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Are regulations crippling Oregon’s fledgling marijuana market?

By   /  December 19, 2016  /  News, Oregon, Regulations  /  No Comments

Oregon is rolling out its new recreational cannabis market, but pro-pot groups say state regulations are already choking producers and retailers.

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Ordinance forces businesses to purchase surveillance cameras

By   /  December 9, 2016  /  Mississippi  /  No Comments

A new ordinance requires many Madison County businesses to install and maintain surveillance cameras.

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Former state legislator Cecil McCrory rescinds guilty plea in corruption case

By   /  December 9, 2016  /  Mississippi  /  No Comments

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The attorney for former state legislator Cecil McCrory has filed a motion in federal court to rescind McCrory’s guilty plea in the bribery case involving former Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps.

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Workers sue after union bosses ignore vote ending forced dues payment

By   /  December 6, 2016  /  District of Columbia, Labor  /  No Comments

SFPFA National Website

Two security guards at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington, D.C., are suing after their union bosses ignored a vote that eliminated the forced dues clause from the workplace bargaining agreement.

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Biloxi sues minor league team owners over lease dispute

By   /  December 5, 2016  /  Mississippi  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of the state of Mississippi

The City of Biloxi has made it clear that the free ride is over for the city’s minor league baseball club after two seasons playing at the local stadium.

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Ohio civil forfeiture reform bill set to pass next week

By   /  December 1, 2016  /  Criminal Justice, Ohio  /  No Comments

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A bill designed to curb civil forfeiture practices in Ohio is set to pass next week despite opposition from the state’s law enforcement community. The U.S. Justice Action Network, a coalition of conservative and progressive organizations, and fellow proponents of the bill appear to be closing in on victory after an eighteen-month battle for reform. […]

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