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It’s about time WI lawmakers throw the bums out

By   /  January 23, 2013  /  Commentary, Wisconsin  /  4 Comments

By Kevin Binversie | Special to Wisconsin Reporter Does the Wisconsin Legislature have the right to refuse service to a “customer?” A business is well within its rights to get rid of a rowdy, unruly patron. Sometimes it’s a matter of asking someone to leave the establishment. If things get out of hand, the disruptive customer […]

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BINVERSIE: Wisconsin’s Grinches

By   /  December 21, 2012  /  Commentary  /  1 Comment

If you want to have your Christmas spirit drained immediately, take a walk through the state capitol in Madison this week. Yes, you’ll see the state Christmas tree, the state Hanukah menorah and a cornucopia of other things set up by various organizations. There’s a wreath honoring the Wiccan faith, a nativity scene depicting the birth of Christ, an area reserved for those who celebrate Kwanzaa, and there’s probably even a pole for Festivus.

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BINVERSIE: Walker’s jobs pledge forces Dems to root against recovery

By   /  December 18, 2012  /  Commentary  /  4 Comments

Don’t ever say Gov. Scott Walker didn’t hand them the cudgel himself.

Now his campaign’s pledge to create 250,000 new jobs and 10,000 new businesses in Wisconsin in four years is all Democrats want to talk about. We understand, of course: politics is mostly the work of turning your opponent’s molehills into public-policy mountains. But the Dems’ tactic tells you how empty the cupboard must really be for potential candidates for 2014.

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BINVERSIE: Don’t Walker! Run to end forced unionization in WI

By   /  December 14, 2012  /  Commentary, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Michigan is now the nation’s 24th “Right to Work” state, and reasonable people want to know: Is Wisconsin next?

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BINVERSIE: Vince Megna is a partisan nonpartisan wannabe jurist

By   /  December 12, 2012  /  Commentary, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

By Kevin Binversie | Wisconsin Reporter We usually have to wait for judicial candidates to be seated on the bench before we know how they’ll rule. Not so with Vince Megna. Megna is a Milwaukee attorney and the self-proclaimed “King of the Lemon Lawyers.” He made himself a minor celebrity through a series of videos […]

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BINVERSIE: Great moments in legislative tone deafness

By   /  December 6, 2012  /  Commentary  /  No Comments

By Kevin Binversie | Wisconsin Reporter Wisconsin lawmakers are doing such a bang-up job. They should get a raise. That’s what some lawmakers think, anyway. Things are tough, costs are rising, they say. It’s hard for a lawmaker to make it on less than $100 a day in expenses. Welcome to the self-absorbed, isolated and […]

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