In Florida, drinking beer is a complicated matter

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Florida is currently the only state in America where you can’t buy a half-gallon of beer.

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Ohio parent trigger pilot is designed to fail

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Ohio residents may never know whether a parent trigger law works, even though Columbus has a pilot program.

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A better school just a mile away, but parents don’t get a choice

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By Tom Gantert | Capitol Confidential
Robert Luce lives in and pays property taxes to Canton Township. On a daily basis he watches school buses from the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools pass by his house.
However, the subdivision where Luce lives is located within the jurisdiction of the Wayne-Westland Community School District. This is also the district to […]

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Michigan finishes dead last in educational progress

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Michigan is the only state to make zero progress in fourth and eighth grade math and reading test results between 2003 and 2013, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

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Anti-discrimination amendment heats up Michigan Senate race

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YouTube screenshot. Phil Bellfy, with the microphone, is seated next to Wayne Schmidt (at far end).

Phil Bellfy, Democrats’ state Senate candidate for the 37th District of Michigan, was asked during a public forum at North Central Michigan College whether he supported an update to the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act, to include protecting sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Californians asked to approve $12.3 billion in proposed school bonds

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California's low turnout rate due to flaws in the voter rolls, and the potential for fraud, an expert said.

The real money to watch is in the countless local bond issues that now encumber California taxpayers with over $250 billion in debt.

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