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Would Pennsylvania rather raise taxes than legalize marijuana?

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Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says legalizing and taxing marijuana could net the state $200 million a year.

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Blue lives do matter, but applying hate-crime laws to attacks on police is redundant

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Photo courtesy of the Morristown Police Department's official website

Legislation that affords special protection to police officers is sweeping the nation. These bills, sometimes called “Blue Lives Matter” bills, put police, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders under hate-crimes designation protection. Louisiana was the first state to pass this kind of law, and it went into effect in August. New York, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and […]

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Forced to compete with Uber and Lyft, Pittsburgh Yellow Cab innovates

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People who know Pittsburgh often have a story about waiting in vain for a Yellow Cab. But the Smartphone-based car services Uber and Lyft’s entrance into the city in 2014 has changed transportation for Pittsburghers forever. Notably, the stagnant near-monopoly of Yellow Cab has not just yielded to the car services that were happily permitted […]

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