Rogue agency defied judges to carry out partisan probe of Wisconsin conservatives

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Auditors knock University of Nebraska’s expensive world travelers

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The University of Nebraska has been dinged by the state auditor for allowing employees to spend nearly $90,000 on 20 first-class flights around the world, allowing employees to spend nearly $300 on oceanfront resort rooms for a week and reimbursing employees for alcohol while traveling

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Nikko Jenkins begged governor for help, saying he was ‘caged animal’

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Jenkins, Nikko

Serial killer Nikko Jenkins wrote to everyone he could think of while serving time in solitary confinement, including the governor, begging them to help him get mental health treatment before he killed people.

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Audit: Nebraska left $56 million in federal welfare funds on the table

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A state audit found Nebraska left $56 million in federal welfare funds on the table in the past four years, and instead tapped more state funds to help low-income residents.

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Nebraska audit finds welfare fraud, lack of oversight

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FRAUD: A bill aimed at targeting public assistance fraud calls for long prison sentences and a cash reward system. Ironically, taxpayers would get stuck with the high costs of the legislation.

Nebraska’s state auditor has unearthed a variety of problems with the way Nebraska doles out welfare and monitors the program, including $11,000 in payments for six months’ worth of cab rides, even though the welfare recipient owned a car.

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Prisons committee calls for firings and major reforms

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REPORT:  A special investigatory prisons committee released its report and recommendations Monday.

A legislative committee investigating several corrections scandals called the release of murderer Nikko Jenkins a “colossal failure” of the state corrections system that appeared to be the result of a “turf war” in which corrections psychologists were trying to discredit the opinions of contract psychiatrists.

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Nebraska lawmakers want to drill deeper on tax incentives

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A panel of lawmakers is recommending changes to Nebraska’s tax incentive program to help them determine whether all those subsidies are working.

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