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Increasingly partisan FCC wants to expand its authority yet again

By   /  September 16, 2016  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

Mark Van Scyoc /

The FCC has a host of issues it is working on before President Obama leaves office.

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Have conservatives been hypocritical on cronyism?

By   /  March 4, 2016  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

Panelists at CPAC spoke out about cronyism and how conservative politicians are often hypocritical about the issue.

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New report offers proof that intellectual property protections are great for the global economy

By   /  February 12, 2016  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

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Index released by the Global Intellectual Property Center finds a strong correlation between intellectual property protections and growth.

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The libertarian case for school choice

By   /  January 22, 2016  /  Education, Education Blog, News  /  No Comments

An event held by and the Reason Foundation celebrated school choice as applying customization and personalization to education.

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As interest in school choice grows, so does National School Choice Week

By   /  January 21, 2016  /  Education, Education Blog, Illinois, Nevada, News  /  No Comments

National School Choice Week

National School Choice Week is preparing to set another record this year with over 16,000 events happening across the country to celebrate school choice.

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Anti-tanning group linking salons to cancer gets burned in court

By   /  December 14, 2015  /  Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

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When you think about tanning, Florida, California, even the Jersey Shore come to mind. But this tanning fracas is heating up in one of the last places you would expect: Nebraska.

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