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Memphis to get federal help for industry threatened by Obamacare

By   /  July 27, 2015  /  Health Care, News, Tennessee  /  No Comments

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The Obama administration has made Memphis’ medical device manufacturers eligible for a federal program to train thousands of new employees, but, nationwide, the industry is laying people off because of a steep Obamacare tax.

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Memphis officials in a giving mood

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Shelby County has a little money left in its budget, and commissioners are in a giving mood.

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Tennessee drunk-driving campaign offends women, critics say

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Tennessee’s new taxpayer-subsidized campaign to preach the dangers of drunk driving is, according to one city bartender, “rude and offensive.”

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Civil asset forfeiture in Tennessee allowed officer to take $6,000, audit says

By   /  July 9, 2015  /  News, Tennessee  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of the Morristown Police Department's official website

In Morristown, Tennessee, police seized cars and demanded cash, which a police sergeant allegedly kept for himself — $6,000 in all, a state Comptroller’s report says

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Tennessee’s gas tax one of nation’s lowest, but don’t increase it yet, critic warns

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The chairman of the Tennessee Senate’s Transportation Committee says state fuel taxes won’t go up next near until lawmakers study how the move would affect the economy.

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