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In the dark: Ohio sunshine committee hasn’t met, and no one can make it

By   /  July 31, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Photo credit: State of Ohio

Ohio’s Sunshine Review Committee has not yet met and it may be that no one can force it to.

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Toledo officials should have known better

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Data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

The City of Toledo announced a hiring freeze and other budget cuts due to a projected $4-6 million deficit. But it should have been obvious to anyone paying attention that Toledo’s 2015 budgeted revenue was too high to start.

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Ohio review committee could kill useless boards — if it ever meets

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Hundreds of Ohio boards and commissions are on the choppping block – but only if the Sunset Review Committee actually meets.

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Ohio bill would ban schools from challenging property tax values

By   /  July 23, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Ohio Senate

It’s a new bill, but it’s the same language as before: only owners or their agents can challenge the tax value of their property. Schools and other governmental units would be banned from initiating such challenges.

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Value of the Benjamins: Tax group says Ohio dollars travel further

By   /  July 21, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Tax Foundation

A tax expert says Ohio lawmakers should consider the implications of how far a dollar stretches in the Buckeye State when setting policy, especially in light of a minimum wage hike consideration.

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New voter ID bill for Ohio in lawmakers’ hands

By   /  July 14, 2015  /  News, Ohio  /  No Comments

Ohio House of Representatives

A new voter ID bill is awaiting action in the Ohio General Assembly and one local tea party group is pushing to make sure it passes

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