Celebrate Constitution Day with an eye to the future

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By Jason Stverak
In the autumn of 1798, a young United States was celebrating the close of our first decade living under the Constitution.
Yet that same autumn, Benjamin Franklin Bache, the 29-year-old grandson of the celebrated framer, died in prison from a yellow fever epidemic. Like his famous grandfather, he was a journalist and printer. He [...]

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Billionaire’s energy tax crusade is risky business for unions

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AP file photo

A billionaire investor arrived in Washington Tuesday to kick off a $100 million spending campaign designed to overwhelm the opposition this fall midterms, and senior Democrats were predictably furious.

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It’s time to revive Decoration Day

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REMEMBERING: Gettysburg stands as a reminder of those who gave all.

By Jason Stverak
One hundred and fifty years ago this summer, a procession of widows and orphans solemnly arrived at the fields of Gettysburg, Pa., which a year earlier had witnessed the greatest battle ever to take place on this continent.
They came to plant flags and lay wreaths in cemetery that President Abraham Lincoln had famously [...]

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Holy Week: Hate in the heartland

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AP photo

By Jason Stverak
As Christians observed Palm Sunday, marking the beginning of Holy Week and Jews finished removing the chametz (leavened foods) from their homes in preparation for Passover, hate was rearing its ugly head in Americas heartland.
Frazier Glenn Cross, who also uses the last name of Miller, a former grand dragon of the Carolina Knights of [...]

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Wisconsin Democrats are testing the limits of shame

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Last week, TheBlaze TV’s For the Record featured an investigation into a taxpayer-funded, politicized attack on supporters of Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walke led by Democrats in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

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Every great story begins with a reporter who did his job

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THEY REALLY, REALLY LIKE HIM: New Jerseyans like Gov. Chris Christie, but don't have very high expectations for his second term.

By Jason Stverak
The New York Times often is derided as the epitome of journalistic hubris, but the newspaper ran an outstanding commentary this week on the state of the local newspaper reporter, who remains the most vital cog in the machine of the American media.
David Carr, the Times’ media and culture columnist, wrote the following of the [...]

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