Watchdog Podcast: Say It Loud, Say It Proud — Free speech under attack on college campuses

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By Chris Dobrogosz |
Say It Loud, Say It Proud is Watchdog Radio’s weekly look at free speech and First Amendment issues — examining the rights that are some of the most important to our society, but also some of the most frequently under attack.
In this week’s episode, host intern Chris Dobrogosz sits down with […]

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Washington’s redundant fracking regulations

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AP Photo / Brennan Linsley

By Jillian K. Melchior | Special to
Washington, D.C. – The Department of Interior on Friday announced new fracking regulations for federal and Indian lands, issuing the first nationwide federal regulations of the booming industry.
The regulations include rules about wastewater disposal, standards for well construction, and requirements for disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking fluid.
But […]

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Panel approves new regulations for Idaho’s small food producers

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Photo: Matt Keenan/

Small food producers would face myriad new regulations under a plan approved by the House Health and Welfare Committee Wednesday.

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Burned: Idaho lawmakers move to restrict tanning for youngsters

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A House panel approved Wednesday a bill proponents believe will protect Idaho youth from the dangers of tanning, despite criticism the measure represents government overreach into family affairs.

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Idaho speaker: We’re not killing gun rights legislation

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Photo: Matt Keenan/

Idaho Speaker of the House Scott Bedke told there’s no attempt on his part to kill a proposal to expand gun rights in Idaho.

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Idaho one step closer to delaying federal Real ID compliance again

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ACLU website screenshot

Idaho is one step closer to delaying full implementation of federal Real ID requirements, regulations legislators originally swore off in 2008.

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