With election over, the hard work begins

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By Jason Stverak
After the Nov. 4 elections, the post mortems and assessments rolled out. Pundits played reporters and reporters played pundits, all trying to squeeze in their say about why the Republican Party dominated or why a few Democratic candidates bucked the trend.
Playing Monday morning quarterback, however, takes much less effort than the important work […]

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Steyer shuts down attack on fellow Democrat

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PRIORITIES: Tom Steyer and NextGen Climate put winning above climate in Sen. Mary Landrieu's re-election bid.

Last February, Tom Steyer and his radical NextGen Climate drew up their slate of candidates to support and to attack. Their original mission was to defeat candidates most likely to back oil, coal and natural gas. On that list, at least temporarily, was Democratic incumbent and oil energy supporter, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

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Exercising free speech through the ballot box

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TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: Several signs paid for by the Democratic National Committee were displayed near polling booths at a Colorado State University campus.

By Jason Stverak
By Monday evening, millions of Americanswill  have already cast a ballot in this year’s midterm elections, for a voter turnout rate expected to be in the low-to-mid-40s.
If this were a presidential election year, we might see that number climb as high as 60 percent.
Despite the attention to convenience and accessibility in the United States, […]

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Tom Steyer’s questionable White House meeting

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By Jason Stverak
While Harry Reid has no hesitation to attack wealthy conservative donors on the Senate floor, he hasn’t spoken much about billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer. Steyer, a climate change activist who made billions selling coal to China’s notoriously dirty power plants,has been long celebrated as the Democratic Party’s go-to donor on environmental issues.
A […]

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Tom Steyer’s trouble with the truth

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By Jason Stverak
Elections often bring out the worst in politicians, consultants and the media, but for the 2014 mid-terms, Tom Steyer takes the cake.
Steyer, mostly through his NextGen PAC, pumped $100 million into races, funding ads consistently panned as misleading.
Last February, “Sucker Punch — Keystone Truth” claimed that building Keystone XL pipleline only benefited China, not […]

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The bottleneck for BP spill claims: The Freeh group

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HAIL SHALE: Due in large part to what's called the "shale revolution," the U.S. is poised to become the world's top producer of liquid petroleum.

By Jason Stverak
The BP Deepwater Horizon spill has cost taxpayers and business tens of billions of dollars, dealing a serious blow to fishing, tourism, and other industries in the region.
Now BP has put up more than $30 billion to compensate people, businesses and government for the damage caused. Unfortunately, much of that relief isn’t reaching the […]

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