What’s he got to say? Kemper Project manager remains muzzled

Kenric Ward is a veteran journalist who has worked on three Pulitzer Prize-winning newspapers. A California native, he received a BA from UCLA (Political Science/Phi Beta Kappa) and holds an MBA. He reported and edited at the San Jose Mercury News and the Las Vegas Sun before joining Watchdog.org in 2012 as Virginia Bureau Chief.

Health department fumbled $5.1 million in formula rebates

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FORMULA FAILURE: Auditors dinged the Virginia Department of Health for not submitting $5.1 million in infant formula rebates and Medicaid claims.

The Virginia Department of Health may be the most wasteful and inefficient agency in state government, a new audit suggests.

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Rick Perry: 2016’s borderline candidate?

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TOUGH TALKER: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry says his state acts while Washington talks.

Plying a third path to what could be another presidential run, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is blasting Democrats and Republicans alike over Washington’s dithering on border security.

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Rogue subcontractors undermine Virginia’s legal workforce

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DAY LABOR: Illegal and unlicensed laborers compete for construction jobs at the expense of U.S. workers. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that up to 40 percent of brick masons and drywall installers are undocumented.

On paper, Virginia’s laws against rogue contractors appear ironclad. In reality, the regulations look more like Swiss cheese — and taxpayers are losing out.

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Educated choice: Special needs vs. special interests

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SCHOOL BOUND: Pending legislation would broaden educational options for special-needs students in Virginia.

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau
RICHMOND, Va. — State Delegate Dave LaRock is making an impassioned plea for enactment of education savings accounts, which face intense opposition from institutional special interests.
His House Bill 2238 would provide an average of $4,000 annually to parents of special-needs students to shop for schools and services that best serve their children. […]

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Stimpson, Norquist: Beware of Virginia tax hikes

By   /  February 20, 2015  /  News, Politics & Elections, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes, Virginia  /  No Comments

TARGETING ENABLERS: Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform says deals made by Virginia Republicans have enabled Democrats to ascend to higher office.

“Democrats and Republicans are already coming up with ways to spend our money, rather than giving it back,” former Stafford County Supervisor Susan Stimpson told Watchdog.org after her endorsement by Grover Norquist (right) and the Americans for Tax Reform.

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Northeast corridor safe for Amtrak monopoly

By   /  February 19, 2015  /  Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, National, New Jersey, New Mexico Watchdog, New York, News, transportation  /  No Comments

RUN FOR THE MONEY: Amtrak’s high-speed Acela train departs Union Station in Washington, D.C.

A congressman’s proposal to give Amtrak some private rail competition in the congested northeast corridor could be going off the tracks before it starts.

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