Several Minnesota football players return after sexual assault allegations

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“This has never been about punishing anyone. I just wanted to feel safe,” the accuser said.

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Lawsuit: Father fired after defending disabled son from campus kangaroo court

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His son was sexually assaulted, but expelled. Then he was removed from the Board of Trustees.

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Northwestern student government endorses ‘viewpoint diversity’

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Finally, students stand up for viewpoint diversity.

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Texas lawmakers move to protect free speech on college campuses

By   /  March 10, 2017  /  Campus Culture, First Amendment, News, Texas  /  No Comments

Texas students would get some much-needed protections from a pair of bills being considered in the Legislature.

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Multiple states ponder turning federal guidance on campus sexual assault into law

By   /  March 9, 2017  /  California, Campus Culture, Connecticut, Education, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, News, Texas  /  No Comments

Students and faculty in these states need to be aware of what may be coming.

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Judge: Male student expelled for sexual assault may have been victim himself

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Amherst College expelled a male student even though evidence suggested he may have been the victim of a sexual assault.

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