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Kenric Ward is a veteran journalist who has worked on three Pulitzer Prize-winning newspapers. A California native, he received a BA from UCLA (Political Science/Phi Beta Kappa) and holds an MBA. He reported and edited at the San Jose Mercury News and the Las Vegas Sun before joining in 2012 as Virginia Bureau Chief.

Feeling overvalued, Texans dispute rising property appraisals

By   /  May 24, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo by Charlie Brown

Watchdog found a group of San Antonio homeowners who received appraisal notices more than $100,000 over their recent purchase prices. Adding to the taxpayers’ angst, county appraisers had discounted the values of finished, unsold units held in developer inventory.

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Lawsuits peel back San Antonio property appraisals, but homeowners still pay

By   /  May 20, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo by Kenric Ward

Property owners sued Bexar County over $19.4 billion in appraisal disputes last year, more than double the amount litigated in 2012.

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High Court upholds Texas school funding – then rips it

By   /  May 17, 2016  /  Education, Judiciary, News, Texas  /  No Comments photo

The Texas Supreme Court slapped down charter schools in a ruling that keeps the state’s “ossified” school finance system intact … for now.

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Texas-sized property appraisals fuel tax-swap talk

By   /  May 12, 2016  /  News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments

Denton County Tax Appraiser photo

Another year of soaring property appraisals is spurring talk of scrapping Texas’ property tax in favor of an expanded sales tax.

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Texas fugitive-turned-mayor is turned out by West Virginia voters

By   /  May 11, 2016  /  News, Politics & Elections, Texas, West Virginia  /  No Comments

City of Buckhannon photo

A fugitive from Texas is out as mayor of Buckhannon, West Virginia. But he remains on the city payroll.

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San Antonio ‘loo’ spells no relief

By   /  May 9, 2016  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo by Kenric Ward

San Antonio Councilman Roberto Trevino is plopping his pet project, a $100,000 toilet, onto a downtown plaza above the River Walk. If San Diego’s experience is any guide, tourists will stay away in droves.

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