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Johnny Kampis is a content editor and staff writer at Johnny previously worked in the newspaper industry and as a freelance writer, and has been published in The New York Times,, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A former semi-professional poker player, Kampis is writing a book documenting the poker scene at the 2016 World Series of Poker, a decade after the peak of the poker boom. You can follow him on Twitter @TuscaloosaJohn or reach him via email at [email protected]

Lawmaker: Arkansas looking at all options for broadband expansion

By   /  August 19, 2016  /  Arkansas, News, State Government, Technology  /  No Comments

Arkansas House photo

“I think at some point there will have to be tax dollars invested in this to get it to the more hard-to-reach places and the question is how do we do that in such a way that any investment we make as a state that over time we can recoup that investment.”

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Clinton pushing broadband growth as big part of $275 billion infrastructure plan

By   /  August 17, 2016  /  National, News, Politics & Elections, Technology  /  No Comments

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Hillary Clinton pledges a broadband connection in every house by 2020 if she is elected president in November. This 21st century version of the 1928 pledge by the Republican Party of “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” if Herbert Hoover was elected may be about as realistic — we know how […]

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Google to test wireless service that could be ‘missing link’ for universal broadband

By   /  August 16, 2016  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Creative Commons/Jon Russell

“One of the things that is intriguing about wireless is that it allows you to reach houses and users that are in lower density settings — where fiber becomes too expensive.”

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Did Google employees-turned White House appointees violate Obama’s ethics pledge?

By   /  August 15, 2016  /  Accountability, Federal Government, National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Official White House photo by Chuck Kennedy

All four worked for Google immediately before moving into government work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The timing of their meetings raises questions about a policy Obama implemented a day after taking office.

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KentuckyWired delayed, but who’s to blame?

By   /  August 12, 2016  /  Kentucky, News, Technology  /  No Comments

LinkedIn photo

“The Bevin administration is forced to walk behind the former administration with a pooper scooper in their hand, and I’m not sure there’s a pooper scooper big enough to clean up this mess,” Waters said.

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Appeals court says FCC can’t preempt state laws on broadband

By   /  August 10, 2016  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

AP photo

“This is a well-deserved rebuke for an agency run amuck,” he said. “It should have been obvious that the FCC would lose, since the Supreme Court rejected the idea that the FCC could preempt such laws over a decade ago — under far clearer statutory language.”

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