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Who’s in charge? Uncertainty at Patent Office a drag on innovation

By   /  March 9, 2017  /  Federal government, Intellectual Property, News, Patents, Technology  /  No Comments

Michelle Lee is still apparently in charge at the Patent Office, but the Commerce Department lists her post as vacant.

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Are tech titans really changing tune on Trump?

By   /  February 28, 2017  /  Economy, Federal government, Jobs + Growth, News, Politics & Elections, Technology  /  No Comments

With the changing of the guard comes a shift in tone for tech leaders looking to maintain their White House access.

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Experts deride conclusions of FTC patent-assertion study

By   /  November 25, 2016  /  Federal Government, News, Patents, Technology  /  No Comments

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Intellectual property experts are calling into question the policy recommendations made by the Federal Trade Commission’s three-year study on patent lawsuits, saying the recommendations do not fit with the data. The FTC published the findings of its study examining the behavior of patent assertion entities, often pejoratively referred to by critics as “patent trolls,” at […]

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Intellectual property rights have long history in constitutional law

By   /  October 26, 2016  /  Federal Government, Intellectual Property, Judiciary, Patents  /  No Comments

As modern digital technology continues to evolve, creating new industries while pushing the boundaries of the old, understanding the role intellectual property plays in society becomes ever more important. Much focus has been given to how big companies use modern intellectual property law to have content removed from sites such as YouTube or Google. But […]

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Study: Intellectual property rights add value to economy

By   /  October 4, 2016  /  Federal Government, News, Technology  /  No Comments

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Do intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights and trademarks promote or hinder economic growth? A review of the data continues to suggest that strong intellectual property law is helpful to a country’s economy. Eighty-one IP-intensive industries are significant creators and drivers of value to the nation and the global economy, according to a new […]

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A decade of court decisions has shaken the basis of patent law

By   /  August 22, 2016  /  Federal Government, Judiciary, Technology  /  No Comments

Earlier this summer, the U.S. Supreme Court made it easier for patent holders to seek larger damage awards when their patents are infringed. For patent watchers, however, the high court’s ruling was only just the latest in a particularly active decade of major patent litigation. Beginning in 2006, the Supreme Court ruled that holders who […]

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