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Lawmaker favors innovation over litigation in legislation addressing clean water

By   /  July 23, 2013  /  WatchBlog  /  No Comments

As an alternative to the “command and control” directives that flow from Washington D.C., Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) favors a federalized approach toward enforcement of 1972 Clean Water Act (CWA) that would allow for greater flexibility and autonomy at the local level. To this end, he has introduced the Clean Water Compliance and Ratepayer Affordability […]

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Environmental board holds strong sway in VA county, or not

By   /  July 15, 2013  /  WatchBlog  /  7 Comments

By Kevin Mooney | How much influence does the Piedmont Environmental Council have in Fauquier County, Va.? Talk to Martha Boneta, a farmer turned property-rights activist, and she will tell you the PEC holds considerable sway over public-policy decisions made at the county level. But talk to Heather Richards, vice-president of conservation and rural programs for […]

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Affirmative action supporters offer ‘conflicting arguments’ in name of diversity

By   /  July 8, 2013  /  WatchBlog  /  No Comments

By Kevin Mooney | Affirmative action policies that include race and gender preferences will face another critical challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court in the fall when it hears an appeal of a lower court decision overturning the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI). Since the organizations that support race and gender preferences have offered […]

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Clinton IRS commissioner: Tax audit of Virginia farmer just ‘a coincidence’

By   /  June 18, 2013  /  National, News, Virginia  /  31 Comments

  By Kevin Mooney | After clashing in court with a powerful Virginia environmental group, farmer Martha Boneta faced a second threat: an ominous U.S. Internal Revenue Service audit notice she received in the mail. Boneta suspects the events are related, that her struggle to protect her property rights is part of a larger national […]

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Kansas-led state coalition combats voter fraud

By   /  June 12, 2013  /  WatchBlog  /  No Comments

By Jacob Grant | A Kansas-led state coalition has come together in an effort to clean up voter rolls and to root out fraud at the ballot box. There is a concern that citizens who are legally registered can vote more than once in multiple states. By working together, state officials believe they are […]

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IRS also may be targeting free-market education groups

By   /  June 10, 2013  /  National, News  /  No Comments

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By Kevin Mooney | Eighteen months now and counting – that’s how long Doug Loen has been waiting on the Internal Revenue Service to approve his application seeking nonprofit tax status. The South Dakota resident suspects that may be because he has become part of a larger national story, but one with an added […]

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