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Thousands for dinners and dues, but what do Denver taxpayers get out of it?

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The Civil Rights Division of Denver’s Regional Transportation District is spending $15,000 a year on outreach, to no apparent end.

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Picking up the pieces of the failed Lamar Power Plant

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After the failure of any major project, the participants inevitably begin sorting out who to blame. In the case of the failed Lamar Power Plant, there are plenty of candidates. In 2006, the Arkansas River Power Authority and its constituent cities created the Lamar Repowering Project, a plan to convert a Lamar natural gas power plant […]

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Republican lawmakers urge Hickenlooper to reconsider refugee policy

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Colorado’s Republican lawmakers formally ask Gov. John Hickenlooper to reconsider his policy of accepting Syrian refugees and to ensure more effective vetting is done.

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FACT CHECK: Hillary’s claims on charter schools don’t hold for Colorado

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Data on Colorado charter schools refute the recent negative remarks made by their previous supporter, Hillary Clinton.

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Special interests dominate Question 2C fundraising for permanent tax increase in Denver

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Campaign finance reports show the interests funding the increasing of taxes permanently for Denver residents through Ballot Question 2C.

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Denver to vote on permanent ‘visitors tax’ despite abundant tourism trove

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A proposal on the ballot in Denver asks taxpayers to make the “visitors tax” permanent, despite a tourism budget that is flush with funding.

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