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Perry vs. Kasich on Medicaid expansion

By   /  August 25, 2015  /  Commentary, Ohio  /  No Comments

When former Texas Gov. Rick Perry directly attacked Ohio Gov. John Kasich over his Obamacare Medicaid expansion. Kasich’s reaction was the childish argument: But he did it, too.

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Union worker deposition requires ‘willing suspension of disbelief’

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Just one month before the 2013 elections, Cincinnatians for Jobs Now was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on radio ads, flyers and mailers. Seems like normal activity right before an election. But CJN had only been formed in September and it had $300,000 to spend.

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Ohio rep makes another attempt to repeal prevailing wage law

By   /  August 19, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Dan Rogers via Ohio Public Works Commission

An Ohio legislator is trying again to repeal Ohio’s prevailing wage law that mandates union wage on most public construction projects.

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Ohio lawmaker optimistic state can pass right-to-work law

By   /  August 17, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

AP photo

While some legislators have given up on making Ohio a right-to-work state, citing Gov. John Kasich’s opposition to the idea, one House representative is optimistic he can succeed.

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New EPA regs mean higher energy costs for Ohio

By   /  August 7, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Americans Action Forum

New EPA regulations could mean more plant closings and job losses in Ohio – and it’s definitely going to raise energy costs.

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In the dark: Ohio sunshine committee hasn’t met, and no one can make it

By   /  July 31, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Photo credit: State of Ohio

Ohio’s Sunshine Review Committee has not yet met and it may be that no one can force it to.

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