Eric is a reporter for and former bureau chief for Pennsylvania Independent. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he enjoys great weather and low taxes while writing about state governments, pensions, labor issues and economic/civil liberty. Previously, he worked for more than three years in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, covering Pennsylvania state politics and occasionally sneaking across the border to Delaware to buy six-packs of beer. He has also lived (in order of desirability) in Brussels, Belgium, Pennsburg, Pa., Fairfield, Conn., and Rochester, N.Y. His work has appeared in Reason Magazine, National Review Online, The Freeman Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Examiner and elsewhere. He received a bachelor's degree from Fairfield University in 2009, but he refuses to hang on his wall until his student loans are fully paid off sometime in the mid-2020s. When he steps away from the computer, he enjoys drinking craft beers in classy bars, cheering for an eclectic mix of favorite sports teams (mostly based in Philadelphia) and traveling to new places.

In Missouri, labor unions’ dwindling muscle tracks national decline

By   /  August 27, 2015  /  Issues, Labor, Missouri, National, News, Politics & Elections, State Budgets, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo by Tim Bommel

Membership in Missouri unions is shrinking, and their political influence is dwindling. Preventing the passage of right-to-work won’t change that.

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Nanny State of the Week: Colorado Springs may ban sitting in public places

By   /  August 24, 2015  /  Nanny State of the Week, National, News  /  No Comments


Move it along, buddy. Colorado Springs city officials are planning to ban sitting, lying, reclining and kneeling on public right of way.

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Watchdog Podcast: Is there any accountability at the EPA?

By   /  August 21, 2015  /  Accountability, Commentary, Federal Government, Issues, National, Open Records, Power Abuse, State Government, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


In the aftermath of the EPA-caused catastrophe in Colorado, the Environmental Protection Agency’s top officials said they took “full responsibility” for the spill. What does that really mean?

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Week in Review: Kane target of more investigations

By   /  August 21, 2015  /  Pennsylvania  /  No Comments


Kathleen Kane and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did the hokey-pokey over the release of pornographic emails that Kane claims are an important part of her criminal defense.

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Members of Congress ask IRS to return money seized from dairy farmers

By   /  August 21, 2015  /  Accountability, Federal Government, Issues, National, News, Power Abuse  /  No Comments

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The IRS seized $67,000 in 2012 from a pair of Maryland dairy farmers, despite not charging them with any crimes. Now, some members of Congress are asking the Treasury to repay that money.

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Ethics complaint targets Kane; alleges she used public office for her criminal defense

By   /  August 18, 2015  /  Accountability, Issues, News, PA Independent, Pennsylvania, Power Abuse, State Government  /  No Comments

AP photo

Political activist Gene Stilp on Tuesday morning filing a complaint against Kane with the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission, alleging that Kane is using state office to aid her defense against criminal charges brought by Montgomery County district attorney Risa Ferman.

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