Jon Cassidy is the Texas bureau chief for He also writes a weekly column on politics for The American Spectator. He was formerly a reporter and editor for The Orange County Register in California and a reporter at The Hill in Washington, D.C. His work has been published by Fox News, Reason, The Federalist, Human Events, and other publications. He is a 2014 Robert Novak Journalism Fellow and a graduate of the University of Southern California. He and his wife Michelle live just outside Houston with their two children.

Public Safety ignores TX House vote, starts fingerprinting everyone

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The Department of Public Safety wants everybody's fingerprints.

By Jon Cassidy |
HOUSTON — Last month, the state Department of Public Safety started collecting full sets of fingerprints from every Texan who comes into their offices for a new drivers’ license or a renewal.
But the regulation that DPS adopted for this new policy didn’t take effect until July 6. The department may have jumped the [...]

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State police now fingerprinting every Texan

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The Texas Department of Public Safety has quietly embarked on a project to take the fingerprints of every Texan old enough to drive over the next 12 years, and add them to a statewide criminal history database.

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Academics condone the privilege they denounce

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caption here

Part 25 of 26 in the series Trouble in Texas

By Jon Cassidy |
“He fondly loved, for instance, his position as a “persecuted” man and, so to speak, an “exile.” There is a sort of traditional glamour about those two little words that fascinated him once for all and, exalting him gradually in his own [...]

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Attacks strengthen UT board’s resolve

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UT Austin Tower

By Jon Cassidy |
AUSTIN — The supporters of University of Texas President Bill Powers won a Pyrrhic victory this week in getting their man a little more time in the job.
Their over-the-top campaign, which frequently degenerated into insult and abuse, has strengthened the resolve of the Board of Regents to install policies and leadership resistant [...]

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Three essential stories on the UT admissions scandal

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Texas state Capitol

Part 26 of 26 in the series Trouble in Texas

By Jon Cassidy |
You’ve probably heard the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System will vote Thursday on whether to fire UT President Bill Powers, after Powers rejected Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa’s request last week that he resign.
If you’re just joining this story that’s [...]

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Tribune story may have doomed UT’s Powers

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photo by Wyatt McSpadden

Part 24 of 26 in the series Trouble in Texas

By Jon Cassidy |
A story in the Texas Tribune last month may have helped seal the fate of Bill Powers, president of the University of Texas.
Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa issued a statement Monday night citing “a breakdown of communication,” among other reasons, in explaining his decision [...]

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