Glenn Beck discusses’s EMP readiness story

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Read the story here: Civilians not ready for EMP-caused blackout

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Nice work if you can get it: productivity low for CU-Boulder professors

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Higher education in America faces a slew of serious problems. Discussions in blogs and journals and at academic conventions show that professors around the country are well aware of these problems and find them deeply troubling.

One problem however is never discussed, for the good reason that it is the academic world’s most inconvenient truth. Widely known but almost never acknowledged (at least publicly), the issue of academic productivity lies at the heart of almost every major issue our colleges and universities now face. Data culled from the University of Colorado-Boulder’s official websites show how very serious this problem really is.

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Remy kills it with new Tax Day spoof of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

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Michelle Obama’s trip to Ireland cost taxpayers over $7.9 million

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By Caroline May | The Daily Caller
First lady Michelle Obama’s short trip to Ireland cost taxpayers well over $7.9 million, according to documents released Wednesday.
Air Force documents obtained via a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit reveal that Michelle Obama, the first daughters and their entourage cost taxpayers $7,670,476.80 in flights to, from and around Ireland [...]

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USAID plans to spend up to $6 million to ‘empower’ women in Bangladesh

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By Lauretta Brown | CNS News
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is planning to award a $5.5 to $6 million grant  to “increase the empowerment of women” in Bangladesh, which includes increasing their “community leadership,” “decision-making” and “time-management” skills and monitoring how they spend their free time. (See USAID Women’s Empowerment.pdf)
The objective of the grant is [...]

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