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Ohio town adds purple parking for Purple Heart recipients

By   /  December 24, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Photo credit City of Warren

Purple parking spaces are popping up all over public parking lots in Warren, Ohio

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Natural Areas Council shows why shrinking government is so hard

By   /  December 17, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

One of the items for review at Monday’s meeting was the Natural Areas Council, which the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has been trying to get rid of for years.

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Uber, Lyft facing new regulations in Ohio

By   /  December 16, 2015  /  News, Ohio, Regulations  /  No Comments

The Ohio House and Senate have agreed on new measures to impose state-wide regulations on Uber, Lyft and other transportation network companies.

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Toledo’s money problems lead to proposed tax increase for road repairs

By   /  December 15, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

The roads in the City of Toledo are awful. Just how bad are they? The city would need $1.3 billion to fix all the streets. So council decided to put an income tax increase on the ballot.

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Report questions success of water quality trading program

By   /  November 27, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Are water quality trading credits keeping waterways clean, or do they just move pollutants around? An Ohio company is caught in the middle of this debate.

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Ohioans can be grateful for public records law

By   /  November 26, 2015  /  Commentary, Ohio  /  No Comments

Hey Ohio – your state government just got a D+ grade in openness and transparency. Too bad that failing grade doesn’t reflect just how good Ohio’s public records law Ohio really is and why the state can be grateful for its provisions.

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