Alabama is now ‘tax free,’ as other states lag behind

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Vermont single-payer initiative would require significant tax increases

Congratulations Alabama, you’re tax free!

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SCOTUS decision opens political pocketbooks, but will it help transparency?

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MCCUTCHEON: SCOTUS sided with the Birmingham businessman, allowing individuals to give contributions to more candidates.

Republicans praised Wednesday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that will allow donors to give more money to more candidates, but some of those who track the money are wary of the change.

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$10.10 minimum wage passes Maryland Senate committee

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By Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | Maryland Reporter
The Senate Finance Committee approved a $10.10 minimum wage for most Maryland workers, but extended the increases over the next four years, rather than three as the House of Delegates had done. The bill also ties the minimum wage to increased state reimbursement for disability support workers, who currently average [...]

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Sales taxes continue to rise in Alabama

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TAXES AHEAD: The transportation funding plan hinges on an increase to Pennsylvania's gasoline tax. Some conservative lawmakers say it was a mistake to raise it, but they lost when the votes were counted.

By Johnny Kampis |
CULLMAN, Ala. — It’s not your imagination. Sales taxes have gone up.
A recent report from the nonpartisan Washington, D.C.-based think tank Tax Foundation shows that Alabama has the sixth highest average sales tax burden in the United States at 8.51 percent.
The Yellowhammer State ranked eighth in the March 2013 study with an average [...]

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Study says wage boost will reduce food stamp numbers, history says otherwise

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SNAP: An Estimated $38 million in MN Mistakes:  40th in payment error rates, but a $1.2 million bonus for being one of the top states in enrolling new beneficiaries.

A new study touts the positive effect of raising the federal minimum wage on reducing food-stamp participation, but historical evidence shows that may not prove true.

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