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Johnny Kampis is a content editor and staff writer at Johnny previously worked in the newspaper industry and as a freelance writer, and has been published in The New York Times,, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A former semi-professional poker player, Kampis is writing a book documenting the poker scene at the 2016 World Series of Poker, a decade after the peak of the poker boom. You can follow him on Twitter @TuscaloosaJohn or reach him via email at [email protected]

After spending $130K on consultants, Savannah area asks residents about broadband access

By   /  October 25, 2016  /  Georgia, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Creative Commons/Jeff Gunn

“An essential objective of the study is to confirm that residents, anchor institutions and businesses have access to the services they need and that those services are competitively priced,” reads a passage from the survey page.

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Economist: Wheeler’s FCC has stymied broadband growth

By   /  October 24, 2016  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

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“Although any one of these policies may not reduce broadband ROI in a material way, the cumulative toll of all of them has made broadband less attractive,” Singer wrote.

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Agile Networks also got sweetheart tower management deal in Ohio

By   /  October 20, 2016  /  News, Ohio, Technology  /  No Comments

Agile Networks photo

“It’s a company double dipping,” he told “Let’s be honest. This is what they’re doing.”

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Tech policy expert sees promise in beaming broadband along power lines

By   /  October 18, 2016  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments


“AT&T wouldn’t continue to invest so heavily in these new technologies if they foresaw no future business case for them, so the fact that they’re pushing ahead leads me to believe that the underlying technologies have advanced significantly,” Struble said.

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White House official touts free market’s help in closing homework broadband gap

By   /  October 18, 2016  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

White House photo

“The private sector has as much responsibility as the public sector to make devices and broadband available to millions of young Americans,” said Broderick Johnson in the New York Times.

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ISP to Georgia: Help us expand rural broadband by easing regulations

By   /  October 14, 2016  /  Georgia, News, Technology  /  No Comments

MACKE: Reducing the government burden will help private broadband providers expand into rural areas.

“From our perspective, as a business, you’re always trying to make a business case for expansion,” Macke told, before adding “that payback is a little more difficult” in sparsely populated rural areas that would require miles of fiber to service fewer homes.

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