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New crime invented for Hall: assisted guesswork

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Rusty Hardin is guilty of the same thing he accuses Wallace Hall of doing.

The Rusty Hardin report on University of Texas regent Wallace Hall is 187 pages of relentless mendacity. It’s so dishonest, I wouldn’t even trust its commas. I had the displeasure of wading back into this half-million dollar pile of half-truths this week after the Travis County District Attorney’s office announced a grand jury would be presented the Hall affair, or some tendentious version of it resembling the one Hardin put together for a legislative committee that tried and failed to impeach Hall.

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Export ban the real reason for Eagle Ford gas flaring

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File photo of an aerial image showing a natural gas flare after sunset outside of Williston

The San Antonio Express-News recently published a remarkable investigation into the vast quantity of natural gas from Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale that’s going to waste, as producers flare it off rather than store it and bring it to market.

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Parents under suspicion in son’s death apparently took own lives

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Courtesy of the I SUpport Pallavi Dhawan Facebook group.

A mother and father grieving the death of their son apparently committed suicide this week, although the Frisco Police Department had not confirmed their identities 24 hours after authorities were called to the family’s home by neighbors who saw a body floating in the pool.

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Wisconsin prosecutors aim to shut down conservatives

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AP Photo/Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Dan Reiland, File

Part 112 of 122 in the series Wisconsin’s Secret War

By Jon Cassidy | From The American Spectator
Wisconsin has created a new type of political supervillain by combining the most reprehensible attributes of this nation’s two most infamous ogres of the last century — Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon.
Start with McCarthy’s reckless and unsubstantiated allegations against random [...]

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Walker ‘smoking gun’ story has tiny glaring flaw

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AP file photo

It’s sometimes said journalism is the business of making mistakes in public. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel knows what that’s like, as it made a whopper of a mistake on its front page Tuesday

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John Doe prosecutors take desperate, unethical slap

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AP file photo

Part 110 of 122 in the series Wisconsin’s Secret War

By Jon Cassidy |
Everybody in the media knows that if you want a story to die, you put it out late on a Friday afternoon.
The top editors already are gone for the weekend, and the reporters are all finishing something up and trying to get out [...]

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