Kenric Ward is a veteran journalist who has worked on three Pulitzer Prize-winning newspapers. A California native, he received a BA from UCLA (Political Science/Phi Beta Kappa) and holds an MBA. He reported and edited at the San Jose Mercury News and the Las Vegas Sun before joining in 2012 as Virginia Bureau Chief.

On Election Eve, voters snooze through duopoly game

By   /  October 31, 2014  /  National, New Hampshire, News, Politics & Elections  /  No Comments

HEY, LOOK AT ME! Joe Biden whistles for attention at a political rally. A Pew study found that 41 percent of surveyed Americans could not identify the current vice president.

By Kenric Ward |
In their ignorance, voters this Tuesday will make a case for smaller government, a George Mason University law professor predicts.
Ilya Somin, author of “Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter,” says most voters put more time into researching the type of TV they buy than into the political candidates they [...]

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Virginia braces for aftershocks from Wallops explosion

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WALLOPS, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: The explosion of a private rocket seconds after liftoff could have long-last financial repercussions for Virginia.

The failed launch and fiery explosion at the Wallops Island spaceport this week could blow up Virginia’s projected financial windfall at the commercial site.

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Maryland can’t verify vote flips helped Dems

By   /  October 29, 2014  /  Elections, Maryland, National, News  /  No Comments

SIGN OF TROUBLE? Maryland election officials have taken five glitchy voting machines out of service, but Republican Party leaders say that's not the end of it.

A “calibration issue” that reportedly flipped Republican votes into the Democratic column isn’t the only problem plaguing Maryland voting machines. State officials say two touch screens malfunctioned during early voting, too.

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‘Integrity’ panel has opportunity to check guv’s fund

By   /  October 28, 2014  /  Ethics, News, Virginia  /  No Comments

EYE ON ETHICS: Former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and former U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher convene the inaugural meeting of the governor's Commission to Ensure Integrity and Public Confidence on Monday.

When Terry McAuliffe’s Commission to Ensure Integrity and Public Confidence compiles its legislative agenda, the panel could start by revoking one of his vetoes and resurrecting an ethics bill concerning the governor’s office.

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Group sues Maryland over ‘illegal’ voters

By   /  October 27, 2014  /  Immigration, Maryland, National, News, Virginia, Voter Fraud  /  No Comments

'WE ARE AMERICA': After immigrants rallied in Washington, D.C., for legal status, Maryland is sued for allegedly allowing non-citizens on its voting rolls.

An election-watch group is suing Maryland over the alleged presence of noncitizens on the state’s voting rolls.

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‘Calibration issue’ pops up on Maryland voting machines

By   /  October 27, 2014  /  Illinois, Maryland, National, News, Politics & Elections  /  No Comments

AP file photo

Voting machines that switch Republican votes to Democrats are being reported in Maryland.

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