Josh Peterson is a DC-based tech reporter for the Franklin Center's news site. Peterson previously spent two years at The Daily Caller covering tech and telecom regulatory policy as the publication's Tech Editor. During that time, he focused on cybersecurity, privacy, civil liberties, and intellectual property issues, and in addition to covering political protest movements. Prior to joining The Daily Caller in October 2011, Peterson spent time in DC researching and reporting on technology issues in internship roles with Hillsdale College's Kirby Center, Broadband Breakfast and The National Journalism Center, and The Heritage Foundation. Peterson has a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy from Hillsdale College. He is also a musician and music enthusiast, and an avid martial artist.

Spectrum demands driving AT&T merger

By   /  July 28, 2015  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

AT&T's merger recently approved by the FCC allows the companies to expand in the face of bureaucratic restraints on spectrum supply.

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The wireless industry recently revealed it takes 13 years on average to make new spectrum available to the industry. AT&T’s recent merger with DirecTV appears to be a way to get the spectrum without the wait.

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Charter merger exposes net neutrality coalition rift

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Net neutrality advocate Marvin Ammori speaking at a 2010 conference. His recent oped in Wired explaining his decision to work for Charter on its merger has upset allies in the net neutrality community.

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One of America’s leading “net neutrality” proponents is going to work for a major telecommunications corporation — a move decried by some of his fellow “neutrality” advocates.

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Former FCC commissioner calls for more spectrum

By   /  July 22, 2015  /  National, News, Politics, Regulations, Technology  /  No Comments

Photo by: Shutterstock

Former FCC commissioner Meredith Atwell Baker is continuing her push to have the agency make more licensed spectrum available to the mobile broadband industry.

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Members of Congress warn against throwing patent system out of balance

By   /  July 16, 2015  /  National, News, Politics, Technology  /  No Comments

Illustration from a Legos patent, 1958 Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons/dkpto (

As the patent battle reheats on Capitol Hill before the August recess, several members of Congress are looking to stop a bill they believe will do more harm than good for the nation’s economy.

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Sanders, Warren want FCC to investigate Internet prices

By   /  July 14, 2015  /  National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Photo: U.S. Senate

Following the FCCs chairman’s recent promise that the agency would not “micromanage“ broadband networks, a group of Democratic U.S. senators — including two presidential hopefuls, Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — want the agency to investigate Internet prices across the nation.

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Chicago startups could be exempt from Netflix ‘cloud tax’

By   /  July 9, 2015  /  Illinois, News, Politics, Regulations, Taxes, Technology  /  No Comments

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office recently told Chicago’s startup community to expect a formal proposal exempting them from a newly enacted “cloud tax.”

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