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Senate report blasts Bold Nebraska as faux grassroots group

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Bold Nebraska

U.S. Senate Republicans call Bold Nebraska a faux grassroots group used by non-Nebraska billionaires to funnel money and advance their political agenda, according to a report released Wednesday.

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Former prisons head will be in hot seat over sentencing fiasco

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Nebraska Watchdog

The former head of Nebraska’s prisons system will be in the hot seat next week when he appears before a special investigative legislative committee that’s looking at prison problems.

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Ashford calls for special session after internal documents show prison officials snubbed law

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Brad Ashford

Omaha Sen. Brad Ashford is calling for a special session about oversight of the state’s beleaguered prison system after internal documents revealed prison employees ignored warnings they were miscalculating prison sentences and letting inmates out too early.

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Sasse to Obama: ‘Go to Central America and stop the bleeding’

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Ben Sasse

Republican Senate nominee Ben Sasse is calling on President Obama to go to Central America and make it clear the unaccompanied minors streaming north will not get amnesty.

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Nebraska’s sentencing screw-up will cost taxpayers at least $10 million

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COUNTING THE COST: The Nebraska prison system has estimated the cost of its sentencing screwup at $4 million over the next decade, $10 million over the next 50 years.

The state prison system has estimated its sentencing screw-up will cost the state $4 million over the next decade, and another $6 million the next four decades, but the senator who requested the estimate doubts its accuracy.

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Nebraska bad bridge count has gone up since Minnesota bridge collapse

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AP Photo

Nebraska is one of just nine states that have not reduced its number of structurally deficient bridges since 13 people died when a Minneapolis interstate bridge collapsed seven years ago. In fact, it has more bad bridges now.

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