Individuals, not government, fixing discrimination in Philly

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Discrimination in Philadelphia’s ‘Gayborhood’ has prompted a heavy-handed reaction from the city. But have residents shown that a non-governmental approach will work best?

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Commentary: Vermont’s 90 percent renewable energy goal to cost $33 billion by 2050

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Vermont’s goal of attaining 90 percent of its energy from renewables by 2050 would require capital investments of at least $33.3 billion during the 2017-2050 period — far more than what the near-zero-growth state economy can afford.

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Alabama’s ‘Amazon Tax’ is illegal and ineffective

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Alabama’s new ‘Amazon Tax’ is supposed to help small business, but it will likely only benefit the state coffers.

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How a failed infrastructure project dragged down five cities

By   /  October 11, 2016  /  Accountability, Colorado, Energy and Environment, News  /  No Comments

By Joshua Sharf Special to Eight years ago, it won an industry award for innovative problem-solving. Now, it may bankrupt the power authority it was intended to save. In 2004, the member cities of the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) – a small regional power authority encompassing seven small towns on the plains of […]

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Vermont’s school district consolidation law rewards thinking inside the box

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The authors of Act 46 said their goals were educational equity, academic excellence, efficiency and transparency. There’s a serious disconnect between those goals and what Act 46 actually does in Vermont.

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Utah a cautionary tale for municipal broadband

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By Chris Butler / Tennessee Watchdog A $40 million municipal broadband network in Provo, Utah, iProvo, was designed to lure high-tech companies worth billions. Those companies came to Provo, and the city’s economy is thriving because of it. But these events had nothing to do with municipal broadband, said Brigham Young University economics professor Brennan […]

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