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Corporations push for ‘trade secrets’ protection while trying to weaken patents

By   /  June 17, 2016  /  Federal Government, News, Technology  /  No Comments

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WASHINGTON – Lawmakers might believe recent changes to the patent system were done in the name of protecting the individual inventor, but critics argue that the field has actually been tilted in favor of large multinational corporations. That was the message from patent holders, venture capitalists, academia, the biotechnology industry and patent attorneys who met June 10 at […]

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How a tech geek became one of the nation’s leading IP experts

By   /  June 7, 2016  /  Economy, Jobs + Growth, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Mossoff Teaching - 2014 (high res)

Ask a friend, a student, or even a colleague about Adam Mossoff, and they might tell you about his appreciation for motorcycles, his collection of Supreme Court bobblehead dolls, or even his love for the original Star Wars Trilogy. He even admits that up until a few months ago, his two children were unaware of […]

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Amid lawsuits and confusion, FAA touts drone database as success

By   /  January 14, 2016  /  News, Regulations, Technology  /  No Comments

A drone displayed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Josh Peterson

The Federal Aviation Administration has boldly declared its drone registry a success, even as hobbyists caught up in the new regulations complain that the agency broke the law to create an overly broad federal database. Speaking to the press during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta defended the […]

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Internet access tax ban could save Ohioans $63 million annually

By   /  December 16, 2015  /  News, Ohio, Taxes, Technology  /  No Comments

Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons/Dennis Skley

“I don’t anticipate that there would be much call in Ohio for a tax increase to cover that kind of loss especially since the state would have more than four years to prepare for the impact,” said Gudmundson.

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Internet tax ban could offer relief for Hawaii businesses

By   /  December 14, 2015  /  Hawaii, News, Taxes, Technology  /  No Comments

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Favored by telcos and free market groups as a pro-consumer move, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA), would solidify a temporary moratorium already in place in many states across the nation since 1998.

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Both sides of net neutrality debate confident court to rule in their favor

By   /  December 7, 2015  /  National, News, Regulations, Technology  /  No Comments


The industries on both sides of the debate have argued that the growth of their companies is at stake and consumers would be harmed by whatever outcome does not favor them.

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