War on taxpayers is real — and it’s worse than the farcical war on women

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war on women

By Dustin Hurst and Mary Tillotson | Watchdog.org
If you accept the liberal propaganda on the status of womanhood in America today, having the XX chromosomes sucks pretty bad, at least financially speaking.
There is a status that sucks worse than womanhood, though: That of the American taxpayer.
Today is Equal Pay Day, a progressive holiday for the uninformed [...]

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WSJ’s Stephen Moore: Minimum wage increase would devastate the poor

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Award-winning economist and Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore wants the average voter to know one thing about increasing the minimum wage: It will irreparably harm poor people in America.

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You fat? Here are 7 epic texts you may soon get from the White House

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By Dustin Hurst and Travis Perry │Watchdog.org
Is your body mass index a little high? Don’t worry, the White House may soon start pestering you to eat healthier.
In another step forward for statism and the ever-growing government, one agency is pondering if the feds should send text messages to the overweight and obese to remind them [...]

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SNL disses Obama in a crazy way

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Seattle mayor stocks minimum wage conference with leftists and progressives

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THE DECIDER: Ed Murray's conference will feature mostly big government fanatics.

By Dustin Hurst | Washington State Watchdog

A minimum wage symposium hosted by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is stocked with progressives and other fans of big government policies.

Critics aren’t happy.

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