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Have At It: Will tougher laws stop drunk driving?

By   /  August 30, 2013  /  News, Wisconsin  /  4 Comments


Wisconsin has a drinking problem. And a drinking-and-driving problem.

The Badger State is No. 1 in binge-drinking, according to state health advocate Health First Wisconsin. A lot of those bingers get behind the wheel of a car.

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ICYMI: Retirements mean another round of elections is coming

By   /  August 30, 2013  /  News, State Government, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

By Kirsten Adshead | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON – Just when you thought Wisconsin had arrived at a momentary reprieve in elections, the retirements begin.   Rep. Mark Honadel, R-South Milwaukee, announced Tuesday that he’s retiring from the Legislature after 10 years “to pursue an opportunity in the private sector.” That follows Assembly Majority Leader Scott […]

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Giggles controversy prompts policy proposal

By   /  August 29, 2013  /  Wisconsin  /  3 Comments

By Kirsten Adshead | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON – Giggles the fawn may not have died in vain. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the fawn’s death in July, Wisconsin officials on Thursday released a modified proposal for dealing with captured wildlife. The proposed changes include: After voluntarily collecting an illegally captured wild animal, Department […]

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ICYMI: Vos hopes 70 mph speed limit is ‘a reality soon’

By   /  August 23, 2013  /  Wisconsin  /  No Comments

By Kirsten Adshead | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON — Count Assembly Speaker Robin Vos among those gunning for a higher speed limit on some of Wisconsin’s roads. “Increasing the speed limit will benefit tourism by helping people get across the state more quickly, from the Dells to the northwoods to Lambeau Field,” said Vos, R-Rochester. “Likewise it’ll […]

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DHS pays high cost to house, bus sex offenders, audit says

By   /  August 22, 2013  /  News, Wisconsin  /  1 Comment

A sex offender, required by law to be monitored and driven to activities, boards a bus.
The bus service, having contracted with the Department of Corrections, gets paid $30.87 an hour.

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Need for speed? Readers weigh in on the ’70 mph’ proposal

By   /  August 20, 2013  /  News, Wisconsin  /  37 Comments

By Kirsten Adshead | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON – Lead-footed Wisconsinites are rejoicing over a new proposal to raise the speed limit on some Wisconsin roads from 65 mph to 70 mph. Cautious drivers are not quite as enthused. And others are worried about the cost. A brief about Rep. Paul Tittl’s proposal prompted quite a […]

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