Watchdog Radio: Obamacare and ‘Obamacare for the Internet’

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Video screen capture

By Eric Boehm and Ben Yount |
Democrats probably hoped that Obamacare would fade from the national political discussion after the mid-term elections had passed, but that will not be the case.
First, video-after-video of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber have surfaced on the Internet.  In some, Gruber is belittling voters for not understanding the law, while […]

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Is 2015 the year for school choice in Illinois?

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school choice

Illinois governor-elect Bruce Rauner has made it clear schools are his top priority.

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Better for Internet users: Big business or big government?

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internet speed

The future of net neutrality may come down to a showdown between big business and big government, and Internet users are almost certain to be caught in the middle.

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Attorney: Court ruling for bloggers a free speech victory for everyone

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If you think you can use lawsuits to silence a citizen journalist, think again.

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Thank a labor union for what?

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By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio
There was a time in this country when people could easily thank labor unions for their standard of living.
But as the nation’s economy changed,  labor unions shifted from privat3-industry worker advocacy to the public-sector lobbying. Now taxpayers can thank teachers, cops, firefighters and university employees for billions of dollars in pension […]

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M16s are the same as office supplies

By   /  August 28, 2014  /  Audio, Florida, Media, Podcasts, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio
One Florida sheriff’s office is proud to be bargain shopping. Whether its pens and pencils or helicopters and assault rifles.
On the latest edition of Watchdog Radio, Florida Watchdog’s Will Patrick explains why the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is proud of its low cost, militarized police force.
Plus U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., […]

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