Eyes off: Some lawmakers want to restrict license plate readers

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While some Virginia lawmakers plan to file legislation restricting police use of controversial automatic license plate reader technology, others are hesitating. Police use of ALPR technology is something that hits home with many Virginians and people around the country, as dozens of emails from readers indicated after Watchdog.org broke a story this week revealing how Alexandria police had captured this reporter’s license plate multiple times on camera over a six-month period.

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Republicans ‘don’t see an end’ to Medicaid standoff, fear for bond rating

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AP file photo

If leading Republicans are right, the battle over Medicaid expansion could leave Virginia wounded. GOP leaders assured reporters in a conference call on Tuesday, as Majority Whip Jackson Miller put it, House Republicans are ‘more resolute’ than ever on holding off Medicaid expansion. Since neither Republicans nor Democrats want to budge, the standoff over whether to expand Medicaid could very well pass the June 30 deadline to lock down a budget.

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North Carolina dominates Virginia in economic outlook report

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Gov. Scott Walker has proposed a $343 million income tax break, ostensibly aimed at middle-class taxpayers and intended to stimulate the economy. Critics, though, said in reality, the proposal does little of either.

Virginia lawmakers don’t like to bring it up, but her neighbor to the south is outdoing the Old Dominion — at least, when it comes to economic prospects.

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Who’s watching me? Police took photos of my license plates

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Well over one-half of alcohol-related deaths in New Mexico involved a driver who had been arrested at least once for drunk driving.

The police know exactly where my car has been — and when — over the last few months, and they could have that information on you, too. As a part of this reporter’s series on the use of automatic license plate readers in Virginia, I wanted to find out just what kind of information a local police department might have on someone.

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Virginia dodges reporting responsibilities with business tax credits

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TAX CREDITS: Numbered nearly $630 million in Missouri last fiscal year. As some lawmakers want to reduce them, others are trying to create new ones.

Virginia’s failure to report how much it doles out in tax credits to each company through the Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit is dragging down the state’s overall spending transparency score. That isn’t likely to change anytime soon though. Tax credits aren’t technically spending, per se — even though that tax revenue has to be made up somewhere, either through more taxes or spending cuts.

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