The case against Case: College ignored own policies in biased sexual assault investigation

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Accommodations may have helped an accusing student decide to file a report of sexual assault.

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Judge: School’s sexual assault proceeding suggests ‘bias and inaccuracy’

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Grant Neal was suspended for sexual assault even though the alleged victim said it never happened.

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Rights group updates model legislation for campus sexual assault

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Schools would be banned from conducting investigation while a criminal probe is ongoing.

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Judge: Disparity in campus tribunal ‘enough to shock the Court’s conscience’

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A judge has ruled that San Diego State University erred when it denied a student accused of sexual assault a chance to defend himself.

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Another false accusation of rape on a college campus

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A New York woman allegedly made a false accusation of rape to gain sympathy from another man.

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DeVos to college conservatives: ‘Don’t shut up’

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Betsy DeVos mentioned free speech concerns at CPAC.

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