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Jon Cassidy is a reporter for He used to report for The Orange County Register and The Hill, and his work has been published by Fox News, Reason, The American Spectator, The Federalist, Human Events, and other publications.

Cruz calls EPA emissions plan ‘tyranny’

By   /  November 20, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

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“The regulation is neither clean nor does it have anything to do with power, other than the Obama Administration’s power to harm our energy production,” Cruz said.

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McRaven’s racial hiring policy for UT is likely illegal, experts say

By   /  November 12, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

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“This is a dubious argument as a policy matter, but what is amazing is that the argument continues to be made even though the Supreme Court rejected it, as a legal matter, over 20 years ago,” Clegg said of McRaven’s argument for affirmative action in hiring.

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Judge’s conduct in Paxton case gets clerk suspended

By   /  November 9, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

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The apparent mishandling an indictment of Attorney General Ken Paxton by Judge Chris Oldner got a Collin County court clerk demoted and suspended for a week without pay, according to records filed last week with the court.

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Chief justice shakes free of speech police

By   /  October 30, 2015  /  Commentary, Texas  /  No Comments

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht.

Speech codes are by necessity vague, and just as they can be stretched to penalize the chief justice’s innocuous descriptions of his friend, they can penalize you for almost anything you write online about state politics.

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Xbox-loving officials sue veteran who published their emails

By   /  October 27, 2015  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

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The city of Lavon is suing a local watchdog for up to $100,000 because he won’t return a CD full of public records that the city says was released by mistake. The city’s attorneys were unable to cite any precedents or statutes in state law that would require Joshua Murray to return the records.

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Firm in cracked stadium debacle funds pro-bond propaganda

By   /  October 20, 2015  /  Commentary, Texas  /  No Comments

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At Watchdog, we’re used to all sorts of attacks. We’re shills, yellow journalists, flunkies doing the bidding of nefarious billionaires and political interests.
Now, according to  Team Alvin PAC, we’re “Deceptive,” the Watchdog.
So ouch.
But I guess if you’re backed by an engineering firm whose $60 million stadium had to be shut down for $10 million in repairs a […]

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