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At $125k a year, labor leader closer to the 1 percent than working class

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MEA-MFT photo

Life at the top has its perks. Just ask Eric Feaver, the head of the MEA-MFT, Montana’s largest labor union.

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Government putting on vegetable puppet shows for preschoolers

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By Elizabeth Harrington | Washington Free Beacon
The federal government is financing puppet shows with fruit and vegetable characters in order to train preschoolers to eat more healthily.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has paid $374,670 thus far to a researcher at Baylor College of Medicine to create the “motivational theater,” which will feature a fruit and vegetable [...]

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Even Jon Stewart thinks Obama’s reaction to world crises is terrible

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Jon Stewart

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One chart shows Americans no longer care about police militarization

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AP photo

During the tumult, turmoil and rage of Ferguson showdown between law enforcement in Ferguson, Mo., Americans everywhere cared about police militarization — a lot.

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Internet goes berserk over Burger King tax news

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Via Twitter

By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org
For one reason or another, many Americans believe that Burger King owes its tax dollars to Uncle Sam.
That’s just not the case, though.
Burger King is a business, not a generator of money to fund government’s binge spending. If the company needs to move — at least on paper — its headquarters to a foreign [...]

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Meet the radical revolutionary running for U.S. Senate in Montana

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AP file photo

Montana Democrats needed a savior to help them score an unlikely victory for one of the state’s U.S. Senate seats.

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