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Vermont’s new student assessment costly, threat to self-esteem

By   /  November 23, 2015  /  Education, Issues, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

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This year’s Smarter Balanced Assessment test, which showed about half of Vermont students are proficient in math and English, cost taxpayers $3.3 million and may be a threat to self-esteem.

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Sanfelippo: Stop pretending GAB is ‘nonpartisan,’ reform it now

By   /  September 14, 2015  /  Commentary, Wisconsin  /  No Comments


There’s no question we need to make some considerable and meaningful changes to the state Government Accountability Board – if not scrap it entirely and start over fresh.

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Memo to Wisconsin lawmakers: Fire director of rogue agency

By   /  September 1, 2015  /  Commentary, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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Lawmakers should investigate GAB, which demands transparency for others while concealing its own actions from the people.

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Eric O’Keefe: GAB rewrites abusive history with myths

By   /  July 22, 2015  /  Commentary, First Amendment, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Photo contributed by Eric O'Keefe

How a “non-partisan” government agency became a full partner in a renegade District Attorney’s attack on Wisconsin conservatives.

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Douglas County school-choice decision highlights need to re-examine Blaine Amendments

By   /  July 21, 2015  /  Commentary  /  No Comments

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The recent Colorado court decision to stop a school choice pilot program is more disappointing than shocking.

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In Florida, drinking beer is a complicated matter

By   /  March 25, 2015  /  Florida, News  /  No Comments

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Florida is currently the only state in America where you can’t buy a half-gallon of beer.

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