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Democratic Senate candidate got rich — very rich — while looking out for the little guy

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Democratic Senate nominee Dave Domina bills himself as a champion of the little guy, but his financial disclosure shows he’s gotten fabulously wealthy in the process.

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ACLU: Nebraska cops ‘grossly misuse’ Tasers

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The ACLU of Nebraska released a report Tuesday saying Nebraska law enforcement agencies have “grossly misused” Taser guns several times.

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Anti-Obama Nebraska parade float prompts diversity discussion

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Associated Press

After an anti-Obama Norfolk parade float attracted unflattering national attention and a visit from the U.S. Department of Justice, a Nebraska town is responding by organizing a group to discuss diversity issues.

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Prison employees ignored red flags showing they were miscalculating sentences

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Public documents released Friday show state corrections employees ignored many red flags and continued to incorrectly calculate prison sentences for years.

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Prisons employees fired, suspended over sentencing screw-up

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Two lawyers working for the state prisons retired before they could be fired, and two more prisons workers were suspended as the fallout continues after a massive prison sentencing screw-up.

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Lincoln arena still bleeding red, but expected to eke out a first-year profit

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Matt Masin for Nebraska Watchdog

One year after opening, Lincoln’s new Pinnacle Bank Arena continues to lose money, despite a nearly half-million-dollar infusion of cash from the board that oversees the facility. But its manager expects it to eke out a small profit by the end of its first year of operation.

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