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Idaho receives D- for forfeiture laws; groups call for repeal

By   /  November 17, 2015  /  Idaho, News  /  No Comments

IdahoReporter.com photo

By Dustin Hurst | IdahoReporter.com
A new Institute for Justice report gives Idaho a grade of D- for its civil asset forfeiture laws, which the group said allow police to seize property too easily and don’t provide enough data when property is taken.
The damning report, “Policing for Profit,” says that “under Idaho law, innocent owners wishing […]

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Left and right agree: Investigators should release Yantis killing video

By   /  November 12, 2015  /  Idaho, News  /  No Comments

Cato Institute photo

America’s political left and right agree: Idaho State Police investigators must release video accounts of two Adams County Sheriff’s Deputies shooting and killing Council rancher Jack Yantis — if footage exists.

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Expert: ISBA’s parent-tracking list presents ‘grave privacy concerns’

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A home-school advocate says the Idaho resolution to track parental complaints against a school’s violation of their rights will have a chilling effect.

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Idaho mayor, city council used tax dollars to push for school tax bonds

By   /  October 29, 2015  /  Idaho, News  /  No Comments

Ammon Mayor Dana Kirkham

City officials in Ammon, Idaho, used taxpayer money to advocate for controversial school bond issues set for next week’s election ballot.

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School board leader says Idaho law forces choice between parents, feds

By   /  October 20, 2015  /  Education, Idaho  /  No Comments

Karen Echeverria

The leader of the Idaho School Board Association said Thursday a new state parental rights law forces districts to choose between parents and the federal government.
“What is a school district to do?” asked Karen Echeverria, president of the ISBA. “We’re going to breach one and comply with the other.”
Echeverria, a veteran Idaho politico, suggested a […]

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Idaho school boards want to ‘hold at bay’ expansion of parental rights

By   /  October 15, 2015  /  Idaho, News  /  No Comments

The Idaho School Board Associaton wants to block parental rights.

A new Idaho School Board Association resolution reveals the group wants the Idaho Legislature to “ to hold at bay any expansion of the parental rights in regard to education.”

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