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Jon Cassidy is the Houston-based reporter for He worked for six years as a reporter and editor for The Orange County Register after beginning his career at The Hill, broken up by a few years in South America working as a translator and English teacher. His work has been published by the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, City Journal, The American Spectator, Reason, The Federalist, Human Events, the Dallas Morning News, the San Antonio Express-News, and other publications. He was awarded the 2014 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship and is a member of the Investigative Reporters & Editors network. Jon is best known for his work in bringing to light a far-reaching admissions scandal at The University of Texas.

Prosecutors’ motion effectively an admission of Paxton’s innocence

By   /  February 14, 2017  /  Commentary, Texas  /  No Comments

Courtesy of Annenberg Classroom

The court-appointed attorneys trying to imprison Attorney General Ken Paxton effectively admitted last week that he is innocent.

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Poor, indebted school district mulls fancy new construction

By   /  February 10, 2017  /  Education, News, Texas  /  No Comments

Courtesy Hays CISD

Hays Consolidated Independent School District, situated just south of Austin and north of San Marcos, is about to make a giant leap up the rankings of least fiscally responsible school districts in the region, with three of the most expensive schools in state history.

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The battle for the Kroll records goes on

By   /  February 1, 2017  /  Commentary, Federal government, Texas  /  No Comments

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In his concurring opinion on Wallace Hall’s lawsuit against University of Texas Chancellor Bill McRaven, Justice Don Willett wrote last week that the Texas Supreme Court is “where the years-long saga ends.”

Not quite.

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Texas Supreme Court nullifies rule of law; impunity to reign

By   /  January 27, 2017  /  Commentary, Texas  /  No Comments

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The Supreme Court of Texas punched a new loophole in state law today.

The loophole applies not to this law or that one, but to all of them.

Somehow, this judicial body that is supposedly averse to overruling the laws established by democratic authority has found a way to nullify all of them with its ruling in the case of Hall v. McRaven.

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These ‘horns ain’t loyal, McRaven finds

By   /  January 26, 2017  /  Commentary, Education, State Government, Texas  /  No Comments

Creative Commons-Japan Wiki

Part 69 of 72 in the series Trouble in Texas If Bill McRaven, chancellor of the University of Texas System, had any doubts about the brood of vipers he’s been protecting these last two years, they were surely dispelled this morning at a hearing of the Nominations Committee of the state Senate concerning three appointments […]

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Abbott may ease off wife-beater prosecutions

By   /  January 25, 2017  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

AP file photo

Gov. Greg Abbott is threatening to cut funding meant to prosecute wife-beaters in order to make a political point about immigration.

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