I don’t think honorable Virginians have a chance. The
    collusion between Silicon Valley billionaires and Democrats marks the end of
    any hope for honest elections. Sadly, the American people have not figured
    it out yet. The power of big data and government combined guarantees tyranny.
    Of course, google stresses the “do no evil” motto but the problem comes when it is allowed to define “common good” anyway they like, which is EXACTLY what
    is happening now. Remember Hitler, Mao, Castro, Lenin all operated under
    the guise of what was good for the people. WAKE UP America. The abject
    stupidity of the GOP is making it too easy for evil to takeover of the country.

  • Turnip Truck

    I’ll take focus over deflection.

  • giff

    Don’t you know that Obama is a capitalist not a socialist . He said so in his speech in Arizona about the real estate market . He wants to get rid of Fannie mae and Freddie mac

  • jon doe

    couldn’t have said it better my friend. Attention big government loving leftist! Stop subsidizing failure!

  • Croaker

    NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS, move along, just another phony scandal.

  • klg1956

    Union dues go to democrat party, democrat party donates money to democrats, democrats get huge money so they can win against republicans, democrats legislate and approve to give money to organizations and companies, take for instance just one company, Solyndra, under the guise of “green” when it’s really giving taxpayer money to their friends so those same friends can have a party and bundle donations to their democrat friends who gave big tax dollars to their private companies, and get them elected, reelected, hence you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours. It’s a money laundering business the mafia would be jealous of…oh, wait, it is the mafia running this business…union/mafia, same thing. Union in the IRS, union in the dues, union in the health care business, union in the transportation business, e.g., buses, air travel, trains, union in the hotel business, union in the fed/state/co/city jobs, union in education, union in sports, union in car manufacturing, union in post office, union in police, fire dept, union in entertainment industry….plumbers, electricians, and the dreaded attorney’s dues…..I’ve probably left out dozens of others, but those dues are huge and private companies should ask for donations from their workers to represent them in our Congress…..just to make it fair that is!

  • City_Of_Champyinz

    Just another story of Democrats being their typical corrupt self. Pathetic.

  • Steelyal

    Man Terry is a Piglet like Gore ,Hillary and Reid.

  • tonyscarp

    Just another illustration of Democrat corruption and incompetence. Stupidity and criminality permiates the entire Obama administration and his Democrat allies.

  • Steelyal

    Are you saying he is like a rotten squid?

  • David Allentown

    No suprise here. Crony capitalism at its finest

  • mauloa

    Oh, oh… not Terry! I can’t imagine a fellow friend of the Clintons and other ranchy Dems – doing something like taking the taxpayer’s funds to benefit himself. Try something new, put forth a candidate that has some honesty, or a little integrity or even professes to fear God. Always, always – this is the way of the Liberal/Progressive.

  • tess

    in a world of democrap sleaze – weenie, grayson, pelosi, rangal, reid, o’dumpo, frank, clinton et al, this one is at the top of the list !!!! and that is exactly why he has such support – birds of a feather etc !!!!

  • docwhocuts

    crony capitalism is really a leftist problem?

    wow, the media wouldn’t have let us know that years ago, huh?

  • Doesn’t matter what this sleeze bags does, Democrats will still vote for him. Forrest’s mamma was correct when she said, “stupid is as stupid does”.

  • barry ocarter ll

    Clinton associate involved in scandal? What is going on?

  • ustuffit

    Amazing how the obammerites keep drinking the kool-aid. POTUS preaches hate against the 1%, and proves time and again he is the biggest enabler of the frauds and corruption they rain down on the rest of us. Wake up, Dummies! He is your worst enemy!

  • Kosh94

    McCauliffe is JUST like the rest of the Democrats. Lying, sleazy mean-spirited and stupid.

  • MOE

    Never to worry, Clinton’s and Obama’s will always be lookin out for
    themselves and their families.

  • konc1

    Another round of Kool-Aid for Dave, I’m buying.

  • mdinaz

    These people should be in jail for theft of public money. But we all know pigs will grow wings and fly first.

  • Greg Barton

    Just another creepy democrat sabotaging capitalism then blaming same.

  • Zuck You

    Glad to see crony capitalism is alive and well. If only their theft wasn’t so incredibly obvious. Couldn’t they manage an ongoing firm and just scrape a bit off the top like the mafia?

  • RufusVonDufus

    They had better check into how deeply involved the Clintons were, also!

  • dennis pitner

    Here we go again,there is no there ,there…..

  • suibneg

    solyndra money? terry? nah……..terry? nah……..cmon……solyndra?………nah. a line will be passed very soon and certain peoples lives will be in danger. but i am a plain warner……it is a very sad state of affairs. america is over.


    Those spineless bastards called Republicans are taking us to the same place, except on a trolley car instead of a bullet train.

  • Nancianne

    McAuliffe is SCUM just like his buddies the Clintons. They are all creepy people only out to line their pockets with our money and grab power. Nooooo to clintons and mcauliffe their sycophant!!!!!

  • Nancianne

    HA HA nothing new !!!!!

  • Piquerish

    One must admit, these squalid sobs know their beans in their CULTURE OF CORRUPTION.

  • Piquerish

    Agree, except for the stupid part. They are not stupid, but are sly, conniving, cunning, arrogant and completely unethical.

  • adamHolland

    Virginia is very filthy. If you all only knew how bad it was. I wish so badly I had been subpeona’d during John Murtha’s tenure. I know a lot of people who got very rich from working with the PMA group. All of you should know that Virginia, Maryland, and DC get rich by funneling and laundering Tax money through projects that never pan out, but result in MASSIVE spending. The money goes right to the pocket of the clients and the client donates to a particulary political campaign. Its pure filth.

  • NoSh1tSherlock

    It’s only insider, unethical, conflict of interest, and felonious if committed by a Republican. (Think Jack the Abram off). I always thought laws were supposed to apply to everyone? Silly me.

  • Charlie hook

    Another democrat closet cronie capitalist,priceless.You see how honest these people are when they rail about a issue then turn around and do the same thing they accuse everyone else of doing.He is a criminal and needs to be put in jail.


    The GREAT RIP-OFF of the American Public by Political Elites in this country headed up with the Democrats.

    People still don’t question why the Kennedy Family got a 1.5 BILLION dollar loan from the Federal Government to cover a Kennedy owned green-energy company 1.4 Billion in the red.

    Or why Pelosi’s brother got a 600 million dollar Federal Loan for his Green Energy Company.

    All of a sudden every Political Elite in this country is a Green Energy expert with a Green Energy Company.

    The only thing Green about these companies is the color of the money being MILKED from the American People. YOUR TAX MONEY.

  • arfywarfy

    Criminals… all of them.

  • arfywarfy

    This will continue UNTIL Americans stand up, put their foot down, and make it clear that “That’s enough of that”. No stopping all this corruption until citizens take back the country.

  • pajamakat

    Doesn’t matter. They’ll go into the voting booth and just hit the D button.

  • 1Psuche

    So-lied-to-ya….I mean…Solyndra: That phony solar company used to launder $535 million to Obama cronies for their support…

    If McAuliffe is tied to Solyndra, that shows he’s well connected with this corrupt administration…

    Look at the FBI agent working hard collecting evidence…Is that for the non-existent investigation or to make sure nobody else can ever see it…??

  • Chrisput

    A Clinton henchman, involved in government cronyism? Say it ain’t so.

  • Hillary Klntohn

    For a gay cracker ..he must give good head…

  • tonyrohl

    McAuliffe is the guy who turned a 0ne hundred thousand dollar investment into a eighteen million dollar fortune. he was never investigated for insider trading.

  • Daniel Martin Gray

    How do you think “Progressives” GOT so RICH?

  • charleswenzel

    It’s a good thing the FBI swooped in and grabbed all the files before the truth could come out, I mean before the truth could be hidden. They’re on the case! Phew… that’s a relief.

  • StrommyT

    I am not a big fan of McAuliffe, but a few things in the article are not fair. #1 with regards to Mayorkas – Ask anybody in the immigration bar – he is truly an honest person – doesn’t do favors for anybody. Yes he received a letter begging for help with Green Tech EB-5 processing, the problem is, he probably gets 50 letters just like that every day. If you have ever dealt with the USCIS you would know, they are a dysfunctional agency. Stuff takes forever there. #2 – The white house meeting – again – lots of folks have had those same meetings, and just like McAulifee, they came away with nothing. The attorney they took with them, Stephen Yale-Loehr, is one of the preeminent immigration attorney’s in this country when it comes to EB-5. He is the gold standard when it comes to ethics and honesty. Again, ask any well known respected immigration attorney about Stephen Yale-Loehr.

    No, I am not an apologist for McAuliffe, personally I can barely tolerate him. BUT, when digging through his background and the stuff he has done, it is not fair to impugn the reputations of people who are NOT political hacks and have done nothing wrong. There is plenty there about McAuliffe not to like. We just don’t need to trash people who don’t deserve it.

  • bobclaville

    He didn’t get the Nick-name Terry MacAWFUL for nothing during the Clinton years. Why would anyone in Virginia think he’s changed? Anyone know how many Virginia Jobs he helped to destroy in China?

  • Bob Coco

    No Way! A democrat “good ol boy” network. Who would’ve thought.

  • Peoriaboy

    Somebody dam sure should go to prison for this one.

  • Peoriaboy

    And now i’m hearing how Holder as been flying around the country coasting the tax payers unnecessary millions,somebody needs to go to prison and I guess well have to start putting the republicans in jail for not doing their job of watching out for tax payers money.

  • Sensible

    Maybe its time for him and many others to start practicing pushing a camel through the eye of a needle. Perversion of morals is still perverted. And there seems to be too many perverts running businesses and government. In the end final justice will prevail.

  • Jon Weiss

    Obama cronies involved in criminal activity to the detriment of taxpayers?? nothing new here from Americas most crooked and corrupt Administration.

  • Two-bit Terry…. only public housing he’ll be moving into is the Big House…lol

  • LibertyinUS

    It’s time to purge ourselves of this elite corrupt scum.

  • tonycoza

    the disdain that the power – elite that own this administration, display for honest, hard-working tax payers is astonishing. Terry McAuliffe’s air of sliminess that coats the very air around him is a perfect example of the corruption that is our current government. The hundreds of billions that have gone to big time Obama donors just keeps growing. Anyone who knows anything about reading financials could have read over solyndra’s financials and surmised in 5 minutes that the business model the used in the process of obtaining our tax dollars was a failure from the get go. They were spending more to produce the products than they could sell them for, period. McAuliffe came up w/ the Clinton’s, and he is the same hustler today that he was then. I just wish that the ignorant masses that love these dems could wake up and see just how these rich fat cats really see the rank and file working man and woman. All they want is more and more so that they can be richer and richer while our earnings decrease, and our buying power decreases more. I just pray that we make it through this w/ the shirts on our back. Believe me, if they thought they could take it from us, they would.

  • Juven

    Obama’s green energy has certainly turned into a failed green slime similar like the red revolution that failed in China.

  • Juven

    Just another scam from Scambama. Another one is coming up the mortgage business. When you hear he talks about that know that we are in for another one.

  • iamfuryus

    Obiteme and his league of extortionary gentlemen strike again. Terry McAuliffe is another connected leech silently attaching himself to Obiteme green schemes. Obiteme continues doing the Ali rope a dope and liberals keep falling for it. Wake up America.

  • LibertyinUS

    HE can’t help it Al gores mad science was just overwhelming convincing for him. He has to save the earth mean while chemtrail kill the ozone and poisoning the land and water, Radioactive water leaking into Pacific Ocean in new Fukushima ‘emergency’ still on going and all the while 58 studies have shown fluoride to lower IQ yet they keep upping the doses of their drugs in water including SSRI’S which can be found in any US none underground spring feed source of water in alarming amounts. but no we need lord Osama to save our collective asses from the terrorist that threaten us all. Remember 911 REMEMBER DAMN YOU FICKLE BRAIN DEAD PUBLIC REMEMBEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR

  • Juven

    Obama’s stimulus failed, the shovel ready jobs failed, the green revolution turned red, the Volt became a dolt,Obomascare is failing, Spyscare is illegal, foreign policies are failing now he is aiming at the Mortgage business.

  • sarakatz

    The green companies simply a money laundering endeavor to funnel money to donors and friends. A crook surrounded by enablers with zero consequences from an adoring media that sees nothing wrong at all.

  • kat

    The Clintons and McAuliffe are tied at hip. Just like Barry and Axelrod, and Georgie and Rove.

  • NomasObamaPorFavor

    But let’s put the shoe on the other foot IF say a Real man was in the WhiteHouse yes that implies someone who understands the economy, is a strong world leader, you know a republican, you would be jumping up and down, your Fat Oprah and Fat Phil programs would be interrupted, their would be riots out in the street, but since its the Empty Suit and McDonald doing it your like ooooooh they had a meeting!
    Case in point when private security was needed and moving heavy equipment to protect our fellow Americans, a company known as Blackwater or something like that was called upon for their very special and unique ability to do so, and I’ll be damned if your cry baby party didn’t want impeachment , now your empty suit has been caught again giving money that was to create jobs for losers such as you, and you defend it, oh well there’s no helping stupid, how’s that welfare working for you and 99% of your seed ?

  • Jon Galt

    Why this surprises some people simply amazes me.
    Imagine going to one of those leftist events, you know the kind—–“down with Wall Street rally” or a “don’t cut the benefits protest”, and picking one of those folks to lead your group or party, usually it would be the one spewing the slickest lines and promises the most free lunches.
    Now imagine that community agitator, I mean, organizer keeps running the same old scam, and yet somehow, he keeps rising higher and higher. Then one day it happens he becomes President!
    and everyone lived happily ever after….
    Except in the real version, the cult of personality candidate enters office being completely clueless about running so much as a lemonade stand, much less the largest economy on the planet. He also has no foreign experience, and since he did poorly in school, knows little U.S. history, much less world history.
    What he has, has been given to him.
    He is told he great by guilt ridden white liberals and a the Chosen One by blacks, or at least 95%.
    Obama was, and is, a disaster looking for a place to happen. Scams only last so long, even the best scams. Benghazi, the IRS, Obamacare, Wire tapping, watching phones/computers of innocent Americans, thereby essentially trashing the Constitution, the fake records—one day the scam will overtake the scammer.
    Hopefully this country will exist in some recognizable form when that occurs.

  • Andy Shiflett

    It’s all Bush’s fault….

  • John (magnum)

    “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! ”

    Total explanation of “The Messiah” KING OBONGO and his administration !

  • NomasObamaPorFavor

    Yeah like the other PHONE Y scandal were the reporter was issued three free Obama phones……
    And Dave before you bring up that a compassionate conservative created it, this was for a land line to allow people to look for work, and health issues, not 250 minutes, and 250 text free on the back of all of us that have to pay high rates to cover this freebie along with the impending OBAMACARE, you do know even OBAMACARE has turned away people with pre existing health issues, and prior to the passage, who in all the entities included in health care turned away the most patients, drum role please MediCare, yes Dave you have once again one the Dummy award for being on the wrong side of the issue

  • Jon Galt

    A picture is worth a thousand words….

  • drlent


  • sejanus

    They were selling visas not solar power.

  • Cornwall Adams

    It’s time for a New America.

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

  • Cornwall Adams

    “Act as a rational being and aim at becoming a rallying point for all those who are
    starved for a voice of integrity – act on your rational values, whether alone
    in the midst of your enemies, or with a few of your chosen friends, or as
    the founder of a modest community on the frontier of mankind’s rebirth.

    ~~ Ayn Rand ~~

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

  • Nannv

    Crony Capitalism at it’s finest, as Sarah would say. And there’s more to come with ObamaCare.

  • goodone2

    Wow sounds to me like an invesment for a US visa scam…..hummm? I think this rabbit hole goes deeper.

  • chappaquabill

    Where does anyone think the money for Terry’s campaign from?

    (Hint: The U.S. taxpayer complements of Barry BenGhazi)

  • Clay Cullum

    Amongst the large group of political phonies, this guy stands out even among this group as rapacious.

    Imagine the psyche of this crony hanger-on. With his corrupt Global Crossing windfall–and now possibly Solyndra (and who would that surprise?)–and him out talking about selfish, greedy, rich people. Just shameless!! Imagine when he’s all alone with just him and his phony BS.

  • bobclaville

    Look closely at MacAwful’s BROWN eyes. Obama stopped suddenly, and Terry grabbed his hand to SEQUESTER his feelings until they got backstage.

  • VeryOldB

    The leadership yes, but much of the base is not just low ‘fo but also genuinely stupid.

  • hatesleechs

    Does this CLINTON sleezeball buddy surprise anyone? Of course not unless your a LIBERAL!! He learned all his slick tricks from Slick Willy and Hilly-Bean..

  • johny

    boy , obama is awash in lies and corruption. he really hates america….

  • TruthDetector

    So-lyndra and Soe-toro.

    Get it?

  • Quit_Lying

    these guys fear no one while withHolder is the AG
    and just in case things get bad remember Obama can pardon whoever he wants the last day in office Holder, Hillary, Terry whomever,

    trust me they are not worried in the least
    and if Hilary gets in she can pardon Obama

  • Creepyaz Kraker On Board

    That would be too kind…

  • Creepyaz Kraker On Board

    No. It is the Only way they acquire wealth: Scamming something or someone.

  • marco a. poshar

    democrats are crooks -,McAuliffe, Obama Solyndra GE ,Clintos etc.
    and Holder is blind , wow what a country !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trudge1

    He must of been one of Obama’s ‘and your friends’ that Romney shoehorned in when he was talking during the debates about Obama throwing money all over the place for green energy.

  • Trudge1

    Lyndra is what Reggie calls him?

  • Trudge1

    He probably still uses his right hand.

  • Trudge1

    Too many to name. Was it the power plant they screwed over in mid-America?

  • Trudge1

    That’s just disgusting.

  • Trudge1

    As George wakes up from being under anesthesia. Whuuu?
    What did I do now?

  • TruthDetector

    Mrs. Larry Sinclair is what Barry called himself.

  • Pants N at

    I wonder what the statute of limitations are on embezzlement, and I wonder who would be the new AG after Holder is gone ? Good campaign questions.

  • subyz

    Politicians and their cronies are robbing the taxpayer BLIND! and low-information voters in VA will pull the lever for this guy who ought to be in a federal prison!

  • ernaldin

    Well, I’ll just say I’m shocked………..NOT!!!!…effin thieving pigs!

  • ernaldin

    If I were to become president in 2016, say..I’d have these slobs off’d. The taxpayer would get justice, and not another billion dollar bill for prosecuting the slime.

  • ernaldin

    and the voters are getting dumber by the minute…

  • astroguy77

    Dude’s a scumbag which is exactly why NoVa’ans will vote handily for him. This area has gone full r3tard liberal over the past 5 years. Someone with Cuccinelli’s morals and religious integrity can never win NoVa now with this lot and in turn can never win the state.

  • heidihoneighbor

    Can we get a communal “no chit”?!

    All this chaos about corrupt politicians which is all of them), tattling on each other and not one of them serving time.

    Congress- are you seriously worthless or what?!

    Yet every day, the working class gets up, goes to work (with or without the worry of how much gas is in the tank), and we struggle to provide for our families and to keep the corrupt mafia style irs at bay, and our government cant even get their chit together long enough to say “hey- usda – do not spend the working classes money like uneducated non domesticated livestock.”

  • toxicz

    What about Global Crossing? McAulliffe sold his shares in that company one week prior to its filing for bankruptcy? McAulliffe walked off with tens of millions

  • toxicz

    How much taxpayer money did McAulliffe walk off with this time? What a Crook.

  • Timothy_D

    Wealth and POWER!!!
    The most popular way for a democrat to gain power and control is through government, where actual results and performance are not required. They look at capitalism as their “rival”, since capitalism also provides wealth and power to those who EARN it (through results and performance).
    A democrats worst fear, is a well informed, well educated, responsible, prosperous, and self sufficient populace. Should that ever happen, who would be left to vote democrat?

  • Timothy_D

    Leftists and failure are synonymous. Government (and corruption) is their primary method of obtaining wealth and control. They usually fail in the private sector, where performance and results matter.

  • donndublin


  • Trudge1

    I guess Joe Biden had better look over his shoulders after Obama’s strained reference to Mrs. Joe Biden recently.

  • TruthDetector

    Mrs. Joseph Robinette Biden, to you…